b'GoingI V E L I VLthis summer!Theatre on The Ridge is proud to present its series:Big Theatre for Small SpacesIts been a long wait, but we will be presenting threematerial in this program contains sexual and violent im-unique live productions in the very intimate setting of theagery and content that some audience members maynd new Scugog Arts Space this July and August. In accord- disturbing. Not recommended for under 14.ance with public health regulations, and in consultationThe series will close with performances of The Huns with our public health advisor, we have modi ed ourby Canadian playwright Michael Ross Albert occur-programming to bring you captivating theatre with yourring August 12-14.safety in mind. The Huns takes place the morning after a break-in at Ourrst production, running July 29-31 is a premierea tech company where three co-workers assemble for a stagedreadingofTheGrandToDobyBellevilleconference call to discuss the burglary. What starts as a playwright Peter Paylor:civilized,professionalmeetingswiftlydevolvesintoa Rory and Kira navigate life with to-do lists, they havebrutal showdown that puts everyones careersand their their own, then theres the shared list, their daily listshopes for future happinessin jeopardy.and, of course, theres the big one: The Grand To Do List.The Huns is a witty, shrewd, workplace comedy about Getting married was on it, but they did that. The kitchenmillennial anxieties, minor revolutions, and modern-day gotpainted.yellow.Rorygotthatbigpromotion.So,barbarians and wasrst produced at Streetcar Crowsnest, whats next? Really? That? Theyre going to need helpGuloien Theatre (Toronto Fringe Festival), July 2019.with that one. Their friend Pattys great, but shes notAll performances will follow public health measures much help. Maybe Rorys piano teacher Benjamin canregarding social distancing protocol, gathering size re-help. Maybe lists arent the answer. Maybe its all just astrictions,andsanitizationprotocol.Performanceswill Grand To Do. occur at the new Scugog Arts Space at 175B Queen St., Our second performance will be a mixed programand will have a 7 p.m. and a 9 p.m. seating, and will run titled Food For Thought, running August 5-7. approximately one hour each. Tickets are $25 each and, Food For Thought is an evening of short works, all con- due to current restrictions, are very limited. They will be nected by their ability to relate and o er insight in somesold online, on arst comerst serve basis only, and will way to the turbulent times we are now living in. Funny,beavailableathttp://www.theatreontheridge.ca/asof profound, and unexpected, these simple one act playsMonday July 20.and monologues capture the complexity that is our worldFor more information and o er much food for thought. Please note that somevisit www.theatreontheridge.ca42 FOCUS - AUGUST 2020'