FOCUS MARCH 2018 19 3 9 10 4 5 6 7 8 Q: What do you see as your major future challenge? A: “The major challenge is the fact that the hospital ex- perienced a fire last summer, and it is now closed until Labour Day weekend, 2018. I don’t have the opportunity to walk through the halls and talk to the staff about their needs and feel the pulse of the hospital. I have to glean this in conversations rather than be immersed in it. This is also an opportunity for us to look at the renovation program and equipment requirements without disrupting patient care. Insurance covers the fire damage 100%.” Q: How does last year’s fire at the hospital impact cur- rent fundraising efforts? A: “The restoration allows us to pursue projects on the radar which do not fall under insurance. We plan to re- fresh the New Life Centre, which had tiny doorways and needed new showers. Our goal is to purchase $500,000. in modern equipment for the New Life Centre, such as eight panda warmers which provide temperature and humidity control for newborns. We hope to acquire eight pandas, at a cost of $25,000. each. This week I am looking into SMART IV pumps. The in-patient pharmacy also needs to be remodelled. Our priority is to have an up-to-date facil- ity, providing the best patient care possible.” Q: What is the benefit of the temporary location of the PPHF office at 246 Queen St.? A: “Having a storefront on the main street of Port Perry gives us great exposure while the hospital is closed. People drop in and I am pleased to have the opportunity to intro- duce myself and get to know them. I encourage people to stop by and say “Hi” to Ann Florence, the long-time foun- dation officer and myself. The other benefit of being on the main street is that the shopping doesn’t get any better!” Q: Are you a resident of Scugog Township? A: “Not yet! I am a resident of Georgina, but Port Perry has always had a special place in my heart, and it was always a vision of mine to move in this direction at some point in the future. Then I saw this great opportunity to work with the PPHF and this could be the stars aligning. It may be the right time for my husband (of 27 years) and I to move, since our two adult children are finding their way in the world and leaving the nest.” Q:What alternate career may you have enjoyed pursuing? A: “I’m in my 50s now, but if I was still 25 years old, I may have pursued a career as a yoga instructor. I enjoy practicing yoga, which strengthens the body and brings harmony to your being. I have done a little teaching.” Q: What else would you like to share about yourself? A: “One thing that’s very true about ‘being Rachel’ is that with everything I do, I am steady. It makes me proud that I take my commitments to my family, community and work, very seriously and I’m proud to be a connector be- tween people needing help and people wanting to help.” Q: What can people do to help the Port Perry Hospital Foundation? A: “Donate today! Drop by the office and share why the local hospital is so important to you. Contact Ann at 905-985-4356 or go online: to contribute. The people of Port Perry are known for their tremendous generosity. Last week I met Dana of Dana’s Goldsmithing who donated a cheque with the proceeds of her snowflake sales. Dana has raised thousands of dollars for the hospital foundation over the years. It’s incredible!” Q: Are there any special fundraising events coming up? A: “The ‘Your Hospital, Your Future’ campaign is on- going. I’ve been involved in Dragonboat festivals for 15 years, and I have been asked to steer and cheer in the Dragonboat Festival on Lake Scugog on June 16. The pro- ceeds will go towards the Port Perry Hospital Foundation and the Scugog Lake Stewards – to support the health care of people and the health of the lake! The best way to help is to get a team together to participate, or sponsor a Dragonboat team.” By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog 1511 Reach St., Unit 2, Port Perry • 905-985-9292 What's that old saying .... 'Like father, like son'? Mark welcomes his son KALIDEN to the shop as an apprentice! WE HAVE EXPANDED OUR SHOP – TO SERVICE YOU AND YOUR VEHICLE BETTER! shop as an apprentice! But wait, there’s more! automotive ltd. New Year ... New Additions