b'Connecting, Collaborating, Creatingin Scugog pARTicipate for FREE!Creative people often do their work in isolation, be it writing, memorizing lines or painting. They get together with others for editing, input, rehearsals and group projects, and while these activities help create thenal book, play, concert or artwork, those creative types seem like silos inelds. Theatre goers, concert audiences, workshop attendees, museum bu s, gallery hounds and book club mavens may alsond that they dont participate in a broad cross-section of the arts and culture scene and may even drill down a passion to follow one very speci c genre. And then there are times when connections between groups bring everyone together.Culture Days is one of those times! While its a national program, Culture Days is a celebration unique to each community where locals bring ideas and activities speci c to what they do and of their place. Scugog Arts has been Scugogs lead organizer of Culture Days since its inception and many others have continuously added to the vibrancy of the event (Im talking about you Theatre on the Ridge, Scugog Spinners & Weavers,OUR HUB VENUESMississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, META4, and ScugogerformShores Museum). For 2022, the collaboration has expanded,Queen Street between Water St and Perry St e P a nspilling out onto Queen Street in Port Perry and into the eveningOld Flame Brewing Co. i v c ewith the Port Perry Street Party with live music and beer tentScugog Memorial Public Library L sorganized and funded by the BIA. The Street Party all goes downLavender-Blufrom late afternoon into the eveningits free so raise your11 am: Pop Uparms, clap your hands and shue your feet. (yahll have to buy your own libations in the beer tent - rules being rules). ThereTheatrewill be other bustling hubs of activity at Old Flame BrewingTours k s hops & D e 12 pm: IndigenousCo., Scugog Memorial Public Library, and Lavender-Blu. r mCulture Days is free - created to give the public the chanceo o Drumming Groupto experience arts and culture in new ways. For years ScugogLavender Blu Eco W sartists, actors and musicians have provided demonstrations,2 pm: Jessica Salvoperformances and activities without compensation, whileGarden & Studio Paint a Simple Tree 2 pm: The Story ofvolunteers got it all organized. Scugog Arts slowly built upOld Flame Brewery Fishing Derby Samuel Stoutfunding, including donations by the MSIFN and partnershipsSide Roads of Scugog Letterpress Printmakingwith Durham Tourism, allowing us to pay honorariums, andSelf Guided Tour of 3 pm: Camperdownwith Canada Summer Jobs funding we hired event organizersFabulous Fossil Fun!each year. For 2022 we increased the budget dramaticallyPort Perry Chainmaillewith exceptional grants. Many thanks to Central CountiesDreamcatcher DemoTourism and Ontario Trillium Foundation. This allows us to better compensate arts professionals - and more of them - while still o ering great programs free to the public.So whats up for you to experience on September 24? Think about the cultural treasures we have in Scugog. I always love the crazy demo derbies at the Port Perry Fair, so last year Langilles Metal Recycling loaned us a wreck (well admit it looked pretty good, it just didnt run and was about to be scrapped), a volunteer towed it for us and people joined in painting it - right on Queen Street. No question we had to bring this event back! Another feature of our township is Lake Scugog40+ IN-PERSONandshing for bass. Our version of ashing derby involves a wading pool and woodensh you have a chance to win and paint.FREE Sat. Sept. 24, 2022, 10 am - 4 pmOr you can make your own fossil, strike a print on a letterpressONLINEand listen to live music (music runs 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.) events! September 23 - October 16, 2022Another cultural treasure are the drumming circles coming from the Mississaugas. Theyll take to the stage on Queen, where youll get both music and cultural stories. So come on out and experience this massive collaboration of culture and creativity. Special Thanks To:Courtesy of Marion Meyers16FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2022 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202217'