FOCUS -FEBRUARY 2018 3 Friends of Nonquon are at it again – inviting residents of Scugog to get outdoors and enjoy the wonders of the natural world by offering a free family event at the Nonquon Provincial Wildlife Area just north of Port Perry. On Saturday February 10 people of all ages are welcome to join in a morn- ing of exploration in the vast wetlands of this ecologically important area. Beginning at the Pheasant Pen class- room of the Nonquon Environmental Education Centre, participants will headintothewinterwildsforaguided adventure on snowshoes. While winter snows cover the land, things may appear quite lifeless at first glance – but nothing could be further from the truth. While some members of the natural community have become dormant at this time of year there is still much in the way of wildlife activity that is evident to the careful observer. Follow the tracks of white-tailed deer to their gathering places among the cedars. Listen to the whining of beavers warm and snug in their lodges. Coyote tracks lead from place to place along their hunt- ing trails and otter slides along the ice are telling of the playful nature of these beautiful members of the wea- sel family. Birds, winter insect homes, vole tunnels in the snow and learning to read a variety of wildlife signs are all part of the adventure. The beauty of walking the wet- lands in winter conditions is that it allows for access to areas that can only be reached at this time of year. Friends of Nonquon members will provide knowledgeable naturalists to guide small groups of participants through their morning hike. If you have your own snowshoes please bring them along – but if not, snow- shoes of all sizes will be provided for your use. Following our wintery morning participants are invited to gather at the classroom for hot chocolate, cook- ies and a chance to share sightings and experiences. By Cathy Galberg, Special to Focus on Scugog ALL THE FUN WILL TAKE PLACE AS FOLLOWS: Date and Time: Saturday February 10 from 9 a.m. until noon Place: Pheasant Pen Classroom, 19745 Old Simcoe Rd. (north of town just past Scugog Line 10). Please pre-register at so that we are prepared for the numbers. Bring along a mug for hot chocolate, and a sense of adventure. Hope to see you there! Winter Wetland Snowshoe Adventure 2018 Jack Jupe enjoys his snowshoe trek on a sunny winter day. Nora Aitken stops along the way to feed an eager chickadee.