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52 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 WERE GROWING AGAIN Now Hiring Salaried Positions Two additional department managerskeyholders to complement existing management team. Starting salary of 35000 - 42000 performance bonus Reporting directly to Store Manager Jill Vaughan the successful candidate will lead their fast-paced team of 4-10 staff by example. possess strong communication and organizational skills provide excellent customer service excel in a team atmosphere This 42.5 hour baseline schedule will include one evening until 8pm and one shift on weekends until 6pm. Full job description available at httpwww.tradingpostqualityfoods.comemployment Send resume to attention Lori Cannon or drop off in person to Jill Vaughan Christmas Carols and comedy by the magic of black- light and fun for the whole family What a way to get into the Christmas spirit 19 pup- peteers with over 300 props and will perform 14 songs. Three performances to choose from 1. Friday December 4 - 7 p.m. with Greenbank United Churchs Sunday School Concert goodwill donation to the Sunday School 2. Friday December 11 - 730 p.m. Greenbank United Church goodwill donation to Greenbank Mission Team 3. Saturday December 12 - 730 p.m. Prince Albert United Church goodwill donation to the Prince Albert Church For more information please call 905-985-7816. Greenbank Blacklight Puppeteers Its almost Christmas... it must be time for the Some things about Christmas that maybe Jingle Bells This popular Christmas song was rst written for Thanksgiving and later became one of the most popular Christmas songs ever. Rudolph Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was created in 1939 by a 34 year old copywriter named Robert L. May. He came up with a poem about a mist reindeer at the request of his employer Chicago based Montgomery Ward for a Christmas story they could use as a store promotional gimmick.The Montgomery Ward store had been buying preprinted colouring books and giving them away at Christmas every year and they thought that creating their own would save them a lot of money. May who had a knack for writing childrens stories and limericks was asked to create the booklet. Reindeer Santas reindeer is believed to have come from stories of the Norse God Woden who rode through the sky with reindeer and 42 ghostly huntsmen. Clement Moores famous poem A Visit from St. Nicolas Twas the Night Before Christmas sealed the image of Santa Claus his reindeer and the magical ying sleigh loaded with sacks of presents. Stockings According to tradition Saint Nicolas left his very rst gifts of gold coins in the stockings of three poor girls who needed the money for their wedding dowries. The girls had hung their stockings by the re to dry. The tradition has modied itself from gag gifts to small inexpensive but useful gifts. Poinsettias Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced the poinsettia plant to the United States from Mexico. Poinsett was a botanist physician and the rst United States Ambassador to Mexico. December 12th is Poinsettia Day which marks the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1851. Boxing Day December 26 was traditionally known as St. Stephens Day but it is more commonly known as Boxing Day. This expres- sion came about because money was collected in alms-boxes placed in churches during the festive season. This money was distributed to the poor and needy after Christmas.