b'Mayor Bobbie Drew had a heartwarmingBirgitta MacLeod painting on Perry St., speech to open the ceremonies alongsidewhile instructing the others on how to get organizer Steve Caldwell. started. Painting in the shade.People who Sunday June 23 HootPHOTOS BY MARYANN FLEMINGgave aHospicefor125hootiespickedupapaintbrushonPerrySt.and paintedanowlinmemoryofCarleyAnneCaldwell. Step by step instructions were given by five artists. Approximately $40,000 was raised on this day to go to Oak Ridges Hospice and the Scugog Council for the Arts!A BIG HOOT TO EVERYONE!PHOTOS COURTESY OF LORI BOWERSNEWCorrectionLast month we mentioned that Emily Mark moved from Zaps Hair Studio at 181 Perry St., to Botanical Beauty Bar at 80 Casimir St., which should have in fact read 180 Casimir St. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. NEWThe Cannabis Connoisseur opened their doors at 1874 Scugog St., Port Perry.RE-OPENEDunder new management, Coach House Studio at 605 Regional Road 21 in Utica, have opened the doors again.MOVINGScugog Chamber of Commerce and Durham College Employment Resource Centre and Durham Farm Fresh are moving early this month from 84 WaterBirgitta MacLeod does the finishing touches on the owl.St., Port Perry to 250 Queen St., Port Perry (formerly Inclusive Advisory).Also joining them is the Business Improvement Association (BIA) who were previously at 181 Perry St., Unit G1, Port Perry.MOVINGBy mid-August, Garys Custom Exhaust and Auto will have moved from their location at 1511 Reach St., Unit 3, to their new, larger digs at 131 Northport Rd., Units 5 & 6, Port Perry.UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP Ultramar at 15829 Simcoe St. S, Port Perry has changed ownership as Paul and Giselle Flieler have retired. Welcome new owner Vincent George.To make us aware of who is opening, moving or closing in Scugog, submit information to: focus@focusonscugog.com Participants show their versions of the owl painting. Well done!24FOCUS - AUGUST 2019'