b'THUMBS UP - to Rachel Agnoluzzi, CEO of the Port Perry Hospital Foundation, for her time and dedication in making the Here for You campaign to bring a CT Scanner to Port Perry Hospital a success. The foundation board and the community should also be given a big THUMBS UP. With every ones continued support, CT should be in our hospital in the very near future.THUMBS DOWN - to the group that plastered stickers on business windows against vaccines. Every one has a right to their opinion, but when you decimate other peoples property, how dare you!THUMBS UP - to Williams & Follows (along with support of our community and businesses) for spreading some joy and love to 171 individuals this past Christmas by delivering Christmas dinners on Wednesday December 22, 2021, making it that much more merrier and yummier too!THUMBS DOWN -in response to your Thumbs up commending children for being brave taking the COVID-19 vaccine, I would like to clarify the de nition of brave: ready to face and endure danger or pain.What are we thanking them for, enduring the danger or the pain?It is absurd to allow children to face and endure danger/pain by taking this vaccine, knowing such potential side effects like heart in ammation, as well as there being no long term studies on this injection. Children should not be our shields to protect us.THUMBS UP - to all the parents weighing the risks before vaccinating their children, knowing there are no long-term studies on this vaccine. Hate tond out in 10 years we have made a mistake.THUMBS DOWN - to all the people that use donation bins as their own dumping grounds.Recently attended the Port Perry SmartCentre 905-985-3223 bin at Redmans Antique Barn.Stuff all over the ground, couldnt open bin, after moving stuff I opened bin and put my donations inside. The bin took most of the other LOVE stuff.Come on people dont be so lazy.THUMBS UP to is a four-leggedproperty owners for allowing bins there!!word THUMBS UP - to the nice gentleman with the plow who must have seen us shovelling for hours today (Monday January 17) - he took care of the 4ft mountain at the end of the driveway for us and saved us easily a couple of hours. He wouldnt even take a bottle of wine as thanks! This is one of the reasons we love this town so much. Editors Note: Now that you have read through the Dont forgetThumbs, note that these are solely peoples opinions to pamper your petsas everyone has the right to express their own on Valentinesthoughts.However, going forward we have made the Day. decision to no longer publish any COVID related Thumbs .Proud supporterDo you have a Thumbs up or down that you wouldlike to see published?Please submit 905-985-0554 two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com18FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2022'