b'PORT PERRY SENIORS CLUB GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND TO HELP KEEP SCUGOG SAFE MaryAnn,seniormembersenjoyedSeniors have acquired wisdom .getting your newsletters while you werethey were told they were the highest shutdownduetoCOVID-19. Wearerisk group.Stay at home.Wash your nowalllookingforwardtoonceagainhands. Wear a mask.And we did that, getting your magazine in paper form. along with many other residents. As of July 10th, the Region of Durham has Allowmetointroduceyoutoarecognized the necessity for manda-group of seniors who have made atory face coverings during this pan-differenceintheircommunity,anddemicwhenindoors,andoutdoors, beyond, during COVID-19.They areif the two-metre distancing is difficult membersofthe PortPerrySeniorsto maintain.Canada has done so well Club who didnt sit at home wonder- comparedtoothercountriesbyfol-ing what to do with all their free timelowing Health Department guidelines now that the club had shut down alland should continue to do so.activities, but asked how they couldPort Perry Seniors Club next pro-help during this unprecedented pan- Pop-up store cameject was to send cheery message cards demic.An illness that no one knewto Caesarea,Uticato residents of the two long term care how to cure or knew how to help theand other hamletsfacilities in town, Port Perry Place and people who fell ill with the disease. in Scugog whereWest Shore Village. Senior Club mem-thousands of masks Healthdepartmentsandspecialistswere given free. bers are proud of how the Port Perrys in the field of viruses and scientistsLTC homes handled this crisis; they had know idea how long we wouldimmediately closed their doors and al-have to contend with this pandemiclowed entry to only staff and medical runningrampant,notonlyinourpersonnel.Congratulations, you did a country, but worldwide. great job.Some residents didnt know Whatdidsomemembersofwhatwashappeningintheworld, the Port Perry Seniors Club do duringthey just knew that nobody was visit-this time? They helped family, friends,ing. They were isolated for their own Scugog residents and beyond.How? health, but family means so, so much By volunteering to sew masks, donat- to these residents.Hence, a call was ing materials, offering to drive to pickput out to members of the Port Perry anddelivermaterialsandmasks. Seniors Club to take some time and Theyalsocombinedtheireffortswrite a note to let these people know withthe PortPerryUnitedChurchtheyarelovedandnotforgotten.Quilters,theIslandQuiltingGroupOnce again seniors club members vol-and Port Perry Sews for a period ofunteered.Members of the Kuipers time.One organization alone couldKreativeDivas volunteeredtohand notkeepupwiththedemandformakeanddonatecardsforthe179 masks. residentsandtheyaregorgeous.Withthetownshipspermission,Thank you.eachWednesdaywesetupapopA grand old lady, Queen Elizabeth up store operated out of the car ofII, said in a rare televised speech to the president of PPSC.But this storethenationcallingforunityinthe did not charge; all masks were givencoronaviruscrisis,Ihopeinthe free, and they were made with love. years to come everyone will be able to Literally thousands of masks, comforttake pride in how they responded to bands and medical hats were giventhis challenge.THE PORT PERRY to community members and groups. SENIORSCLUBVOLUNTEERS OtherhamletsinScugogwerealso179 cheery message cards for Port PerryCAN BE VERY PROUD!served by this pop-up store. Place and West Shore Village. Rita Hilker, President30FOCUS - AUGUST 2020'