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FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 17 If a beautiful blonde lady lined up in front of you at a local grocery store asks if you know what a medium is you are likely talking to Jennifer Bathgate-Williamson. If you react favourably shes bound to share with you a personal message from someone on the other side. My advice is if Jennifer offers to relay some information to you from spirit take her up on it. Her spontaneous communiqu to me from my late Mother and brother was bang-on. How does she do this Jennifer is a medium. She was born being able to hear see smell taste and pick up emotions and information from people who have passed on. This is a testament to the theory that only the body dies while a persons energy lives on. It comforts people to know that their loved one did not stop existing when their body gave out that they still ex- ist in spirit Jennifer said. Spirits just want to be loved honoured and remembered. The man on the bus When Jennifer was three years old she had her first memory of connecting with spirit. She was on a bus in British Columbia with her mother and she saw a man on the bus wearing a uniform. He only had one leg. Jennifer asked her mom what had happened to that man. Her mother said that she couldnt see him. Then his image disappeared. Growing up Jennifer was never made to feel bad or good about being able to see spirits. As for the skeptics she has met along the way in her 41 years of life Jennifer breezily says You just need to shine your light harder when there is negativity. What is a Medium According to Wikipedia Mediumship is the practice of certain people known as mediums to purportedly medi- ate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Attempts to contact the dead date back to early human history with mediumship gaining in popular- ity during the 19th century. Jennifer clarified the difference between a medium and a psychic. A medium channels messages from the spirit world through their guides psychics are better known for A MEDIUM IS LIKE A TELEPHONE If a beautiful blonde lady lined up in front of you at Keeping in Touch ...................... Please turn to page 20 PHOTOSBYMARYANNFLEMING