6 FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2018 in Palmer Park sums up his philosophy with a plaque featuring his words: “Just because your town is small, doesn’t mean your dreams have to be.” Ironically, inspiration for Dave’s next album, Trouble, came from a dark personal place and events which happened in that hometown. “That album grew out of a bad break-up.” He laughs. “She was trouble.” The song’s visual presentation, nominated as MuchMusic’s Hip-Hop 2016 video of the year, was filmed in Port Perry. Again, a collaboration – this time with Detroit’s RoZe – added another dimension to the finished product. His followup, however, proved disappointing in light of Trouble’s success. “The Update didn’t get as much promotion,” he says reflectively of his third album release. “I decided to sit back and see if the positive reaction to Trouble would give it extra traction.” The title of his upcom- ing project, ComeBack, hints that there will be no such lack of publicity when it drops. In the meantime, Dave maintains a gruelling professional pace. “I work full-time making stairs on construction sites and do some part- time clothing modelling. Spend time in the gym. That, and the music, of course.” Fame, for itself, is not his goal. “I’m doing this for the love of mu- sic,” he says. “If people support me, that makes me happy. And I intend to keep going and continue to grow as an artist.” The signs are promising. Last year saw him release an astounding 17 videos. In November, he was featured on the cover of US-based B.O.S.S. Code magazine. In the accompany- ing profile, he names his career goal as “having my music on the radio 20 years after my retirement.” He just might. And in the foreseeable future, Dave MAC’s name might well head- line another music magazine as the year’s top rising star. And quite pos- sibly, they’ll present his emergence as an overnight sensation. But we’ll know better, won’t we? By Scott Mercer, Focus on Scugog Dave MAC (continued from page 5) ANDY LEITCH Owner of Canadian Tire Port Perry 905-985-0099 TONY JANSSEN Owner/Operator PP Print Offering men’s cuts, colour and barbering. 1985 21 Wilbur Avenue I rgreco@quisk.ca DISTINCTIVE GENTLEMEN OF PORT PERRY Rosario Greco Styles......... For Your Best Look Since 1985