FOCUS - JULY 2017 55 The gift comes with a picture frame and two loose butterflies, one for you to keep and one for you to place beside your loved one in the casket or urn. By placing the butterfly with your loved one, you are setting a special “forever sign” between you and your beloved family member or friend. They will have theirs forever and you will have yours for your entire life so that whenever you see a butterfly you will know that it is your loved one sending their love to you from Heaven. Give a Heavenly Butterfly picture frame and set a sign for life. Heavenly BUTTERFLIES A Heavenly Butterfly picture frame is a wonderful bereavement gift for any age. Heavenly BUTTERFLIES Heavenly BUTTERFLIES . . . . . a unique personalized bereavement gift 647-539-7912 • PC and Mac REPAIRS Spyware/Virus REMOVAL Data RECOVERY 905-985-0568 SERVING SCUGOG & UXBRIDGE TOWNSHIPS Home and Office Visits Available COMMUNITY CARE DURHAM We apologize for having a couple errors in our CCD story found on page 3 in our June 2017 issue. We had stated that the AGM was on June 11, which in fact should have read June 22, and Lorrie Houston has been the CCD Administrator for the past 4 years at the Scugog office, not 11 years. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. Note that our website version was corrected in time. It is that time of year again. One of the most exciting and colourful events of the summer takes place Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16. This year honouring Nokomis Dabik-Giizis (Grandmother Moon) Everyone is invited to attend and watch the grand entry, experience traditional native dances and drum groups and enjoy the native crafts and displays. There will be plenty of food vendors on hand. Bring your own lawn chair for comfort and a refillable water bot- tle, as there is water on site. Please remember, absolutely no alcohol, no drugs and no dogs or any other pets allowed. The Sunrise Ceremony is held both mornings (women please wear long skirts) and the Grand Entry is at noon. To see this spectacular celebra- tion, come to 22521 Island Rd., Scugog Island, 1 km past the Great Blue Heron Casino. For more information: or 1-800-647-8454 ext 221. Geronimo Tootoosis from Saskatchewan. Mississaugas of Scugog Island 21st Annual Traditional POW WOW