b'At Your Service! (continued from page 3)The pandemic turned my worldately dropped five pounds, with all upsidedown,describedCarolynthe walking involved. If you spot a fancy new fully load- ing with MaryAnn, Julie and Carolyn.Hall. She went from being a retiredSelf-described as a healthy per-ed blue GMC Sierra truck full of gro- We have a lot of laughs. We shareempty nester to having three grownson, Carolyn said that she wasnt ceries, Delivery Boy Don MacLeodfunny stories. kids at home, and going back to work. afraid to go out and shop to help is likely behind the wheel. Terry VosWeareacohesiveteam,andCarolyn is a Jack of all trades atthoseintownwhoareolderand new truck is now being referred to aswesupporteachother,headded.Vos, doing shopping, deliveries andmore vulnerable.Dons truck since he started deliver- Brenda the Vos Boss is tremendous.manning the phones and known asIt was nice to keep occupied, and ing to seniors in mid-March. At thatIt has been an all around pleasure toBrenda Line 3.take my mind off COVID, she said. time, Terrys truck only had 5,000 km.work with such fantastic people. She retired four years ago, so get- They couldnt have picked a better Don checked the odometer on July 3,While 70% of his grocery orders areting up at 6:10 a.m. to get ready togroup to work together. We have a lot and it was up to 17,000 km.deliveredtoCanterburyCommons,arrive at the store at 7 a.m. has beenof laughs. We miss MaryAnn.Don says he really enjoyed tak- some of the other customers live outa bit of a challenge, but she really en- People who phone in their orders ing over this responsibility, and work- oftownonruralroads.Sometimesjoys the job once she gets there. are so thankful, that it makes it all Its sociable to see people youworthwhile,andithasbeenniceHer son Tyler Field has also been a knowwhoareoutshopping,getting to know the customers, shebig help, pitching in and doing some Carolyn commented. She immedi- concluded.shopping and deliveries as well.Terrysnewtruckwouldlooklike Don went off-roading in it, he said. It was covered in mud!Like Julie, Don would secretly sneakAlwayshavebreakfastbeforeher job as a realtor around her storeMaryAnn always seemed to get over to the car wash and make sureyou go to work and bring snacks, isschedule. Some days there are 50 or- the cart with the wheel that was out that the truck was as clean at the endJulieCurransadvice.SinceMarch,ders to fill. When her Fitbit vibratesof balance, Julie said. We could hear of the day as it was at the beginning. she has done seniors shopping fromon her arm, it means that she has puther coming from miles away!Hedescribedthebuttonsinthe6 a.m. until around 1 p.m. She fits inin 9,000 steps.Weeklyshoppingforseniors truckascomplicated,soinsteadHerinexpensiveslip-on-shoeshelpedJulierediscoversomefoods of listening to his usual choice, CBCwere an issue however. One day inthat she had overlooked, like pork and Radio, Don has been rocking out tothe middle of her shift, she left thebeans. I used to eat them as a teen-the Rolling Stones and Arrowsmithstoretoshopforshoeswithmoreager,andImbuyingandenjoying on the Sirius Classic Rock station thatsupport because her feet were hurt- them again. They are goodso many Terry prefers. ing. It was difficult to find a store thatflavours!Doncommentedthat,itfeelswas open to the public, before 10 a.m. Some days, Julie said that by the good to be able to help local sen- Marks to the rescue, she said,time she went home, her face was sore iors get their much-needed suppliesas she happily put on her supportivefrom smiling and laughing so much, whilestayingsafeandhealthyinnew running shoes. because working with everyone is so theirhomes.HehasseenquiteaAbigimprovementwasTerrysmuch fun.fashion show of pajamas while doingpurchase of large industrial carts thatWe have become great friends, deliveries. can hold multiple orders. Julie jokedshe said. This has been so reward-Now that Phase 2 is implementedthat she is waiting for a nameplate foring. Julie has made the commitment and more people are venturing out toher Cadillac! Some of the old groceryto carry on as a shopper for seniors do their own shopping, Don has cutbuggies were getting worn out.until the fall.down to three or four days a weekPlease turn to page 6instead of five days. One day he will transition back to his other employ-ment at a valet parking company in Markham and working for a phoneFASCIAL STRETCHBENEFITS OF FST THAT YOUStart feeling book company in Kingston. Both ofWILL LOVE:thesebusinessesweretemporarilyTHERAPY Decreases Pain, Improves Sleep, better today.shut down due to the pandemic. DonTreats and Prevents Injury,only had one day off before he startedImproves Posture,working at Vos. BENEFITS Assists in weight lossEVERY AGE Don says he could write quite anthrough better mobility. AND FITNESS interestingmemoirabouthisexpe- LEVELriencesasaDeliveryBoy.Hewill79 Perry Street, (at Casimir St.)Port PerryVisittrainlikemad.caalways fondly remember the smiling faces of seniors waving and sayingTo book an appointment call 289 356 3700to learn more about thank-you through the window whenor email: madison@trainlikemad.ca Fascial Stretch Therapy he delivered their bags to the porch.FOCUS - AUGUST 20205'