b'At Your Service!(continued from page 5)Her Fitbit actually died on the golf course, but MaryAnncouldnt be printed. On June 23, MaryAnn retired from Fleming figures that she wore it out walking up and downVos to get the first post-pandemic issue of Focus on Scugog theaislesatVoswhileshoppingforseniors. Ahappyready for publication. A little birdie told me that a social coincidence is that she got in shape for this marathon jobdistancing party was being planned in her honour to mark by doing laps at the arena for 40 minutes every morningthe occasion.for months prior to the lockdown. Some of the Seniors Delivery Team are young seniors The owner/editor of Focus on Scugog, MaryAnn hadthemselves, MaryAnn pointed out. The shopping experi-to lay off her staff in mid-March due to the pandemic.ence was fun, but very physical, placing cases of bottled Because she likes being busy, and because she is a friendwater and large bags of kitty litter and birdseed on the bot-of Christine and Terry Vos, MaryAnn volunteered to helptom rack of the cart. It was a good workout.out.MaryAnn really enjoyed seeing friends from around She was on duty shopping for seniors starting at 7 a.m.town in the store. She had to stop herself from giving them till early afternoon four days a week. Then she went tohugs though, due to social distancing. The camaraderie the Focus office and spent Wednesdays there, working onwith her co-workers made the job fun.publishing six entertaining and informative Focus onlineAll of us said the same thing. We got along, knew what newsletters,whichfilledthegapwhenthemagazinewe had to do, and did it.No relation to Don MacLeod the Delivery Boy, Jennifer MacLeod has the prestigious title of Brenda Line 2. Jennifer is a neighbour who lives across the street from Terry and Christine Vos, and both of her teenagers are employed by the store. They are hard workers, she described.Terry and Christine have done so much to support the community, and my kids schools, Jennifer noted. This was my opportunity to give back. She wanted to set an example for her teenagers to embrace this new way of life, to adapt and follow the precautions. Its important for those of us who are healthy to keep working and help out the community, Jennifer feels.When the emergency was declared in March, Jennifers seasonal job as a ski instructor was cut short. Shes been manning the phones at Vos for five days a week and she loves it. Some of the seniors like to have a nice chitchat, she said. They talk about recipes. For example, if someone orders a lot of ingredients to make vegetable soup, Jennifer will joke, Wheres my bowl? And if a senior orders hotdogs but no buns, Jennifer will give a friendly reminder.This is such a fun job that it doesnt feel like a job,President of the Canterbury Common Residents she commented. By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Association Jim Brady said he reached out to Terry Vos when the emergency was declared. Without hesitation, Terry said he would take care of us as best as possible. And he did. Jimsentoutamessagetothe241homeown-erswiththeinformationonhowtocontactVos Clothing for All Ages Independenttohavetheirgroceriesdelivered. Manyoftheresidentshadjustreturnedfrom Florida and were in quarantine, he noted. All you Thank youhave to do is phone in your list and look forward to your groceries arriving.for yourTerry is wonderful. He has helped us out im-mensely, Jim said. The people here are extremely Support grateful.905-985-7707And everyone in Canterbury Common has stayed 268 Queen Street, Port Perry safe from the novel coronavirus.6 FOCUS - AUGUST 2020'