b'My head went from enjoyable toofwhatthe y-byMaverickdidoverhead and were headed back to by Deborah Jones Finotti,OMG.InthedistanceIcouldhearin theTop Gun,1986 movie (whichthe CNE.Not sure if this is true, but Advertising Representative,the rumble of jets and I just knew Iis something I always wanted to do),we heard they were paying tribute to Focus on Scugog needed to see this. I told Ivo I was go- before landing on the carrier.a colleague who had lost his life, by ing to check this out and left! I walkedSince moving to Toronto in 1981doing ay-by.(ran) right up to that red line in de - wehavemissedveryfewoftheI cannot explain the adrenalin rush ance, and really wanted to go further,Canadian International Air Shows onI experience when I hear the engines, but I didnt.After all I had been giventhe September long weekend, and yethowever I will say, when I saw the permission to attend and didnt wantwe had an unexpected pleasure a fewmovieTop Gun Mavericka few weeks MEMORIalto be kicked out at this point. I alsoyearsbackwhenwewerenotableagoitbroughtitallback.Iwould saw the dessert selection and reallyto attend.We were out on our deckde nitely go see this movie again. MEMORIES needed to get back to that. havinglunchandIstartedtohearI think I missed my calling.Thatiswhenithappened,youthe roar of the engines.I thought, nowe had a great rapport with his boss- sheetofthedonots,andonewassee when an F16 is landing you hearit cant be, but it was, two F16sewDeborahWhenIfoundoutthemovieTopes boss and his assistant. I was toldNO PHOTOGRAPHY.As we headedit but not really, its when it touches GunMaverick wasinproductionIthey would try and make it happen,back from our walk, Lisa, the assistantdown and then takes oagain, the was thrilled. Then I was very disap- however there was a security processcame up to us waving my passportthrust of the engines are exhilarating, pointedbecauseduetoCOVIDitthat needed to be followed and highlyand some paperwork. I was in!It wasand you actually see the white behind wouldnt be released until 2022.Butunlikely. I gave my passport to themall thanks to her boss who I later foundthe engines. I truly had died and gone once I knew it was in the theatres,for the security check and waited. Theout pulled some strings. I will alwaysto heaven! I was so mesmerized by we went! I absolutely love the roar ofdinnerwastwonightsawayandIbe eternally grateful. this I didnt see the gentlemen come the engines and the theatre was notwasfeelingverydiscouraged.Lisa,We left at 4 p.m. and everyone wasupbesideme.Youknowtheste- Patrick Bennett a disappointment, the acoustics werethe secretary who had submitted allbussedbytwoGreyhounds,Ithinkreotype, tall, good-looking and in a amazing,andtheseatsactuallyvi- the paperwork for this function, toldit took less than an hour to get there.uniform! He had four stripes on eachReal Estate Lawyerbrated with the volume of the noise.me it had taken two months for herThen waited for security to check ussleeve, I have no idea of his rank, but I have a memory stamped in mysecurity checks to come back, and aagain to be accepted through the gates.he was certainly impressive. (He did(905) 620-4499 ext 222brain going back three decades ago.few had been rejected for various rea- The buses let us disembark near atell me his rank and name, but I dont Myhusband,Ivoworkedforansons.Also, with mine being Canadianlarge hangar where the reception wasremember it) I just hope he didnt seepbennett@mbjlawyers.comAmerican company that once a yearit could take longer.She recalled Ivosgoing to be held, butwe wereme as a child in a candy shop, becauserst held a user group meeting in di er- and the few other Canadian employ- given a tour of the planes that werethats how I felt!ent locations around the world, andees paperwork had taken a few extranear this area. They were amazing toWe talked for a bit, he asked ques-spouses were allowed to accompany.weeks. I was resigned to the fact I wassee so close. I was drawn right awaytions and I did the same. I did tell him ThisparticularyearitwasinDelgoing to see some art gallery and thento the furthest plane; I was sure it wasI must have been apilot in aghter Coronado,anislando thecoastdinner near a beach.As you can see,an F16 and I was correct. The majoritypreviouslife,orwiththetechnology ofCalifornia,nearSanDiego.SanI cant remember the art gallery, andof the planes had a ladder beside thetoday perhaps in my next one.He ex-Diego is the U.S. Navys largest baseI am sure if I had not heard aboutwing, allowing you to climb up andplained the six pilots were on a training on the west coast and home base toMiramar I would have been thrilled,get a glance of the interior, I did a fewprogramandtheywerenottohave the Paci c Fleet. It can homeport 54as I do like exploring the local sites.laddersbutunfortunatelyitwasnttheir tires touch the ground but get close ships.I mention this because you canIn the meantime, I soaked up theclose enough for me. Also, to myto just skimming it. This was training tour one or two of their carriers andspectacular ambiance of this majesticdisappointment there was no ladderfor them to be able to touch down on a see the F16 on theiright deck. I amDel Coronado Hotel. It has been thebeside the F16.They had lines paint- carrier; if they did not get close enough in my element when I walk aboard.backdroptomanyamovie,Diveedacrossthegroundandweweresomethingwithinthecockpitwould Everyone has their thing and mineBomber(1941),Some Like It Hot(1959)told not to cross the red line, it was o alert them and then they needed to take isthepowerbehindthesemagni - with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmonlimits and could result in having tooagain. This is when he said, lets get centghters.and Tony Curtis, and many more.Inleave the base.At the red line I couldcloser and you will see, and I followed Uponarrival,Ivowasgivenhisthe lower level where they have allsee the runway in the near distance,like a lost puppy!itineraryandapparentlytherewasthe shops, (which are lined in deepand some smaller planes were touch- The next 30 minutes will forever adinnerforonlytheemployees.cherrywood,atleast30yearsagoing down and then taking oagain.be imprinted in my brain.We were Spouses were not invited to this one.theywere)theyhavephotosandGreat to see and hear the engines, butclose enough that I was able to see They had set up a tour and dinner formemorabilia of di erent movies, andI had thought I would get to see theone of the co-pilots (if that is what the the spouses elsewhere. That was whenthe big screen Hollywood stars thatreal planes doing the same. one sitting behind the pilot is called) I saw where his dinner was going tohad stayed there.We were asked to please go intosalute the gentleman beside me. On be. Miramar. ThedayoftheMiramardinner,the hangar for the reception and en- threeoccasionswhentheF16was Miramar was formerly the NavalIvoandIwerestrollingthebeachjoy. I truly wanted to stay outside buttakingo againwecouldseeredBrooklinPort Perry Air Station Miramar and the site ofafter lunch and he was consoling me followed everyone in. It was a bu et, from the engines and the roar79 Baldwin St N229 Mary St.re the real Top Gunschool madebecause at this point, I just knew itso once we had our food in hand andwas amazing, he told me they wereBrooklin ON L1M 1A4Port Perry ON L9L 1B7ight famous by the originalTop Gunmoviewasntgoingtohappen.Iknewhefound our seats, it was great. Theyshowingo becausetheyshouldTel (905) 620-4499 www.mbjlawyers.com Tel (905) 985-4141in 1986. Needless to say, I was obsessedcouldnteventakepicturesforme.were playing music from the big band notbedoingthat,notjustforfuel with going.This is when it helps thatSeparatefromhisitinerarywasaera and it was very enjoyable. but noise as well.It reminded me FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202245'