b'Alice Lee In1976AlicewashiredatDuring the COVID pandemic, things were very differ- The first four (continued from page 25) Port Perry Hospital. She has seenent in the New Life Centre, since visitors were not allowed.Candy Stripers many changes over the years, andBaby photos were texted to family and friends, instead ofleft to right) PHOTO FROM BOOK TITLED STITCHES IN TIMEShe studied nursing at Senecawitnessed history. everyone coming in person to meet the new arrival. Mary Lou College. For part of her rotation,Alice assisted in the delivery ofOne new mom and dad had a date night.Malcolm, shewasplacedintheLabourmany New Years babies, and theTheyorderedinfoodfromalocalrestaurantandSue Grainger, andDeliverydepartmentathistoric first baby born in the Newenjoyed just having time together, with their new baby,Janis Dorell, Newmarket Hospital.Life Centre birthing room. It was aAlice Ann Alice recalled. It was nice. Carnaghan I got hooked, she recalled. Iboy! Once there was a surprise, aI never thought I would retire from my career in the(now Alice Lee, a lovedmaternity.Althoughshemultiple birth of twins.middle of a pandemic, Alice commented. nurse at CMH) , workedineverydepartmentAlice was working on the nightIts bittersweet, leaving, she added. Its been a pleas- flanked on the It all began in Blackstockover the years, 25 years of Alicesof the big ice storm. AmbulancesIn 1976 Alice graduatedure and an honour to be present at so many births. Its aleft by Marjorie in 1971. Alice in hercareer was spent in the maternityand police cars were in the ditch,nursing college at 20McDermott and Candy Striper uniform. years of age. pivotal part of life to have a baby. Its an accomplishment. Jean Gray, on ward, her preference and passion.she recalled. A lady in labour ar- Aliceherselfisthemotherofthreesons:(thelate)the right by rivedinaneighbours4x4.TheDaniel, Tom, and Richard.B. Bohan.back was filled with couch cushions to form a makeshift Forty-five years ago, Alice Ann Carnaghan married bed. Paramedics accompanied her. Two doctors came byplayed the part of the little King. Now hes a local doctor snowmobile. The parking lot was like a skating rink. her high school sweetheart Stephen Lee. with a family of his own, Alice pointed out. The expectant moms face had a look of terror andAlice grew up on a farm in Blackstock and attendedI miss things like theatre and events, cancelled be-relief when she arrived at the hospital, Alice described. CartwrightHighSchool.StephenwenttoPortPerrycause of the pandemic, Alice said. But she has still been The delivery went smoothly for the mother, who wasHigh. They met in Caesarea at a dance at the marina. able to do her yoga classes on Zoom and participate in the supposed to have a C-section the following day. The Lees lived in Epsom when their sons were youngPort Perry Page Turners book club online.The night of the big fire at Port Perry Hospital, Aliceand moved to Port Perry in 1998.Looking to keep busy following retirement, Alice be-was not on shift. She was at a bridal shower for anotherIt was so convenient. I could walk to work! Alicecame a travel consultant with Expedia in 2019. She hopes to nurse. Displaced during reconstruction, she spent a yearenthused. go back to beautiful Alaska with friends in May of 2022, working in Oshawa.Despite her busy career working day and night shifts,if plans arent cancelled for the fourth time due to COVID.After the fire, the New Life Centres birthing rooms gotAlice found time to be active in the community.A mem- Stephen and Alice are planning a trip to Europe to cel-some needed bathroom upgrades and fresh dcor. ber of the Choral Society, the multi-talented Alice has beenebrate their 46th wedding anniversary.Alice pointed out that the comfortable birthing roomsinvolved in 30 musicals. She remembers being part of a today are a big improvement over the delivery roomsproduction of The King and I. A young Curtis HaddenPlease turn to page 28with their stark lighting, which were commonplace when she began her career. Imagineawoman,eightcmdilated,havingtobe transferred onto a stretcher to be taken from the labour room to the delivery room to give birth, she said. And with no supportive partner. All-Stars Realty Inc.The scenes in TV shows and commercials where babies are lined up behind a big window in the maternity wardBrokerage independently owned and operated.for viewing are so outdated, she noted. People peering in at babies like a zoo doesnt happen anymore.Rooming in, so newborns can bond with their moth- Carolyn Wilbur Margaret Ballers/families, is much better, Alice feels. Epidurals have improved over the years she said, and equipment such asSales Representative Sales Representativeblanket warmers are an invention that patients appreciate. 905-439-7297 905-809-7946Professional Mother / Daughter TeamServing Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes.We are here to help you with all your Real Estate needs. 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