b'ITS AUGUST, and the last thing you want to thinkis in good shape. So, even if you arent in the mood about is home maintenance. Even though it maytotacklesomeoftheprojectsthatneeddoing, be humid and hot, August is still the time to startkeepongoinghomeandpropertymaintenance thinking about the fall and making sure your homemanageable with the help of our local businesses.EXCAVATION Award-winning designs SERVICES Livia Tymon is a Certi\x1f ed Landscape Designer. She Rock WallsSeptic Systems is a member of Landscape Ontario and has won Contracting Inc. GradingDemolition dozens of Awards of Excellence in the Landscape Building Custom Homes in the Durham Region for 30 Years! Industry. She is currently studying to become a Certi\x1f ed Landscape Professional and The Design Coalition was recently invited to submit for the Cauciat ian International Design Awards.HomAes sBo n iladdeirosnThe Design Coalition has been serving home owners in the GTA and Muskoka since 2000. Designing residential landscapes and offering the most high end 3D Visual Presentations. Her clients 905-439-4821 (Tyler) experience a virtual tour of their project prior to www.weis ockcontracting.com construction. The design packages are inclusive offering everything from the survey and site assessment, base plan, site plans, concepts, virtualOVERRIDGE YOUR presentations and plant plans.ONE STOP SHOP!MAKE The Design Coalition416-436-2906See our ad on page 29.www.aquaticweedroller.com The Aquatic Weed Roller can be used by many different users; cottage owners, pond owners, along lakeshores and swimming beach areas, dock owners and campgrounds. At \x1f rst sight the Aquatic weed roller has a very aggressive manner, Overridge Fireplaces iswith 3 sets of very durable blades cutting and ripping out weeds, chara and algae. The main your local Napoleon expert.roller with the cutting blades on it is about 24 wide and weighs only 20 lbs. Fireplaces, Furnaces, While the aquatic weed roller is busy cutting A/C, Barbecues and tearing out weeds it is also helping to create a softer sludge layer on the bottom. By exposing the sludge and sediment on the bottom and mixing in more oxygenated water you speed up decomposition of the muck and sediment. This also helps natural bacteria to BBQ in\x1f ltrate the sediment and again speed up sludge PROMO decomposition.ON NOW! For more information contact: Emma Roefs at:905-440-6515170 Casimir St., Port Perry www.pondperfections.comSee our ad on page 28.905-985-0715www.overridge\x1f replace.caFOCUS - AUGUST 201925'