2 FOCUS - JULY 2017 The Palmer Park Project Dear Residents of Scugog Borelians Community Theatre is writing a new play, and they need your help! Set to premier in February 2019 at Town Hall 1873, and made possible through the Spark the Arts grant, the new comedy will be written by local playwright Graeme Powell and will tell the unique history of Palmer Park. But here’s the twist! So much has happened in Palmer Park over the years. From its roots as a bustling train station to becoming the beautiful waterfront wonder that it is today, Palmer Park has watched Port Perry change and take shape for at least 150 years! We have photos and books to help tell the history; but, we think it would be so much better if we could shine the spotlight on your personal story, too! The Borelians want to hear your Palmer Park memories! Weddings, picnics, festivals, sporting events... maybe you have a family tale that has been passed down through generations? Or perhaps you know a lesser-known fact about the park that never made it into the history books. The Borelians will accept all entries submitted and notify those who are chosen to be dramatized in their new comedy. Whatever your story might be, visit www. palmerparkproject.ca to share it, or send via email to borelians@gmail.com. You could also type up your story and mail it to: Palmer Park Project 34A Water Street Port Perry, Ontario L9L 1J2 See your memory brought to the stage! Submit your story today! Kyle Brough, Borelians Community Theatre enthusiastic and generous crowds arrive. Organization mixed with chaos prevails for the day and by 2 p.m. the Scout Hall is back to normal. We are close to a profit of $7000. That means a lot of food, clothing and school uniforms. The orphans can further their education and increase the likelihood of a better future for themselves and their country. Grannies can start income generating projects so they can become self-sufficient. However, on the other side of the picture is the fact that many items were being reused and some people were able to access some items that may have been unaffordable in some cases. A G-Mom Yard Sale is a great way to set up for university. Thanks especially to Focus on Scugog, the Star, the Standard and Caps for their ongoing support with publicity. Also a special thanks to Port Perry Salvage and Glen Page for their continued help with very much needed “BINS.” Tinie Evans, on behalf of all G-Moms So many donations and so much success! Dear Editor We never cease to be amazed by the generosity and support of this community. The G-Moms want to send out another huge thank you for the fabulous success of the Yard Sale. Not only did we get quality donations, which netted wonderful freewill donations, but we also received very generous donations for the donated articles. Did you see how many times we had to say “ Donations? “ Picture this!!! On the afternoon of Friday June 2nd, people arrive with articles they have saved for us in order to help our Grannies and Orphans in Africa. They know 90% of our monies go directly to the projects and that we are empowering and enabling them. The articles are then sorted as best we can and Saturday morning the G Moms send out a Huge Thank You to Port Perry and Friends ..... Ubuntu Dear Editor Gala on the Greens 2017 was again a wonderful success! FACTS: • All participants enjoyed a fabulous day and truly enjoyed the guest speaker who addressed “Reconciliation.” • We support over 15 million orphans in Sub Sahara Africa • Stephen Lewis Foundation guarantees that 90% of the monies raised go directly to the projects we support. • Kids get to eat, go to school and even get counselling • Grannies get help to create income generating projects • They become empowered to help themselves and others • They all now stand a chance to succeed in their lives • 90 businesses, large and small, donated prizes for our marketplace ..... Yes, think about that great support!! • Many happy recipients/winners were strongly encouraged to reciprocate and support local business • Donations were very generous and creative and we raised over $19,000. That keeps a lot of kids in school. • We have personally delivered your Thank You Ubuntu is a sub-Saharan African philosophy and a way of life. It defines what it means to be truly human: We affirm our own humanity when we acknowledge the full humanity of others. Ubuntu principles include dignity, respect, honesty, empathy, caring, sharing and compassion. Visit our Website : www.gmomsportperry.com and see all that we do and all of our upcoming events. Follow us on Facebook. Tinie Evans, on behalf of all G-Moms ...................... More letters on page 17