b'Do you love Bridge? Camilles Closet updateDear Editor Dear EditorThe Scugog Ladies Marathon Hospital Bridge ClubCamilles Closet is about to enter the tenth year of A basketful of thanks would like to invite new and experienced bridge playersbusiness and we want to recognize and thank our most Dear Editor to join our fun group. generous donors without whom we would not have Thanks so much to Otter Greenhouses that is a familyOur main focus is to raise monies for the Port Perrybeen able to contribute almost a half a million dollars run business.In addition to selling beautiful plantersHospitalour group has been donating to the Porttowards the betterment of our hospital.and everything associated with gardening, they have aPerry Hospital since 1985 and over the years we haveAs we go forward, we realize that a few things need draw each year and the winner receives a huge hangingdonated over $49,500. to be adjusted and we are asking your help. basket.I was the lucky person this year and I wish toWe play approximately 12 games in members homesThe space for storage and display is limited as well as thank them for that and also for their support of localfrom September to the end of April. Schedules are set bythe physical ability of our volunteers, so we are asking schools, churches and other community organizations. our members and quite flexible. for donors to be more selective.If you are interested or have further questions andWe still need good quality, clean, newer or classic Lynn Hoeyare a pair or a single player, please contact me via emailstyle items of clothing. We want to be allergen-free, at scugoghospitalbridge@gmail.com. so please donate clothing and linens free of perfume/What wonderful service! Best, Donna Ankrett, President smoke odours or pet dander/hair. For housewares, incomplete sets of dishes are Double Thumbs Up! Scugog Ladies Marathon Hospital Bridge Club acceptable but glasses and mugs should be in sets of at Dear Editor least two.When the arm of my glasses was broke in mid June, Small appliances should be clean and in working I went to Port Perry Optical on 305 Queen Street. Many local businesses supporting order.I didnt expect it to be fixed right away, but to myour hospital Please call ahead 905-985-9522 if you have more than amazement, Brock Reville fixed it and for free of chargeDear Editor three bags/boxes so our volunteers are prepared. too. Port Perry Hospital Foundation would like toCamilles Closet(the Auxiliary) eagerly looks I was awed and am so thankful that we have anacknowledge some pretty special local businesses. forward to serving you for many years to come.exceptional business outlet in Port Perry that looks afterBrent and Jacqueline Herrington repeated HerringtonsJeannie Muir on behalf of the Closet Admin Teamtheir clients. Thanks again Mr. Reville. For Goodness Steak this summer for the second time, Blessings, Arfia Tanamas raising $7,400 for the Foundation.Pharmacist Doug Brown celebrated his 25th anniversary serving the Scugog community with a Local business supporting our youth donation of $5,000 from Pharmacy Associates of Port Dear Editor Perry; challenging the community to match with their Thank you to David Brooker, owner of Envoydonation and match it they did, for a total result of Business Services, for his wonderful support of the BYC- $12,689.Building Youth Capacity organization. His generosityBranching Out included a benefit to the Foundation in supporting the young entrepreneurs of the BYC, whoas part of their Mothers Day promotion and Port are selling their wares at our own Farmers Market, wasPerrys annual Antique Car Show, Roar by the Shores, both a surprise and a most welcome vote of support.supported both PPH Foundation and Big Brothers Big Thank you Mr. Brooker. Sisters North Durham this year.Martha Casson, BYC Board Member Kindness and commitment to health care for the community - that is what these donations are about.Thank you to these local businesses and the many members of our community who supported their efforts.Support like this continues to enhance the high standard of care at Port Perry Hospital.PC and Mac Please show these caring local businesses that what REPAIRS they do matters by supporting them whenever youSpyware/Virus are able.Rachel Agnoluzzi,REMOVAL CEO, Port Perry Hospital Foundation Data RECOVERYHome and Of\x1fce Visits Available Please send us your letters, maximum of 250 words. Be aware that 905-985-0568 we cannot publish negative letters about individuals or businesses.info@majortech.ca Submit to: focus@focusonscugog.com SERVING SCUGOG & UXBRIDGE TOWNSHIPS6 FOCUS - AUGUST 2019'