b'by Deborah Jones Finotti, Advertising Representative, Focus on ScugogA few weeks ago, a neighbour stopped by and askedthoughts were running faster than my speech.Rest as-if I would look at some of her short stories and to givesured if you know me today that is not a problem for me her feedback. I was surprised and told her I am perhapsanymore. I can hear all the jokes as Im writing this. the wrong person to come to. She said she enjoyed myThey would have me put pen to paper and write out my articles in the Focus and to please read them and to givethoughts, nothing lengthy, just a line or two. Truly not her some feedback, I was humbled that she would thinksure if it helped or I just grew out of it. of me. As we stood outside and talked, we realized ourSome people save memorabilia to remember where background pertaining to writing came from the sametheywereatacertainpointintheirlifeandcreate passion.scrapbooks or fancy boxes to keep them safe. I enjoy the I grew up with a father who I dont believe knewcolourful bound journals I have saved over my lifetime, that you could go into a store and buy a birthday orand truly get a kick out of some of the things I did or anniversary card. LOL. My Dad would always write amy thought process on a situation. Its true what they say, note of endearment or a poem to my Mum for all occa- if you have a current dilemma and think its the end of sions and sometimes, just because. My Dad travelledthe world, STOP, and think if it will be relevantve years a lot, usually he was gone a day or two, but on occasion,from now, and theres your answer!!!he was gone longer.I was always excited to receive aOur Max is lying beside me as I type this and having a letter from him, as he was always so descriptive of hisdream I think, mouth is twitching, legs are restless and the surroundings, and always put in funny antidotes on hisoccasional growl. I wonder what his journal would look experiences. I still have some of the ones from overseas,like. I think it would resemble the movie Groundhog Day. one in particular from Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka.If you havent seen it, Bill Murray keeps reliving the same (now that ages me!!!) I will also cherish the speech heday over and over again. Maxs journal would have a tan made at our wedding; it wasnt just a speech but anleather cover with dog bones embossed on the front. The amazing poem as well.rst page would read, wake up in the morning, stretch, When our daughters were born, my dad wasnt travel- yawn loudly so He and She parent could hear me. Get ling as much but for every special occasion he would cre- fed and then let out for my morning ritual.Then come ate a funny poem with coloured sketches. One of his bestback in, snooze for a bit, get taken out for a walk, play is his rendition of Twas The Night Before Christmas; heball, snooze some more, perhaps get a treat, snooze some changed some of the contents and put both girls namesmore, another walk, dinner, snooze,walk for thenal in to add to the story, then drew pictures of the characters.night. I think his journal would consist of one page with It is still magical to me. the details of his day, and the rest of his journal would I am now the lucky recipient of these wonderful mem- just say ditto. Oh, the life of a much loved pet!!! ories and for me the bonus is, its in my Dads own pen- Perhapswritingisbecomingadyingartwiththe manship. Within the next 5 years my goal is to compileyounger generation, I certainly hope not. I hope to show them, as well as with my own love letters, life experiencesour grandchildren the wonders of pen to paper; of course and thoughts, then have them all bound so our girls andthey will roll their eyes and say Grandma, thats what grandchildren will have them for future reference. the computer is for.I have always enjoyed writing, however it has been in the form of personal journals, which I do not do every day, as a matter of fact it has been years since I put myOver 29 years thoughts to pen and paper.I do have a journal beside myof experience.bed, and if I hear a quote or saying that strikes a chord with me, I write it down. It has always been a way of helping me put my fears, loves, anxiety but mostly just wanting to remember moments in time. One I heard re- SINCE1992cently was We dont see things as they are, we see them as we are.Take a moment and think about that, rather profound!!! Everyone will come up with a di erent pointBeer takes 3 weeks159 Casimir St., of view. to make Port PerryMy Mum and Dad started me on this writing pathWhite wine 4 weeks905-985-4352when I was younger to help me with my speech.WhenRed wine 6 weeks www.lakeviewbeerandwine.caI started stuttering at the age of 8, they were told my FOCUS - AUGUST 202129'