b'Stretch Like Mad D Rosario Greco StylesWailnloawst Greoeld FsamrmithingCerti\x1f ed Personal Trainer, GroupLet us tell your story At Rosario Greco Styles Hair Located in Port Perry, Willowtree Fitness Instructor & Fascial StretchFarm is family run and loves sharingSalon, the environment may have For 28 years, Dana and her team Therapist,MadisonSolonynko,ispleasedtoannounceat Danas Goldsmithing have been serving our commu- changed a little but our desire to service our clients and theirpassionforsustainablefarmingandfreshfoodwith that she has reopened her Fascial Stretch Therapy studio,nity and taking care of all your jewellery needs. They haveprovide excellence in hairstyling has not. The health and the community. On their 600+ acres, youll \x1f nd over 35 dif-StretchLikeMad.MadisonrecentlyintroducedFascialferent types of GMO free fruits and vegetables, along withsafety of our clients and employees is my number one built a reputation for delivering on their promise to make it Stretch Therapy (FST), an upcoming form of rehabilitation,pasture raised antibiotic and hormone free beef and lamb. priority,emphasizesownerRosarioGreco.Whenwe to Port Perry at her therapy studio, conveniently located atpersonal and have developed a loyal following that spansclosed the salon in March, we took that opportunity to do generations.on-site market is open 7 days a week, from 79 Perry Street (at Casimir).Willowtreessome minor renovations and updates.We kept busy, re\x1f n-9 a.m6 p.m. They have been working hard to adapt to all the FSTisapain-freeanduniqueformoftable-basedDanas reputation for designing beautiful custom jew- ishing \x1d oors, painting, replacing client chairs and of course changes that 2020 has brought us, to ensure that everyone can assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia and joint capsuleellery and redesigning her clients existing jewellery hasperforming a full clean and sanitization of the entire salon. still easily access farm fresh, locally grown food. Some of their as the key elements.A Fascial Stretch Therapist places yourgrown over the years and has helped make Port Perry and new services include online ordering for curb-side pickup, per- In late May, as we awaited word on when we could body in speci\x1f c stretches to help achieve optimal \x1d exibility,Danas Goldsmithing a jewellery destination for people sonal shopping (weekends only), local delivery and partneringreopen, we spent our time creating a safety plan, prepar-strength, performance, and pain relief and can give you aacrosstheGTAandbeyond.Infact,Danahasbeen with different farmers markets in the Durham Region and GTAingsignage,stockinguponmasks,shields,plexiglass feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. recognized by her peers across Canada and the United to provide pick-up locations for their virtual farmers market. partitions,handsanitizerandHealthCanadaapproved In order to prioritize her clients health and safety, MadisonStates for her expertise. In additional to industry awards,cleaning products.Both staff and clients are now required will require that clients complete a pre-screening survey priorInside the market (and online!), you can expect to \x1f nd a she has been the subject of numerous magazine articles describing the wonderful work that they do at Danasto wear a mask through the entire service so we are asking wide selection of produce picked daily from their \x1f ar-to their treatment and have anyone that is not feeling well elds, Goldsmithing. cheeses, preserves, baked goods, and soall guests to have their mask on when they arrive.reschedule their session. In addition, hand sanitizer will betisan meats and much more. Willowtree prides themselves on only carryingIn order to allow for maximum social distancing, we are provided at the studio door and clients will be required toDespite her success, Dana has remained humble. I 100% Ontario made products. There is also a full serviceutilizing our front porch, foyer and back door to streamline arrive wearing a face mask that will remain on for the dura- have always wanted to make a positive difference in peo-butcher counter, bakery and caf so you can treat yourself toentering and exiting the salon and have moved several styl-tion of their treatment.Madison will also be wearing a maskples lives and have found that making jewellery that has a takeaway lunch, coffee or made-from-scratch sweet treat!ing stations from the \x1f rst \x1d oor to the second \x1d oor creating during the treatment and sanitizing all of the surfaces in themeaning to my clients has \x1f lled that need. When we show The butter tarts and pies are a must try! additional working space for the stylists and their clients. therapy rooms prior to and after your appointment. our client the \x1f nished product and see how much it means Between shopping in the market, enjoying a family lunchFinally says Rosario, between the clients and the staff to them and their families, it makes all the hours worth-To learn more about Fascial Stretch Therapyat the caf, or visiting the farm animals, you will be sure tothere is always so much laughter in the salon, so the hard-while. We are a small town store with small town values. or the studios additional safety protocols please visit hertake home some country memories. Come share the familysest part for me while we are all wearing masks is not being That is something that will never change. website at: trainlikemad.ca.If you would like topassion for sustainable farming and fresh food. You will tasteable to see everyones wonderful smiles.book an appointment to start feeling better, please callthe difference. 