THUMBS UP – to each and every person that finds time in their busy schedule to help volunteer throughout our community. It doesn’t go unnoticed and truly is appreciated! Give yourselves a pat on the back to go along with this thumbs.

THUMBS UP – to Keith Williams, Real Estate Broker/Co-Founder of Willows Realty Group on becoming one of the world’s first A.I. Certified 2.0 Agents! (one of only two agents in Ontario to hold this certification). Congratulations Keith!

THUMBS DOWN – now that spring is here, please people do not throw your garbage on the ground. That is why the town has provided garage bins. On my many walks around Port Perry the garbage on the pathways and Palmer Park is disgraceful. A thumbs up to the lady who was going around picking up what she could.  Port Perry Proud!

THUMBS UP – to Theatre on the Ridge for their ‘Connecting Through Theatre’ program for adults and seniors. Friendships were made, new skills were learned and a love of theatre was shared with the participants by the enthusiastic leaders of the program, and the activities were all free! The program has finished but we hope it continues again in the fall. 

THUMBS UP – to the friendly face of Doris Grandel, who after 25 years of service with Canada Post here in Port Perry, has retired! Congratulations Doris and we hope you enjoy every minute of it! 

THUMBS DOWN – to those out there that think it is funny criticizing people on our Port Perry Bulletin for asking a very serious question, or looking for recommendations. Some folks truly need help, and making them feel stupid or silly is not the direction we need to go. Smarten up people!

THUMBS UP – to the elderly lady who sat beside me on the bench in front of the post office the other day.  I was taking in the beautiful clear sky when she sat down and told me she was born in Port Perry and then continued to tell me her life sorry.  She was so engaging and reminded me of my Gran. Thank you to all the seniors who helped to make our town the special place it is.