FOCUS - OCTOBER 2018 27 Vote WARD 1 JOHN DEBONO Epsom I Greenbank Manchester Seagrave I Utica JOHN DEBONO • Live and Work in Ward 1 • Scugog Resident 30+ Years (22 on Scugog Island, 9 in Seagrave). • Successful Entrepreneur with Vision, Strong Management, Finance and Leadership Skills • Community and Environmentally Active • Collaboration • Communication (22 on Scugog Island, 9 in Seagrave). Vote for change. Vote for John. IS SCUGOG BETTER THAN IT WAS 4 YEARS AGO? CALL NOW 905 914 4570 tional workloads for the entire staff. Judith Sanders reminded us: “Re- member, there are 40 doctors and 120 employees at the MAPP.” John Blackett, a member of the maintenance staff commented, “wash- rooms normally are cleaned and serviced two times or more each day. With the extended hours, that sched- ule had to be carried out several times each day.” Another factor that had to be dealt with was the financing of the extra costs involved in running the programs. This was quickly resolved as Dr. Schurter, Steve Gray and the administration staff at MAPP worked diligently with Matt Anderson of Lakeridge Health and the officials at the Ministry of Health. Dr. Schurter added, “through the vision and cooperation of Matt Anderson we now have a more in- clusive outreach for the Port Perry facility. Thanks to the Ministry of Health, Lakeridge Health and local community support, our Port Perry Hospital is now an advanced, state- of-the-art facility.” Judith Sanders added enthusiastically, “Yes, and we all did this together.” On behalf of a grateful community Focus on Scugog wishes to give heart- felt thanks to the doctors and all the health care providers and their sup- port workers who quickly adjusted their schedules, put in the extra hours and drove the extra miles, all to make sure that this community continued to be provided with excellent unin- terrupted health care. And now as we celebrate the opening of our new hos- pital we can relax in full confidence that our community now has the best of health care. Dr. Matthew Schurter with his patients Margaret Muise of Cameron (left) and her daughter Deborah Harnum. A proud, smiling Dr. Schurter in front of the Emergency entrance at our Port Perry Hospital. By Paul Arculus, Focus on Scugog