22 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2018 MCMURTRY LAW 250 Shanly Street, Port Perry 905-982-2650 www.mcmurtrylaw.ca is pleased to introduce our new associate lawyer Family Law • General Civil Litigation Sydney Lloyd for Councillor Ward 4 Jenniferb@xplornet.ca • 905-986-5656 Committed to Community Dedicated to Progress ENNIFER BANKAY ELECT HALL RENTAL Fully Licensed & Insured Call: 905-985-8502 BRANCH 419 Trophies, Awards, Corporate Promotions Embroidery • Graphic Design Engraving • Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road, Port Perry www.pineridgeimpress.ca Your Name is Our Business THUMBS Note – we sometimes receive Thumbs Down to local businesses for a variety of reasons. We appreciate our businesses as they not only pay taxes, but support sports teams and donate to charities of all kinds, so we choose not to publish their names. If you have an issue with a business owner, we urge you to speak with them directly, rather than use this column. Do you have a Thumb up or down that you would like to see published? Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com THUMBS UP - to Bonnie Cohoon and her helpers for putting on the Tough Udder Obstacle Race at the Port Perry Fair. As one of the participants, I can say that it was well organized and certainly a blast to be part of. Well done! THUMBS UP - While on the topic of the Port Perry Fair, we would like to give another thumbs up to the organizers and all volunteers on a very successful 165th fair. THUMBS DOWN - another reader did want to give a big thumbs down to the fair goers that littered while going to and from the fair on Rosa Street and for trying to take down lawn decorations from residents’ yards. Not cool! THUMBS DOWN - to the young boy who crossed 7A at noon on Thursday September 13. You had to dodge oncoming traffic and I slowed down to miss hitting you. The crosswalk supervisor was 30 feet away from where you crossed. I admire your independence to walk to and from school but putting your life in peril like you did, doesn’t demonstrate good sense. Your parents and the community want you safe. Parents, please remind your children to use the crosswalks. THUMBS UP - On Saturday September 8, “Riders”, a local motorcycle group with members from all over Ontario, held their annual charity ride in support of PTSD. PTSD Association of Canada is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help those experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Congratulations “Riders” for raising $6,000 and raising the awareness of this worthy cause. THUMBS DOWN - to the township. Over a weekend in August my nephew had a ball tournament on the waterfront, in which he played three games. We had to use the restrooms that are located by the south diamond and the tennis courts. They were gross. The floors had puddles everywhere, the hand dryers didn’t work and there were no paper towels available to dry hands or a change table at all. For a town that wants people to visit the lakefront, let’s hope they don’t need to use the restrooms. THUMBS UP - to Hendrik Weiler, a West Shore Village resident. Hendrik read our September Thumbs column (page 22) and took it upon himself to go and clean up Reflection Park. He filled at least five bags with dead vegetation and could not carry it back to his place, so wondered who he could contact to pick it up. Thumbs Up Hendrik for a wonderful deed!