186 Queen Street, Port Perry 905-985-2953 To book your appointment, please call:905-985-0099289-356-3700 or email: madison@trainlikemad.ca willowtreefarm.caFarmers Market SwimKidsThe Kids Cupboard Marlin TravelWelcometothePortPerry Finally!SwimKidsisallowedto The Kids Cupboard is very hap- Who would have thunk it?Lakefront Farmers Market. We areopen following the COVID-19 proto-py to be open again and wants toOur Marlin Travel of\x1f ce has been open every Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., lakeside at the base ofcol set out by the Durham Region Health Inspector, Red assure all our customers that we have made consignmentclosed to walk in traf\x1f c since March break, however be-Queen St. Cross and Life Saving Society.shopping as safe as we possibly can. You can comfort- hind the scenes, all agents have been diligently working on ably shop for kids clothing, shoes and accessories for all\x1fThe following protocols are now in place to reduce the riskOffering private lessons at $30/lesson. les from home. We have spent hundreds of hours on hold of transmission of COVID-19.Everyone must follow them.ages, as well as teens and women and mens quality name(at home) solving COVID related issues for our wonderfulAn instructor will be with child the fullhour. Due to clients. An absolute eye opener for some travellers as to brand items.WAITat the entrance until you are asked to proceed into theCOVID-19 he/she must be 6 feet apart. Under Red Cross why you should always book with an agent.Our Melissa & Doug toys are perennial favourites withMarket. There may be limits on how many people are allowedlevel #4, a parent, adult or someone in the 10 person cir-to be in the market. If you dont see it, the kids; these top of the line toys are educational andSIGNS: AUTOMOBILES:And as we move forward one baby step at a time, wecle must be in the pool with the child. This is a challenge provide hours of entertainment.Interior and exterior, if no other customer isJust Ask! Windshield will continue to work hard on all new bookings to ensure APPROACH A VENDOR onlyat theto our instructors, as they prefer hands on, however this lettering, decals and wraps. We probably can do it. We are serious about social distancing and making ourclients get the best service and advice on their future trips. replacements and stone booth. Limit of two customersat a booth. is the only option at this time to keep everyone safe.customers feel welcome and safe. If you are wary of ventur- Our doors are not currently open, however they dont Due to COVID-19 onlychip repair, water leaks,the DO NOT TOUCH any products at a vendors table until thetwo children are allowed in need to be. Agents are all assisting clients and taking new ing too far from home please visit us at thekidscupboard.ca -time of purchasing. If you touch it you may have to buy it. convertible tops and seats.our website is a work in progress but you will still \x1f HOUSEHOLD:bookings from their home of\x1f ces. When we do open ourpool and in the building at a time.ndMISCELLANEOUS : Two separate change rooms will be provided.MAINTAIN 6 FEETdistance between you and others.doors, we will book appointments to keep everyone safe.plenty on offer, at great prices. We still have curbside pickUpholstery, Motorcycle seats,We replace mirrors, table tops SANITIZE OFTEN:Sanitizer is located throughout the market. Individualized lesson plan is available.up available and are just a telephone call away to assistWe are making new bookings (and using credits from you should you want a personal shopper. bbq covers and more. of \x1d is towardand thermal units.old bookings). We strongly feel that travel will rebound as MARKET FLOW:The direction owthe exit at Free goggles for those who register. soon as it can. So keep dreaming of bucket list trips and For more information please call us atthe Lakefront. Please try not to backtrack through the market. Offering open adult swims at $8/swim know we are here for you.905-985-7707 PAYMENTS: Cash accepted but some vendors accept cash- MondayFriday from 1-3 p.m.sAnd a quick shout out to my amazing team. Colleen,BOATS:or visit us @thekidscupboard (Instagram)less transactions (preferred). Please call to ensure a spot, as we are limited to only or facebook.com/thekidscupboard.Custom boat tops andFULL Jean, Mallory and Janet have each been a life preserver for DISTANCING: When physical distancing is not possible thetwo swimmers at a time.Stay healthy and safe. interiors, lettering, windshieldsSERVICE DETAILING clients affected by COVID-19. Awesome job ladies. Bravo!vendors will wear masks.Some will wear them anyway. getTo register call:905-985-1709We miss seeing all of you, but we know we willand carpeting. CENTREthrough this together. FOOD SAMPLES: Unfortunately there will be no sampling of 1575 Hwy. 7A, Port Perry905-985-8507portperryautoglass.cafood at this time.For current information, remember to follow our Sincerely, Virginia Frew905-985-5277portperrysignshop.comFeed your family. Fuel your community.Facebook page at MarlinTravelPortPerryThank you for supporting our local producers.FOCUS - AUGUST 202031'