b'THE ARTIST WITHIN: Memories of a Small TownHave you been in downtown Port Perry and ever stoppeddifferently. It occurred to me while walking downtown, I needed to look up? The intricacy of the brickwork on the buildings isto learn more about Port Perry.This is how my latest series Old truly astounding. Whoever laid those bricks took time and careand New: Buildings of Port Perry was born. We often walk past to create something truly special. I often stroll by these buildingsthese places but dont know much about them. I decided I needed and wonder how many people have passed through these doors.a history lesson! Thanks to Peter Hvidsten for helping with that! If these walls could talk, I imagine the stories theyd tell. Ive much more to learn but I know where to start.As an artist I am always looking at my surroundings a littleLauren Walker, Special to Focus on Scugog 50 Years of the Old MillThe first in my series is 50 Years of the Old Mill. I wanted to take this landmark and make it a little different. I couldnt decide whether to paint it in black and white or colour. Well why not do both? I had to decide how far back in time I wanted to go. I decided to use a reference photo from 1971, which features the Master Feeds store. Half my painting is dedicated to the past and half dedicated to the present. Ive completed five pieces in total which you can check out on my website or Facebook page. The truth is that I wanted to learn more about my community and in doing so, create something unique. Walking past these buildings I realize they hold really special memories for many people. Its not just a building; its where we share our lives. I started thinking about those who have passed through these doors over the last century. They must have shared special times within these walls. This is why Im reaching out to you.Strolling Through Time on Queen St.Now more than ever, feeling connection to those around us is so important. The purpose of my series is to pay homage to those in our community who have stepped through these doors and shared happy moments. This is what really connects our past to the present.My next goal is to write and publish a book called Memories of a small town but I need your help. The paintings in my series will be the backdrop. I encourage you to reach out and share personal stories of these places. Whether its a fond memory or a piece of history, please email theartistwithin86@gmail.com and share your thoughts. I want to create something for the community with the help of those who live here. Please check out the other pieces in my Old and New: Buildings of Port Perry series at: Website:theartist-within.weebly.com/facebook.com/ artistwithin86HAPPY PAINTING! The Artist WithinGIVE WHERE YOU LIVE DONATE MONTHLYMonthly giving is a sustainable way to help ensure compassionate care, innovation and, highest priority medical equipment at Port Perry Hospital.To learn more: Follow us on social media Visit our website Call 905-985-7321 ex 45580 or Email mshanksmarshall@lh.cawww.pphfoundation.caFOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202233'