b'CCD(continued from page 3) Always well attended, the Luncheonhave to rely on friends or family, thespringof2020duringtheOutprograms,haveresumedIan pointed out.COVID pandemic.throughoutNorthDurham,withCall 1-888-255-6680 or go online The Food Box program was de- COVIDsafetyprotocolsinplace.to arrange a ride.signed to improve food security forIn Scugog, Luncheon Out is held atTheAdultDayprograms clients who were afraid to go out andPort Perry Villa.A hot meal, entertainment and a shop, Ian commented. This popularsocial time are featured. ADULT DAY PROGRAMSprogram is still offered. Thisin-personprogramgives PeoplecanchoosefromaFreshclientstheopportunitytorenew BoxoraPantryEssentialsBox,orfriendships and get out again, said order both. The cost is $35.50 per box. Jill.Theboxesarequitefull,IanKeepintouchviatheCCD described. Its good value for theFacebook page for dates, and contact money. Jill if you need transportation.Fridaysarecontactlessdelivery days. Do you have to go to the doctor, TheMealsonWheelsprogram is a long-time CCD staple. The Hot MealsaredeliveredrighttoyourTRANSPORTATIONdoor. Athree-coursemealpreparedarewellestablished.Clients atthekitchenatPortPerryVilla,canregisterthroughHomeand including soup, a main course andCommunity Care Support Services, dessert, is only $8.75.1-800-263-3877.FrozenmealsfromEntrePlusIanpointedoutthatcaregiv-inNewmarketarealsoavailable.erscantakeabreakwhiletheir Theres a menu to choose from, andlovedonesenjoyalldayactivities you can order up to 10 meals at aand a nice, hot lunch. A typical day time. may include arts and crafts, music Manyclientslookforwardtotherapy, how to use technology such receiving these nutritious and deli- as iPads, wellness programs and in-cious meals, and delivery is alwaysteractive games.free! or the bank, etc., and you cant driveThismulti-ageprogramisheld QUOTE: The Meals on Wheels pro- yourself there? attheTestaProfessionalBuilding, gram has allowed me to receive suchTransportationisanimportant2CampbellDrive,Uxbridge, a wonderful variety of meals. Theyservice, Jill noted. Mondays through Thursdays, from aresofreshandplentiful.SeeingRegistered clients can arrange a9 a.m.3 p.m.the volunteers delivering our mealsride to medical appointments, or forFor45years,CCDhasoffered justbrightensourdayastheyareshopping or errands. so pleasant and they leave us withThe focus is on safe arrival and a smile. return, Ian said. OTHER CCD SERVICESMary June and Glenn Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles, and are paid 55 cents per LUNCHEON OUT kilometre for wear and tear on theirservicestosupportindependence vehicle and gas. and quality of life, Ian noted.Its a good service and many cli- CommunityCareDurhamisa ents develop a friendly rapport withmulti-serviceregisteredcharitable thedrivers,Jillnoted.Ittakesaorganizationprovidingabroad special person to be a driver. range of support services for indi-CCD staff operates the accessibleviduals over the age of 16 and their vans for clients with wheelchairs orcaregivers. Volunteers are the heart mobility issues. of CCD.Itisadvisedtobookappoint- Formoreinformation,goto ments for transportation at least fivecommunitycaredurham.on.ca. business days before your planned trip.This program gives our clients Ilene Pugh, happily receiving her Meals onmoreindependencesotheydont Wheels delivery from Jeff Abraham.4FOCUS - JANUARY 2023'