b'Danas Goldsmithing Rosario Greco StylesLet us tell your story At Rosario Greco Styles Hair For 28 years, Dana and her teamSalon, the environment may have at Danas Goldsmithing have been serving our commu- changed a little but our desire to service our clients and nity and taking care of all your jewellery needs. They haveprovide excellence in hairstyling has not. The health and built a reputation for delivering on their promise to make itsafety of our clients and employees is my number one personal and have developed a loyal following that spanspriority,emphasizesownerRosarioGreco.Whenwe generations.closed the salon in March, we took that opportunity to do Danas reputation for designing beautiful custom jew- some minor renovations and updates.We kept busy, re\x1f n-ellery and redesigning her clients existing jewellery hasishing \x1d oors, painting, replacing client chairs and of course grown over the years and has helped make Port Perry andperforming a full clean and sanitization of the entire salon. Danas Goldsmithing a jewellery destination for peopleIn late May, as we awaited word on when we could acrosstheGTAandbeyond.Infact,Danahasbeenreopen, we spent our time creating a safety plan, prepar-recognized by her peers across Canada and the Unitedingsignage,stockinguponmasks,shields,plexiglass States for her expertise. In additional to industry awards,partitions,handsanitizerandHealthCanadaapproved she has been the subject of numerous magazine articlescleaning products.Both staff and clients are now required describing the wonderful work that they do at Danasto wear a mask through the entire service so we are asking Goldsmithing. all guests to have their mask on when they arrive.Despite her success, Dana has remained humble. IIn order to allow for maximum social distancing, we are have always wanted to make a positive difference in peo- utilizing our front porch, foyer and back door to streamline ples lives and have found that making jewellery that hasentering and exiting the salon and have moved several styl-meaning to my clients has \x1f lled that need. When we showing stations from the \x1f rst \x1d oor to the second \x1d oor creating our client the \x1f nished product and see how much it meansadditional working space for the stylists and their clients. to them and their families, it makes all the hours worth- Finally says Rosario, between the clients and the staff while. We are a small town store with small town values.there is always so much laughter in the salon, so the hard-That is something that will never change.est part for me while we are all wearing masks is not being 186 Queen Street, Port Perryable to see everyones wonderful smiles.905-985-2953 To book your appointment, please call:905-985-009918 Holes Farmers Market SwimKids1/2 Cart, 1 PoundWelcometothePortPerry Finally!SwimKidsisallowedto of Wings & aLakefront Farmers Market. We areopen following the COVID-19 proto-Pint/ Vino THURSDAY NIGHT open every Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., lakeside at the base ofcol set out by the Durham Region Health Inspector, Red $48.00 Social League Queen St. Cross and Life Saving Society.SocialLeagueThe following protocols are now in place to reduce the riskOffering private lessons at $30/lesson.9 Holes each week receive a ballot to of transmission of COVID-19.Everyone must follow them. An instructor will be with child the fullhour. Due to win 1 of 3grand prizes WAITat the entrance until you are asked to proceed into theCOVID-19 he/she must be 6 feet apart. Under Red Cross 1/2 Cart, 1 Pound5$ TRIPLE BOGEY TALL CANS Market. There may be limits on how many people are allowedPLASTICS FORof Wings & alevel #4, a parent, adult or someone in the 10 person cir-to be in the market. cle must be in the pool with the child. This is a challenge Pint/ Vino 10500 Russell Road. Port PerryAPPROACH A VENDOR only if no other customer is at theCHANGE Andrew Almackto our instructors, as they prefer hands on, however this $36.00 Book your tee timebooth. Limit of two customersat a booth. is the only option at this time to keep everyone safe.905-985-2760 www.summerlea.comDO NOT TOUCH any products at a vendors table until the Due to COVID-19 only two children are allowed in thetime of purchasing. If you touch it you may have to buy it. pool and in the building at a time. MAINTAIN 6 FEETdistance between you and others.T wo separate change rooms will be provided.SANITIZE OFTEN:Sanitizer is located throughout the market. Individualized lesson plan is available.MARKET FLOW:The direction of \x1d is toward the exit at Free goggles for those who register.ow the Lakefront. Please try not to backtrack through the market. MondayFriday from 1-3 p.m. Andrew Almack making the change Offering open adult swims at $8/swim PAYMENTS: Cash accepted but some vendors accept cash-less transactions (preferred). Please call to ensure a spot, as we are limite e plastic container at a timeDISTANCING: When physical distancing is not possible thetwo swimmers at a time. on d to only vendors will wear masks.Some will wear them anyway. To register call:905-985-1709FOOD SAMPLES: Unfortunately there will be no sampling ofSo often, its our reactions to lifes adversities, whichidly by.Andrew chose to make a di erence by taking food at this time. determine success or failure.Navigating through thoseaction.Pre-planning and pre-paying your Feed your family. Fuel your community. inevitable roadblocks without ever giving up on a cher- Once I graduated [from a business program], I moved funeral is one of the most thoughtful Thank you for supporting our local producers. ished goal takes commitment, passion, and strength ofto British Columbia.This was just following the Japanese character. tsunami, and there was a lot of plastic washing up on gifts you can give to your family. Justintohis20s,ScugogsAndrewAlmackfoundCanadian shores.I worked for a year, gained experience, Its easy.Anyone can do it. EXCAVATION his lifes ambition quite by accident while travelling inand began networking.SERVICES Southeast Asia. Once that objective captured his imagina- An idea blossomed in Andrews mind.Rock WallsSeptic Systems tion, he has never relinquished his passion for itin spiteThats when Plastics for Change was born.Contracting Inc. GradingDemolition of the numerous challenges thrown into his path. The program would facilitate the recycling of plastic Building Custom Homes in the Durham Region for 30 Years! I made a trip to Cambodia to visit my sister in 2011,waste, removing volume from land lls and transforming he explained the origins of what has since become hisit into containers for consumer products.lifes work.I was gripped by the problem of plasticA great idea and environmentally sound, this massive Canladdeirasn waste in a developing country.It was a huge problem,recyclinginitiative,butstillmissingakeyingredient: Myles ORiordan Mark Fletcher HomAes sBouciiationFUNERAL DIRECTORFUNERAL DIRECTOR but no one was writing about it.I wrote an undergradfunding.OWNER PRE-ARRANGEMENT COUNSELOR thesis on the topicthat was my start. We got a $3,000 grant from Blush Cosmetics. It al-216 Queen Street, Port Perry - 905-985-2171 Many people observe problems in the world yet standlowed us to open drop-olocations to aid in the ocean 1-800-377-9139www.waggfuneralhome.com 905-439-4821 (Tyler) Please turn to page 38www.weisflockcontracting.comDont take your Import out of Port!IN-PORT AUTOMOTIVEWe have moved to 2015 2016 12 Easy St. 2017 2018 2019Readers Readers Readers Readers ReadersChoice Awards Choice Awards Choice Awards Choice Awards Choice AwardsPORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR Service & Repair Import Specialists 905-985-3971 PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR36FOCUS - AUGUST 2020'