b'It can take crocodiles several days to devour a meal.There are several destinations on myduring my stay. in the evenings. I have travelled a fairthere was de nitely something walkingI certainly learned my lesson.immediate list, but in searching throughKenyahasanumberofbeauti- bit, and certainly did not feel I neededjust on the other side of the hedge. IAs if that was not enough entertain-my past travels, I came upon a numberfullodgesavailableforvisitors. Theysomeone to walk me down a path, inhad visions of lions or hyena, ready toment for one evening, I sat quietly en-of photographs and videos from varioustend to be well planned out and quiteorder for me to have dinner. pounce on me at any moment. After,joying my dinner, which I must say was trips, which made me, reminisce aboutelegant, and have all the amenities oneSteppingoutsidetheroom,Ireal- whatseemedlikeforever,Isawthequite tasty, and afterwards went outside some of the fun adventures I have had.wouldwantwhiletravelling.InSam- ized there were no lights, however, itlights of the dining room, and as I ap- to an area where they were going to JONATHAN VAN BILSEN Oneparticular,whichcametomind,buru,IstayedattheSamburuSopawas nearly a full moon, and there wasproached,twoporterscamerunningfeed the crocodiles. I was expecting a was an escapade in the northern areaLodge, which was a series of beautifulenough light to see the path. I beganover with sticks and started shouting.cage, but realized when I was standing ofKenya,duringatriptakenafewcabins, each with areplace and Inter- to walk, feeling quite con dent in myI froze, as I thought they were yellingat the edge of the riverbank, that three Most people have been quite frus- years ago. net. There was a main building, useddecision. On my right side were cha- at me, but that was not the case. Onhotel staff were carrying a large carcass trated when it comes to the inability toThis particular trip was to northernasalobbyandthediningroom.Mylets,each,likemine,madeofstonethe other side of the hedge, which hadof something or other, and that this was travel,butfortunately,thereappearsKenya, an area, which at the time was achalet was at the very end of a path,with thatched roofs. On the others sidejustended,wasamassiveelephant,the wilderness.to be a light at the end of the tunnelbit dangerous; however, I had no safetywhich was amazing, as the Serengetiwas a giant hedge. All was well, until Inot more than 3 metres away from me.I was told to stay back and watched (although I have been saying that forconcernswhatsoever.TheSamburusurrounded me on three sides. suddenly heard some noise beside me,He (or she) had walked with me all theintensely as a massive crocodile came a few months now). It seems countriesRegion of the country was spectacular.I had settled in and decided it wason the other side of the hedge. I sawway from my cabin. I stared at it and it atoutofnowhere.Hebegantodevour are starting to organize by putting strictI love Africa, especially the wildlife, andtime for dinner. I was told upon arrival,nothing but black foliage and slowly andme before it wandered off, irritated bythemeatinfrontofhim.Crocodiles policies in place for visitors, regardingSamburu has its fair share. I did how- to call for a porter, who would walk meever so gently continued to walk.the noise the porters were making. I was proof of vaccination, etc. everexperienceaninterestingeventto the dining hall, as it was quite darkIt did not take long until I realizedtold not to venture out on my own, andPlease turn to page 4038 FOCUS - AUGUST 2021'