THUMBS UP – Halloween was the best on our Sherrington Drive and Chimney Hill subdivision! The tricker-treaters were so polite using their please and thank you’s! Our very own front line firefighters parked the truck on the street, got out and had their picture taken with some of the kids! They go above and beyond.

THUMBS UP – McPink Day at McDonald’s Uxbridge (Saturday September 30) and Port Perry (Saturday October 28), raised over $17,000 for Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. Once again our communities came out in full support by purchasing ball caps and goodie bags, as well as monetary donations. Thank you to the Jackson family and McDonald’s. 

THUMBS UP – to MaryAnn Fleming, the Focus staff and all of the advertisers who made the issue of the November 2023 edition so very, very special. The support for our veterans seems to get better and better and the Focus on Scugog magazine reminds us, in a wonderful way every November, what and who it is that we all owe. (From three proud daughters of a very proud Canadian veteran)

THUMBS DOWN – for four years the rainbow bench in Palmer Park had been proudly unmarked until now (mid November). A member of the LGBTQ21A+ community is very disheartened that it has been defaced with obscenities carved in to the wood and we all feel the same way. Stop the vandalism now!

THUMBS UP – to Hometown Printing for their very special offer, “Calendar for a Cause’. Purchase a 2024 calendar, $15 and all proceeds will go to our local food bank, Operation Scugog. Order today at
And THUMBS UP to so many of our businesses that have also stepped up again this year!