b'50 years later and GeorgeSame idea, different uniform Skerratt can still almost fit intofrom back in the days.his uniform.Rob went back to school to train as a computer techni-cian, and then built custom homes in Port Perry and then he became a pastor. Don operated a local taxi ser-vice in Port Perry and later went into real estate. Brian worked at Flamingo Pastries, drove a transport truck Still looking good after 50 years. Some of the Brignalls Ambulance Service men met up at Haugens Chicken & Ribs early July 2019 forand a school bus, as well as working at GM.the first time since those good old days.Going around the table from L-R; Bob Holtby, Wayne Kyle, Mike Benns, Brian Holtby, They laughed about the time that Bob fired his buddy Bob DeShane, George Skerratt and Don Harper. Mike because he refused to clean the hearse! Mike was Brignalls (continued from page 3) ready to move on anyway, and he then spent 30 years at GM. Then there was the time that a lo- taken to hospital to be treated for atogether. There were no pagers or cellBobendedupstayinginthebusiness,operating caldoctorwantedtoexperienceanbrokenankle.Thegirlfriend,whophones back then for communication,successful ambulance services in Scugog and Lindsay.An Exhibit Created by:ambulanceridetoseewhatitwaswasintoxicatedtoo,cuddleduptojust home phones. One day, CharlieGeorge, now a realtor, previously worked as a medic for likeforthepatients.SirenwailingGeorge during the trip. She kept get- couldnttrackdownanyone,soheBob.and lights flashing, with the pedal toting closer and closer to me, he re- asked Wayne, who was a customer,I give credit to Charlie for everything I ended up the metal, the Doc had a wild ride.calls, thinking, This isnt a bad job! if blood bothered him? He answered,with at the end of the day, said Bob. He praised Charlie Apparentlyhecommented,DontEvery time they attended a call atNo.Nextthingheknew,Waynefor helping to form the Ontario Ambulance Operators go with these guys! The drive will killthe nursing home, they would jokewaswearingawhitecoatandgo- Association. In October of 1990, when the new ambu-you! about smelling Campbells soup! ing out on his first ambulance call!lance base opened on Reach Road, it was dedicated to GeorgeremembersbeingoncallOne time the Brignalls crew sur- MikeandWaynebothstartedwithCharles Brignall Jr. Village HoursandtheAmbulanceEmergencyprisedthepolicebecausethesameBrignalls in 1965. CharlieandsomeofhisformeremployeeshaveOpen daily from 10:00 am - 4:00 pmCalls Only phone line didnt ring forguys who came to the rescue of a manWayne ended up joining the OPPpassed away. But the memories live on. And the guysuntil August 30thfive days. Then he got summoned towho drove into Lake Scugog, cameand had a 26-year career as a policewho attended the reunion at Haugens really enjoyed Scugog Island where an intoxicatedback later with a tow truck to drag theofficer. reminiscing. General Admissionmotorcyclist and his girlfriend werecar out of the water. The members of Brignalls old crewIt was great, said Bob. Adults - $5.00Students - $4.00involved in an accident. The man wasTwo guys had to go out on a callwentontopursuevariouspaths.By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Seniors - $2.75Children (5-12) - $2.00 Children 4 & Under - FreeRepairs and Service Vehicle Certifi cationsCHECK OUTMon.-Fri. 8am - 6pmSat. 8am - 2pm *OUR AIR* Closed Saturdaysmuseum@scugog.caCONDITIONINGthrough August (only) SPECIALS! to enjoy the16210 Island Road, Port Perrysummer weekends!ALIGNMENTSBRAKESTUNE UPSEXHAUST 905-985-8698ext 1031511 Reach Street, Port Perry905-985-1999 www.scugog.ca/museuminfo@portperryautomotive.comwww.portperryautomotive.comFOCUS - AUGUST 20195'