b'WANTED Vision Changes in the Older EyePEOPLE WITH HEARING LOSS As we age, we notice our eyes are subject to age-related changes. Some changes we notice are Who Want to Try a Revolutionary Hearing Device Are you looking for home mobilitysensitivity to glare, needing 3-4 times more light to see, products?Read on! more time for vision to adjust between bright light and Silver Cross Durham is your go-to source fordark, trouble judging depth perception, focusing up FREE mobility products including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts,close, telling certain colours apart. These symptoms 14 Daywheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, ceiling lifts andare part of natural aging.Trial bath safety products.However, you should contact your eye doctor ifPre-planning and pre-paying your Locally owned and operated, we take care to provideyou notice; sudden eye pain, sudden hazy, blurred, orfuneral is one of the most thoughtful the best advice, along with expert installation anddouble vision, flashes of light or sudden bright floating spots, rainbows or halos around lights, floating spidergifts you can give to your family.reliable service. We are an authorized ADP vendor forwebs, a feeling like a curtain coming down over one wheelchairs and walkers and we offer assistance witheye or a cup filling up with ink in one eye, itching,Its easy.Anyone can do it.funding sources and third party financing options.burning, or a heavy discharge in the eye or a sudden We service Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering and thechange in vision. These symptoms can be a sign of surrounding area.something serious to your eye or overall health.Your hearing difficulties couldCall us to set up a free in-home assessment or visit ourBrock Reville, OpticianOwner Port Perry Optical2.5cm be caused by damaged hearingshowroom at 850 King St. W., to try our demonstratorPort Perry Optical hair cells inside your inner earworking stair lifts.305 Queen Street, Port Perry(cochlea). When damage occurs1-800-659-0668 Silvercrossstores.com.905-985-9388 Myles ORiordan Mark Fletcherin the high-frequency areas ofSilver Cross www.portperryoptical.com FUNERAL DIRECTOR FUNERAL DIRECTORthe cochlea (where consonants are heard), speech850 King Street W., Oshawa OWNER PRE-ARRANGEMENT COUNSELORmay sound garbled and comprehension may become905-668-8560See our ad on inside front cover.difficult. The right hearing aid could help you improvewww.silvercrossstores.com 216 Queen Street, Port Perry - 905-985-2171your comprehension. 1-800-377-9139www.waggfuneralhome.comHear the difference hearing aids can make. Try theSee our ad on page 15.latest advanced or premium digital hearing aids for 14 days, risk-free. Our hearing experts will perform a FREE hearing assessment and fit you with hearing aids suitedTaking the Right Stepto your loss. Theres no cost or obligation to participate. With almost 2 months of summer weather under ourinjuries as well as orthotic options including ones feet, people have been putting away their shoes andthat fit in certain types of sandals.Now FREE Trial offer expires on September 30th 2019. Southgate Dental opting for flip-flops and sandals. Dr. John TompkinCall Today!calls this sore foot season as he sees an increase inNatural Health AssociatesTesting Call to book your FREE appointment or book yourDr. Smochko D.D.S, MUDr. foot pain related to poor shoe wear.126-2 Water Street, Port Perryappointment online at: HearingLife.ca/FSCG Dr. John offers foot treatments for conditions like905-985-8591Dental health is very important forPlantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis and various ankleSee our ad on page 15. Port Perry | 257 Queen Street your overall health.Call Lianne at 1-855-800-3741 We offer a FREE consultation to improve your smile and evaluate any problems. PORT PERRY PHARMACY PORT PERRY WALK IN CLINICNorth St Nicole Pottinger,Contact our team today to schedule anNOW OPENJohn St Reg. AHIPappointment or ask a question and we209 Queen Street, Port PerrySimcoe St Queen St Perry StHearing InstrumentYour Local Drug StoreJohn St Canada Specialist will be pleased to help! 209 Queen Street, Port PerryOn Site Nurse AssessmentGeneral InquiriesMary St905-985-2231 / fax 905-985-0165 Prescription Re\x1f llsFast ef\x1f cient serviceNo Appointment Needed / No Referral Needed20% DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS We work for you for better health care.Dentures, Crowns, Bridges 10% Senior / Student DiscountsEVERYDAYSave $2 on ODB co-payment Mon-Fri: 10-4 Sat: 10-3Closed SundaysTRUSTED PARTNER OF Free medication consultationFree delivery PORT PERRY PHARMACYTM 14500 Simcoe St. South Custom compoundingUnit #4 Port Perry No fee compliance packages Your Local Drug Store* Trial valid until September 30th, 2019 and is subject to change without notice. No-cost(South Gate Plaza) Fast and easy prescription transfer hearing tests are provided to adults ages 19 and older. A fee will apply for a copy of your209 Queen Street, Port Perry audiogram. Child hearing tests are conducted at select locations for a fee, please contact us for more information. Offer not valid in Quebec. {1} https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid- Mon-Fri: 8-5Sat: 9-4 Closed Sundays 905-985-2231 / fax 905-985-0165users/hearing-aids/products/opn-s Promo Code 905-982-0134MAG-TBYB-FSCG16 FOCUS - AUGUST 2019'