FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2018 25 Sports play an important role in people’s daily lives. Sporting activities shift the partici- pant’s concentration from everyday cares to the more leisurely matter at hand. Everybody, even non-participants, can readily assemble a list of common sporting pursuits, both team-based and solo activities. But few, it’s safe to say, would immediately as- sign disc golf to that list – though the number familiar with the up-and-coming passtime is rapidly increasing. And disc golf has now come to Scugog. “In the summer of 2018, the Township opened a disc golf course on the Cartwright Fields in Nestleton,” says long-time enthusiast Reid Hollingsworth. “When I started back in the early 80s there were only three courses in all of Ontario. But now there’s a couple dozen, and a buzz is spreading. Having a facility right in our back yard will certainly help popularize it in this area.” And best of all, playing a round of disc golf is free. “That’s one advantage it has over ball-golf!” Reid laughs. Equipment and learning game-skills are also more accessible to the beginner. “A three-pack of discs are all you need to get started. That’ll run you about $50, and after a few rounds, you’ll get the hang of the game and its strategies. It’s a much easier sport to learn than ball-golf, but in both versions of the game you’ll continue to improve but never entirely master it.” A new wrinkle on a familiar sport is coming to the ‘fore’ front ...................... Please turn to page 26 PHOTO BY MARYANN FLEMING