b'THURSDAY NOVEMBER 36 p.m.Scugog Recreation CentreITS GOING TO BE A PARTY!Mayor Bobbie Drew is really looking forward to hosting the Mayors Gala for Charity on November 3, and tables are already being reserved.It will be a fun- lled night, Mayor Drew promises. Itsacelebrationofthecommunitycomingtogether again after the pandemic.Its also the last major event in Bobbie Drews career as an elected ocial. She has decided to retire after serv-ing on the school board and on municipal council for a combined total of 31 years in public service.Beautiful decorations andoral table centrepieces from BranchingOutwilltransformtheCommunityCentre intoafestivevenue.Thesemi-formaleveningwillget underway at 6 p.m. Attendees will enjoy a fabulous dinner catered by Mary Evans of Marys Country Kitchen. The talented Mallory McGrath and Sam Mo att will provide musical entertainment. Johnny Slon will serve as MC, and there will be live and silent auctions, plus draw prizes.Some of the prizes and auction items are going to be really big! Mayor Drew revealed.Proceeds from the gala will go to a trilogy of charities, which Mayor Drew described as close to her heartthe hospice, the hospital and the lake. nancial Oak Ridges Hospice requires ongoingsup-port to provide end-of-life care for people free of charge, Mayor Drew pointed out.Sheexplained,althoughthePortPerryHospital Foundation reached its fundraising goal for the CT scan-ner, donations are always needed to upgrade medical equipment,makehospitalstayspleasantandprovide services to the community.TheLakeScugogEnhancementProjectisthethird bene ciary. Since 2013, Mayor Drew has been working with the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee on short and long-term goals to improve the water qual-ity.TwoexamplesarereturningPortPerryBaytoa navigationaldepthandharvestingaquaticvegetation. Donations from the gala will help facilitate the next steps JOIN US ONfor improved lake health.Short videos about each of these charities will be pre-sented during the evening.WEEKENDS FORMayorDrewexpressedappreciationtothemany generous sponsors, and businesses that have provided LIVEMUSIC amazing prizes, for this once-in-a-lifetime special event.TicketsareavailableattheScugogtownshipoce 135 Perry Street, Port Perry orthroughEventbrite.Thereare400tickets,priced at$150perperson.Thereistheoptiontoreservea 289-485-2739 tableforeightforyouandyourfriends.Fortickets: oldflamebrewingco.caScugogMayorsCharityGala.eventbrite.comBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog10FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2022'