b'continued from page21 We are truly blushingDear Editor,Beyond thrilled Port Perry Hospital Foundation would like to Dear Editor, recognize the many community members, local I am thrilled to announce that Big Brothers Big Sistersbusinesses, and community groups who support our of North Durhams 5th annual Littles Toy Tea was ahospital. Your generosity and dedication to quality huge success!medical care at Port Perry Hospital is undeniable. You Thirteen families had a brighter Christmas morningtruly make a difference.because of the generous people and businesses in ourAlong with these good people, the Foundation would community who came together to provide over $2500 inalso like to recognize Focus on Scugog Editor, MaryAnn toys, gift cards and cash donations. Thank you so muchFleming.for your support! MaryAnn has a steadfast commitment to the success Thank you to Ginger and Sandy Jackson, owners ofof Port Perry Hospital Foundation and its advancement McDonalds for the warm cups of coffee and to Hanksof care at Port Perry Hospital. Whether cheering on the Pastries for baking us delicious cookies.front lines in a pandemic or sharing our story through To our amazing volunteers and our Littles whothe Foundations Here for You (CT) campaign, right braved the cool temperatures to be outside with us tothrough to this years activities focused on the CTs welcome guests and share the beverages and treats,pending arrival and the new healing garden, among thank you for giving your time.many other important advancements, Focus has been This annual event is a favourite of our staff andhere every step of the way. There is no doubt that with volunteers and we look forward each year to visiting theMaryAnn at the helm, Focus has been an active partner families to deliver the gifts you have helped provide.in great achievements benefiting Port Perry Hospital It warms our hearts to know that our communityand most importantly, the community it serves.is home to generous people who believe every familyAnd the thing is, one only has to read Focus on Scugog should have a joyful Holiday season.to see that this steadfast commitment is community-Thank you for making the Holidays magic andwide, including so many great organizations, special supporting families in North Durham. places, and very interesting people.Margaret Ayres So, hats off to you, MaryAnn.And to your Focus Executive Director,on Scugog team.Thank you for being a community Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham champion and shining a spotlight on all that makes Scugog great.With gratitude,Rachel AgnoluzziHappy Birthday, not so much the next day CEO, Port Perry Hospital FoundationDear EditorMy lovely wife recently threw an amazing birthday party for me and quite a few people came over to join inPlease send us your letters, maximum of WE WANT TO the festivity.250 words. Be aware that we cannot publishHEAR FROM Later that night a few people decided they shouldntnegative letters about individuals or businesses.YOU!be driving and did the smart thing by finding anSubmit to: focus@focusonscugog.com alternative way home.Upon returning the next day to get their vehicles my friends found a parking ticket on their windshield. Not a nice start to their Sunday morning! Can the Scugog parking ticket police not find a little common sense and courtesy and realize that maybe someone has left their car on the side of the road for a good reason?CLOSEDPapas Pizza Land, at 1874 Scugog St., Port With zero snow around or in the forecast what is thePerry, closed their doors mid November.need to penalize someone for doing the right thing? Obviously they wouldnt be obstructing any snowplows.NEW - The Mortgage Centre, owner Danny Bell, AMP, I would hope Scugog Township resources could behas opened his office at 250 Queen St., Port Perry, in the better directed than to have someone get up on a Sundaysame location as the Scugog Chamber of Commerce.morning and go around writing tickets.Maybe they could start by handing out somepleaseunnecessary noise tickets for the people withPlease make us aware of who is opening, movingunnecessarily loud exhaust systems? or closing in Scugog, by submitting the information TELLThanks, to us at: focus@focusonscugog.com US.Scott Hear22FOCUS - JANUARY 2023'