18 FOCUS - JULY 2017 NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8591 Dr. John Tompkin Chiropractor Our services are covered by most extended health care benefits. Chiropractic, Foot Pain Therapy, Orthotic Therapy I have been treating foot pain and building quality custom made orthotics for nearly 20 years and I am still amazed at how many patients have been to other foot specialists in the past, but have never received treatment for their foot problems prior to receiving their orthotic device. In most cases my patients receive treatments to help restore proper motion in the feet and lower limbs. Custom made orthotics can then be prescribed to help support these changes. I am also amazed when a patient brings in a bag of ridged, hard and bulky foot devices that either don’t fit in their shoes, don’t help the problem, or in some cases create new problems. The custom made orthotics at my clinic are made from resilient high quality plastics that allow the proper amount of control while permitting the foot to move, as it was designed, thus optimizing shock absorption. Our orthotics can be made for the largest work boot to the smallest heel, pumps or loafers. Lastly, I am always amazed at how many patients have never received a proper explanation of their foot problems. In my clinic, I do a foot exam, a computerized gaitscan and a 3D scan. I then go through the results and educate the patient so they understand why their problems exist and what they can do to correct them. I explain the principles behind proper foot motion and the differences between the different types of orthotics, allowing the patient to make an informed decision. For a no charge, no obligation, consultation please call Dr. John Tompkin at Natural Health Associates today. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD! FOOT PAIN Do you suffer from 48 Water St., Port Perry, ON (905) 985-3767 THUMBS UP - to the wonderful community we live in. We know that our business community is second to none and recently a number of them have put us on the map again. If you see any of these business people ask them about their recent accomplishments; Jack Doak at Old Flame Brewing, Doug Brown at Pharmacy Associates, Richard Gauder of CMS Solutions and Dana Smith at Dana’s Goldsmithing. Kudos! THUMBS DOWN - writes a resident to the people who cut their grass onto the road. Not only does this cause weeds to grow up along the cracks in the roadway, it also looks terrible and clogs the storm drains which was quite apparent in the heavy rains of April and early May. THUMBS UP - to the amazing Education Assistants at Port Perry High School. These caring and dedicated individuals continue to go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing and educational success of PPHS students. They’re such an integral part of the school community. Their continuous effort is recognized and greatly appreciated. A HUGE thank you to all! THUMBS UP - for Cameron and Clara Hick who organized an amazing concert (Saturday June 10) with many outstanding talented Port Perry youth. The quality of this concert was “over the top” and the gift of charity for the G- Moms in support of the African Orphans is just a perfect indication of their superb character as they give generously to their community. THUMBS UP - to all parties involved in the settlement for Canterbury Common. The adult lifestyle community will include a four storey seniors building and 99 detached dwellings in keeping with the existing development. Do you have a Thumb up or down that you would like to see published? Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com