b'Thank you, Thank You Scugog!!We accepted 485 purses this year and are so very grateful!A huge thank you to all families, friend groups, Port Perry Girl Guides unit, Hope Church, New Song ChurchPortPerry,GreenbankChurch,Seagrave Church,smallbusinesses,individuals,PortPerry High School PLP class and strangers who donated!Thank you to the wonderful committee members, who wrote cards, bagged purses, picked up, delivered and sorted purses over the past couple of months. A special thank you to Jen Hobbs, Nicole Probst, Heidi Davies, Grace Davies, MaryAnn Fleming and Jill Edwards for overseeing the drop off boxes- this is a HUGE job!! ThankyouRightatHomeRealty,NorthEnd Fitness & Training and Focus on Scugog for housing drop off boxes and dealing with all the foot traffic as a result! Thank you Angel Freedman, Fill a Purse founder for your support throughout and to Laurel Price for helping to coordinate all donation drop offs.485 A difference has been made in Port Perry area and PURSES it was most definitely a community effort.Jennifer Sawyer, Grace Sawyer admires the almost 500 purses collected this year. Special to Focus on ScugogThe Year to $42.97Boosts CellularRejuvenate! Energy ProductionAfter the exhaustion of the last few years, were inspired to move forward stronger then ever.How we gain incredible energy and longevity is $29.97 not a secret anymore!Helps maintainOn Saleproper muscle function all month$16.47Helps prevent vitamin D180 Mary St. Port Perry905-985-0861deficiency Monday - Friday 10am - 6pmSaturday 10am - 5pm FOCUS - JANUARY 202313'