2 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2018 MAYOR TOM ROWETT Offering men’s cuts, colour and barbering. 905-985-0099 21 Wilbur Avenue I rgreco@quisk.ca DISTINCTIVE GENTLEMEN OF PORT PERRY Rosario Greco Styles......... For Your Best Look Since 1985 1985 DO A LITTLE RESEARCH. IT’S EASY! Scugog Township’s roster of candidates for the 2018 municipal election provides a lot of choice for you as the voter. People from all walks of life have filed their nomina- tion papers because they care about their community, want to represent you, and make important decisions at the council table on your behalf. The million-dollar question is, which candidate should you choose? Sometimes people do not vote because they simply don’t know who to vote for. Who would be the best advo- cate? Who would make common sense budget decisions? Who has the background or experience to well equip them to take on the challenges of the job? Who agrees with you on important local issues? Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easy to do a little research about your municipal election candidates. Most have websites, election Facebook pages and/or Twitter. There will be brochures at your door, in the mail and some advertisements in local publications. ARE YOU ON THE VOTERS LIST? Voting is a democratic right and a privilege, and yes, your vote counts! You can vote if you are a resident, or owner or tenant of land, in the township of Scugog, a Canadian citizen, age 18 or older, and not prohibited from voting by law. If you moved since the last municipal elec- tion four years ago, your info may need to be updated. Check to ensure that your correct name and address ap- pears on the voters list at voterlookup.ca. You can make corrections online or fill out a form to be submitted to the Clerk’s de- partment at the township office, 181 Perry St., Port Perry. Local voters will be able to mark their ballots for Scugog Township Mayor and Regional Councillor, their local Ward Councillor, the Regional Chair and one School Board Trustee. There are five wards in the township of Scugog. Not sure what ward you live in? Find the map and information at www.scugog.ca Choose your Municipal Leaders in the 2018 Election ! ! !