b'Scugog/Port Perry Ramblings by Port Perry MaxThursday July 2, I had my 1st appointment with my favourite groomer in a long time.This meant getting into my limo (Ford F150) with my chauffeur and going for a 20-minute drive to Uxbridge.As usual my human opens up the windows enough for me to hang out butproud. May we all leave this world a not fall out.And yes, I have fallenbetter place then how we found it like out. Once. Fulmine did.I am looking forward to some local pond time with my friend Kayla in the coming weeks with some attempts at dock diving, because apparently Sandra My four-legged cousin Fulmine withsays my hair plays havoc with her Nicolas Ciaghi. poollter!cherish every single little moment inRemember to live each day to the our lives. fullest, cherish those small memories And also remember all the greatduring these crazy times and plan to people that have come before us andleave this world a better place.Here have in uenced our lives.Tell themis a Spritz toast (Prosecco and Love feeling the breeze. before you cant.On that note I needCampari) to everyone. Stay safe!For 20 minutes I selected differentto mention my cousin Fulmine (Italian sides of the limo and differentfor lighting bolt) who passed away windows.Front, back, left, right.Andin June, two weeks shy of his 14th let my earsop in the breeze.Andbirthday.Long for a golden but short my jowls take in the wind in the air. for a great golden.Fulmine was the What a beautiful feeling.I know thatepitome of a golden retriever. Patient, my human is concerned aboutyingloving, forgiving and great with objects hitting me. children.His human had three children that grew up with Fulmine.He was Flying insects in my eyes.To me thistherst person/dog my human visited was a simple pleasure after being when he went to Italy and the last cooped up so long.Something I nowgoodbye when he left.My human loved cherish so much.Funny how absence Fulmine and will tear up when Fulmine makes the heart grow fonder.I trulyis mentioned. Fulmine, you may be gone missed hanging out. We need tobut not forgotten. You did our breedMe with my Spritz. Yum, Yum!A heartfelt thanks to our front line workers! Blinds-Draperies-Shutters-Shades Great Selection-Stylish Colours Superior Service-Satisfaction Guaranteed!Shop for your home, in your home. Call now for yourFree Consultations .Joe & Cathy Gibson, Blackstock905-213-2583www.budgetblinds.com/portperryFOCUS - AUGUST 202023'