FOCUS - JANUARY 2019 3 “Our success rate is about 75%, if we get the device within a couple days of the accident,” Adam says of the technology on which he and his partners hold a patent. “And if we’re unsuccessful, the cost is zero.” The invention – which dries mois- ture on electronic devices without damaging their workings – is making global in-roads. And with new ap- plications in the offing, Adam feels optimistic about TekDry’s future. But though “ahead” is the focus of any savvy businessperson, Adam is will- ing to cast a brief glance backward at his career and its beginnings. “My parents had side-jobs as I grew up,” he remembers. “So there was an entrepreneurial spirit in our household and a philosophy of maxi- mizing your skills.” Early on, Adam displayed a curi- osity about science, even if his results weren’t always ideal. “I must’ve been nine or ten. I hooked a buzzer to a 12-volt battery, then a car battery. It made a differ- ent sound, so I wondered: what if I attached it to a wall outlet? My sister and I sure got a surprise when there was a pop and all the lights went out. Mom and Dad were not pleased!” Like a flower needs water to blos- som, Adam’s talent needed encour- agement from adult observers who recognized his potential. “Reg Phillips was my teacher at R.H. Cornish. He opened my eyes to advanced math, and I owe him a debt of gratitude. At home, my parents bought me electronics kits so I could learn more on my own.” Clearly, as he finished at Port Perry High, Adam’s future lay along a scientific path. Parental guidance helped steer him toward a vocation. Uses for Adam’s Technology Will Never Dry Up THE DAMAGE IS DONE. NOW WHAT? Adam Cookson hopes you never spill liquid on your phone or laptop. But as CEO of TekDry, the Port Perry native can help, supposing the need arises. Adam and co-founder Craig Beinecke on Shark Tank, October 7, 2016. ...................... Please turn to page 4