26 FOCUS - FEBRARY 2018 This group was reorgan- ized in January 1863 as the Volunteer Militia Company of Infantry at Prince Albert (Prince Albert Infantry Com- pany). The 29-member unit included the following officers: Captain Thomas Chalmers Forman, Lieutenant John Billings and Ensign Richard Herbert Tomlinson. Forman, a Prince Albert grain merchant was also the Paymaster and Captain of the Oshawa Infantry Company. When the Fenians began their attacks the Prince Albert Infantry immediately sprang into action and volunteered their ser- vices for Queen and country. On June 2, 1866 they were instructed to go to Toronto to guard the Fenian prisoners captured at the Battle of Ridgeway. They were disappointed that they had not been directly involved in the military action, nevertheless, the Prince Albert Company remained in Toronto for two weeks carrying out their “rear guard” assignments. As a result of their participation in thedefenseofCanada,the29members of the Prince Albert Company were awarded a medal, each personalized with the recipient’s name engraved on the edge. The medal that Dan bought was awarded to Private William J. Shunk. The Shunk family farmed on the 8th Concession of Scugog. William died in 1910 and is buried beside his wife Charlotte in the Pinegrove Cemetery in Prince Albert. Shunk’s medal is the third Fenian medal that Dan has acquired. He already has the Fenian medals for Private Breen and Corporal William Nott. The bugle that Dan bought is en- graved “Prince Albert Infantry, 1866.” “Unfortunately,” Dan says, “we do not have the name of the bugler.” The battered instrument can still emit a clear tone. Following the Fenian Raids, the government gave financial support to communities that built drill sheds for their militia to practice their military skills. A drill shed was built on Thomas Forman’s property in Prince Albert. This was completed in November 1866 and was the first Military drill shed in Ontario County. Forman was promoted to Major, a title he proudly bore for the remain- der of his life. Dan Stone is among several local enthusiasts who regu- larly seek out local historical artifacts. Dan has joined Peter Hvidsten and former mayor Marilyn Pearce in maintaining an ongoing search for picture postcards of Scugog locations. Many of these cards can be seen on the Scugog Heritage Gallery website: www.scugogheritage. com. Port Perry resident Gary Ronsetti, is nationally sought after for his military history expertise, and also continues his search for military memo- rabilia for the Scugog area. In spite of this scrutiny of the Internet not all artifacts have been returned to the commu- nity. An American collector bought Captain Forman’s sword. Fortun- ately several artifacts of Forman’s Fenian Raid memorabilia including his shako (military hat) are housed in the Scugog Shores Museum Archives. In addition to his involvement in the Heritage committee, Dan Stone has spent a considerable amount of time and money in restoring the old Leonard block at the northwest corner of Queen and Perry Streets and the Courtice and Jeffrey block immediately to the west. As part of his research in their restoration, Dan has searched across the country for artifacts related to these buildings. “It’s good to bring these items home again where they belong,” he says. By Paul Arculus, Focus on Scugog Dan Stone’s Fenian Raid Medals, awarded to William Shunk, William Nott and Private Breen. Dan Stone (continued from page 24) 48 Water St., Port Perry, ON (905) 985-3767 216 Queen Street Port Perry, Ontario L9L 1B2 Tel: 905-985-2171 Fax: 905-985-4572 www.waggfuneralhome.com …Port Perry’s only locally owned and operated Funeral Home Since 1846… Myles O’Riordan FUNERAL DIRECTOR/OWNER Susan O’Riordan