b'Tours of Amsterdams Red Light District will soon not be available. Entry to Viennas Schonbrunn is very restricted.The New Europe(continued from page 39) WhileinPrague,Iwouldsuggestarideontherecently the famous photo op of the castle (crowds permitting), but dolaunched tram 23. Along with tram 22, the cars are from the not miss your entry time. Once reservations sell out for the day,nostalgic 1960s era, and run from the centre of town, across thats it. If you get there early enough you may be able to buythe river to Prague Castle.tickets, but remember 2020 is the year of the Passion Play andDue to a huge increase in river cruise traffic tickets to the crowds are expected to be huge. Hungarian Parliament buildings sell out early. If you plan to visit, Renovations on Amsterdams Anne Frank house are nowand are not on a cruise, go to www.parlament.hu (please note complete. Tickets go on sale two months in advance, so planthe spelling) and reserve your entry.early. You can try the Dutch Renaissance Museum. It is very in- New changes in reservations include the Auschwitz Muse-teresting and never crowded. The Van Gogh Museum, directlyum in Krakow, where reservations must be made in advance. behind the Rijksmuseum, has a new ticketing system, wherebySchindlersFactoryMuseum(alsoinPoland)haslengthy every visitor must book a specific entry time slot. ticket lines, but if you visit the information office in the old town If you are visiting Prague, you will be happy to know thatsquare, you can book entry times in advance. Viennas Schn-the seven year renovation of the National Museum is finallybrunn Palace is also experiencing lengthy lineups and specific complete. Admission also includes access to the cupola at theentry times, but if you visit www.schoenbrunn.at, you can buy a top, overlooking the magnificent city from Wenceslas Square.Sisi combo ticket, which allows you to enter the palace without reserved entry times (again, please note the website spelling).I have found that research is essential these days, if you are travelling, especially to Europe. Rules change daily, and being prepared will make for a much more enjoyable trip.Jonathan van Bilsen is an award-winning photographer, published author, columnist and keynote speaker. Follow his adventures at photosNtravel.comTRAVEL TIP: Starting January 1st, 2020, guided tours of Amsterdams Red Light District will be banned. Tourists can still stroll through the narrow streets, but hefty fines will be imposed on anyone taking photos or harassing sex workers. You will experience very long lineups at Bavarias NeuschwansteinOver 19 million visitors will take tours of the Red Light District and Hohenschwangau Castles. in 2019, impeding the commercial element of the proprietors.Choose from over 20 different escorted toursfrom 4 - 21 days.TICO #4577532MC158 Casimir St., Port Perry905-985-2268jeanscott@marlintravel.ca40 FOCUS - AUGUST 2019'