b'Scottying in to Hawks Nest with Bill Weis ock.Trevor Weis ock on HGTVOn-Camera Suits Him Just FineTrevor Weis ock has made a living do- Scotts Vacation House Rules, [named ing quality construction work for years.forhostScottMcGillivray],where But in all that time, he never envisionedScott,adesigner,andaconstruction the day hed be doing his latest work increw re-imagine and renovate a vaca-front of a TV camera. tion property in order to maximize its Growing up in Port Perry, you couldrental potential.say that Trevors ultimate vocation may have been fatedAfter theyd passed the screening and their property from the start, even if his path wasnt a straight line. was accepted as the subject for an episode, my friends My dad opened up a general contracting company inasked if I couldll the role of general contractor for the the early 80s, he says of the family-named and ownedproject.The show-people said theyd never had a situa- tion like that, where the owners and the contractor wererm.But atrst, I wanted to be an architect.Time and experience proved that a passion and a talentfriends, but in the end, they gave it the go-ahead.for building ran deep in Weis ock blood. The experience proved, to his surprise, that Trevors I just got building stu , Trevor laughs.And prettytalents extended beyond power tools.Theres a small soon, I was doing my apprenticeship. By the time I wasmeasure of disbelief in his voice as he describes the reac-21, I was licensed, and at 23, I built myrst house! tion of the producers to his initial on-camera appearance.Trevor would join his father and two brothers in theThey said I was a natural! he chuckles.To them, family business, and eventually earn his Red Seal in car- that meant that I looked comfortable on camera and could pentry.But neither he nor the company would be limitedtalk normally while they were shooting. That sure made to woodwork. me feel good, because I was nervous atand Im arst We do everything in construction, and only sub-outquiet person by nature.a few jobs. Whilehiscompanionsatworkplacesareusually His profession decided, a recent twist of fate allowed himother tradespeople, the atmosphere during his renovation to expand his pro le on Home & Garden Television (HGTV). of his friends Hawks Nest was anything but lonely.Some friends of mine applied to the HGTV programPlease turn to page 4FOCUS - AUGUST 20213'