b'Town Hall Theatre302 Queen St., Port PerryPurchase tickets $50 at SEPTEMBER 24| 6 p.m. & 8 p.m. townhalltheatre.caThis concert is coordinated and managed by Phillip Nero a professionalPresented by DREAMCo and theatre actorChoreographer, who has been on the stage in Toronto,Rotary Club of Whitbyvarious locations in Canada and the U.S. He and his partner, Katie Hunter Neroalsoatheatreprofessional,andtheirdaughterhaveestablishedThere will be a pre-show reception DREAMCo to bring professional shows and training to Durham Region.before each performance.The evening will begin with localPhilliphasbeenabletotapintoCorryOBrianwhohasappeared singer,LubaLawryshynsingingtheother theatre professionals who wouldinCome From Away , DisneysMary Ukrainian National Anthem and somelike to support efforts to help the peo- Poppins ,A Chorus Line, Cabaretand Ukrainian dancers performing as well. ple of the Ukraine. They include: many others;Louse Camilleri with three decades Lifelong Resident 12 Year Councillor ofperformanceinmusicaltheatre, film, TV and commercials. In Toronto andNewYorkshehasbeenin Sophisticated Ladies, West Side StoryWilma Wotten andMamma Mia ;Mark Cassius who has been featured on Broadway in the original cast of forRagtime ,revivalsofRagtime and Shenandoah . He is also well known at MAYOR the Shaw and Stratford festivals for Vibrant DowntownHealthy LakeThriving Hamlets many roles;CynthiaSmithers,aTorontotalent who has been inAnnie, Mamma MiaCommitted Leadership and DevelopmentandChorus Line,to name just a few. ExperienceCommitmentLeadership She has performed across Canada and internationally. All actors and musicians are donat-The Starting their time to support this cause.To cultivate a community for all ages at all stages.The funds raised will be used to The Process sendmedicalsupplies/equipment totheUkraineviaourpharma-Through collaborative leadership that listens andceuticalpartner,HealthPartners responds.International. HPI is the focal point to which all pharmaceutical compa-The Action niesinCanadashipsoon-to-expire Please share your ideas with the candidatesgoods and rebranded goods to assist at any of these community chats.in countries outside of Canada. They provideacriticalmatchingservice Tuesday September 20, Greenbank Hall 7-8:30 p.m. togetmedicationstoprofessionals Thursday September 22, Caesarea Hall6:30- 8 p.m. wheretheyareneeded.Theyalso Thursday October 6, Sunnybrae Golf Club 7-8:30 p.m. ensure these products are not lost to the black market. But the real benefit The Result for us and the people of the Ukraine A more inclusive community,is they multiply the value of donated one were all proud to call home. funds by 6-8 times when compared withtheirstreetvalue.Theyhave Watch Facebook for other upcoming community chats. alreadyshippedsuccessfullywith partnershipswiththeairlinesand localmedicalcentreslikeSickKids wilma@xplornet.ca905-261-6607 Hospital. So $20,000 becomes about $150,000 in medications. Wilma Wotten for Mayor Dayana Gomez, from HPI, will be at the concert to speak to their work. 8FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2022'