b'Corey HulowskiSALES REPRESENTATIVE LISA BELCOURTQuestions about Buyingandon a mission forKMs for CCDSelling in the Fall Market? 8 Days of Wellness FundraiserLet your Local Partner In Real EstateSeptember 24 - October 9keep you up to date! Sixteenyearsago,LisaBelcourtstumbledacrossa Community Care Durham (CCD) flyer inviting people to participate in the inaugural COPE Walk for Mental Call Corey today! HealthAwareness.Littledidanyoneknowthen,but 905.903.1976 Lisas chance discovery of that flyer would result in thou-sands of sponsorships and more than $30,000 raised.I couldnt believe they wanted volunteers to fund-raise. I thought, I can do that. I love fundraising, its fun, Lisa said.Lisas fundraising talents have made her CCDs top fundraiserforthepast15years.Todaytheeventhas morphed into KMs for CCD, 8 Days of Wellness that encouragesparticipantstowalk,rollorcycletoraise Serving Port Perry &funds for CCD. Money raised will help the organization to continue providing services for individuals who have Surrounding Areas needs related to aging, physical, and or mental health, and those who care for them. The online fundraiser will begin on September 24 and run until October 1. Registrants will have the option of participating virtually, any time, any place throughout the 8 days, or in-person at Purple Woods Conservation on October 1.The name and format of the event may have changed overtheyearsbutnotLisasfundraisinggoals.Last year she was the top individual fundraiser bringing in $2,491.50. So far this year shes on track to beat that goal. She started early and plans to continue right up until the start of the event on Sept. 24.I was getting bored, so I thought, okay, lets go and do some fundraising, she said.She said fundraising for CCD is important because it gives her satisfaction in knowing shes helping people. I love helping other people. I put myself on the backburner SATURDAYand I help other people. 8AM-2PM Lisa said she is looking forward to participating in the 3km portion of KMs for CCD and getting to meet people SERVING PORT PERRY &at the finale event, taking place at Purple Woods.SURROUNDING COMMUNITIESShe said she teases her mom by saying shes going to AND BEYOND WITH FRESH &quit and not participate in the fundraiser anymore. LOCALLY-GROWN PRODUCE,Sometimes I tell her I want to quit but I keep doing ARTISAN FOODS AND CRAFTS . it, she said with a smile.Were happy Lisas just joking. Being the top fund-raiser 15 years running, shed be missed.PORTPERRYFARMERSMARKET.CA Participantscanregisteratcommunitycaredurham.QUEEN & WATER ST.on.ca/kmsforccd and record their progress and follow PORT PERRY the progress of their peers or teams. There will be prizes for the top fundraisers and great fundraising incentives. All participants will receive a FREE T-shirt.30FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2022'