THUMBS UP – to OPP Association Director Rob Jamieson, among those invested in the Order of Merit of the Police Forces on Saturday February 24.
Congratulations from your hometown!

THUMBS DOWN – to the customer’s who have borrowed a grocery basket to take their groceries home but didn’t return it on their next grocery trip.  Over 100 baskets were taken in the past year from one store. 

THUMBS UP – we know how kind people are here and on March 3, we went to Red Lobster in Oshawa and had a beautiful, delicious meal. When paying the bill, the person sitting behind us had paid $50 towards our bill. Too bad we can’t personally THANK the person! Hoping they might see it here.

THUMBS DOWN – I was so disappointed to see that you had published a very derogatory and judgemental ‘Thumbs Down’ (March 2024) regarding the people, called ‘vagrants’ who are unfortunate enough to have to beg for money to get by in these desperate times. The author, and yourselves, have no idea what is going on in these people’s lives and have no right to judge their very difficult decisions to ask for help.

THUMBS UP – to the Port Perry High School curling team on winning the gold medal at LOSSA Curling Championships at the Oshawa Golf & Curling Club on Tuesday March 5. (Editors note: at press time, the team was in Kingston at the OFSAA Curling Championships). 

THUMBS DOWN – to the poor management and supervision of the construction taking place on King Street, Prince Albert. The road is constantly covered in mud, (the machine used for cleaning just blows the dirt everywhere, not even cleaning the road). Not only do the residents have to put up with the noise during the week, we are now subjected to it on the weekends as well. The whooping cranes I have had the pleasure of seeing every year, have not returned to our field.  Sadly, Port Perry is not the quiet town it used to be. 

THUMBS DOWN – To the inconsiderate pet owner’s in rural area’s; A child’s play area isn’t “rural” it’s where children are running and playing; without boundaries, as they should it’s “their area” to do just that. They should not have to navigate “your furbabies” poop! Therefore the obvious shouldn’t need to be pointed out; you’re the adults, lead by example people.

THUMBS DOWN – to the people that use our streets as their garbage disposal. I have witnessed many times people tossing garbage out their vehicle windows. Use a garbage can!