32 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2018 462 Paxton Street, Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 Call today to book an appointment. www.dentistportperry.com EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE Cosmetic Dentistry Explained Veneers * This is a thin piece of porcelain or plastic to cover the front teeth to change the colour or shape. It is done for chipped uneven, discoloured or oddly shipped teeth. Crowns * Crowns are used to cover up a tooth to restore to a normal shape or appearance. Reshaping / Contouring * Reshaping is done to correct crooked, chipped or irregular teeth * Contouring can alter length shape or position of teeth. Bonding * This fills in gaps or changes the shape or colour of your teeth. Whitening * This is done to eliminate stains or to just make them a brighter shade. WE CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT TECHNIQUES USED TO IMPROVE YOUR SMILE. Veneers Bonding Crowns Whitening Reshaping/Contouring