FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2016 41 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2018 41 Glenn & Kelly and staff would like to thank those who sacrificed to allow us our freedom. WE REMEMBER. 1575 Highway 7A, Port Perry 905-985-5277 905-985-8507 Auto Glass &Trim Sign Shop Port Perry: 905-985-7813 Uxbridge: 905-862-9002 WE REMEMBER SMOKIN’ BBQ Since 2015 R.M.R. REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE 905-985-9777 (Port Perry Plaza) 1894 Scugog St., Port Perry DIANNE HOOKER Sales Representative Our family Remembers 1918 - A R M I S T I C E - 2018 OPEN DAILY 8AM TO 10 PM The staff at thank all who served. 1865 Scugog St., Port Perry • 905-985-8886 At 5 o’clock in the morning on November 11, 1918, just north of Paris in the isolated Forest of Compiegne, representatives from the countries of France, Great Britain, and Germany held a clandestine meeting in a railway car. The hope was that the Allies could secure an end to the hostilities of the First World War (also called the Great War), by the signing of an armistice, a mutual agreement to a ceasefire that is a precursor to a peace treaty. Armistice Day began as the ending of hostilities between the Allied Powers and Germany in the First World War. Although the armistice did not officially end the war, it did end the fighting as a precursor to the Treaty of Versailles, which did end the war. THE SIGNING OF THE ARMISTICE