b'ClausParadeIt sure was a Rockin Santa Claus Parade!WhataparadeonSaturday December3;fromElvisimper-sonator(JacksonBegley),Elvis sightings all along the route, ex-tremely incredible creative floats, mascots, dogs, horses, lively mu-sic,andofcourseSanta,itwas awesome.For those who may not know, at the eleventh hour and very little time to work with, the Chamber had to act fast due to the intense high winds and come up with an alternativetokeepSanta,his sleigh,reindeerandeveryone safe. Dave Bell came to the rescue alongwithBobPorter,tokeep Santa closer to the ground, while the sleigh and reindeer remained in storage.Many, many thumbs up to the Scugog Chamber of Commerce, organizingcommittee,volun-teers and participants!34FOCUS - JANUARY 2023'