32 FOCUS - FEBRARY 2018 London is Calling (continued from page 31) becomes an unforgettable memory. Buildings such as Westminster Abbey or the Cathedral by the same name are historic sites, which have to be seen at least once. Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial, as well all the famous buildings London has to offer should be visited, but you will not be alone, as tourists tend to flock to those places in droves. Big Ben and the parliament build- ings are best seen from Westminster Bridge, if it’s not under construction. In the event that it is, catch a ride on the London Eye, the massive Ferris wheel, from where you can see the entire city. London is one of those cities where you can get or do anything. I once found myself with some free time and decided to take a short, EasyJet flight from City Centre airport to Charles de Gaulle in Paris. The flight was 30 minutes at a cost of 39 Pounds (don’t forget the hour time difference). I took a cab to the Champs-Elysées and had dinner there. I was back in my bed in London by midnight. Where else can you do that? London has held a great fascina- tion for many tourists and to see it all in one visit is next to impossible. Make the most of any layovers you may have when travelling to Europe and be sure to visit this city of royalty. DO YOU KNOW......... What does the Tokyo firm ‘Ikemeso Danshi’ specialize in? Email me your best guess at jon@photosNtravel.com. Answer, next month. Last month’s ‘Do You Know’ was ….... What is the oldest country in Europe? The answer is San Marino, founded in 301 CE. The grounds at the beautiful Windsor Castle. Big Ben towers above the rest of the British parliament buildings. Stonehenge is close to London and is well worth the visit. Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer, author, columnist, keynote speaker and can be followed at photosNtravel.com 158 Casimir Street, Port Perry 905-985-2268 leanne.mazerolle@marlintravel.ca MC Travel in Style – TRY CLUB CLASS TICO #4577532 Year round daily flights to Gatwick.