28 FOCUS - JULY 2017 Port Perry Summer Theatre “Live, learn and love theatre this summer.” PRESENTS Songs From The Shower Salt-Water Moon Mary’s Wedding Pine Grove Cemetery Town Hall 1873 A musical cabaret with Cadenza Productions Todd Appleton, Lyle Corrigan,Trish Harris, Donna Lajeunesse, Catherine Marzola, Andrew Smith Musical Director: Carol Salamone Director: Carey Nicholson Supported by: Town Hall 1873 By David French Directed by Carey Nicholson With Alexis MacRae & MichaelWilliamson By Stephen Massicote Directed by Carey Nicholson With Manon Ens-Lapointe & Duncan Gibson-Lockhart Tickets available at: townhall1873.ca No advanced tickets for Pine Grove Plots. Admission at gate only. For more information, visit: portperrysummertheatre.ca Town Hall 1873 302 Queen Street Port Perry Pine Grove Cemetery Jeffrey Street Prince Albert July 8-22 July 18-29 Jul 9 - Aug 6 Town Hall 1873 July 6-16 PRESENTS