THUMBS DOWN – to the vagrants who stand outside Walmart and other locations begging for money. They can just as easily apply and work just like a lot of other people who need some extra income.

THUMBS UP – to McMurtry Law P.C. who on Tuesday February 6 presented Oak Ridges Hospice with a cheque totaling $19,500. This money was raised with the help of all those who participated in last years Amazing Race event! Together, everyone is making a real difference!

THUMBS DOWN – to those who believe it’s their right to yell at early morning runners. What you don’t realize is this is the only peaceful time of day we can enjoy for both our physical and mental health before we start work/parental duties for the day. We wear reflective gear and stay in the opposite lane as you, safely behind the wheel of your large vehicle. Instead of blaring your horn at us, why not protect everyone by flashing your four-ways to warn others to slow down and protect us all? Just a suggestion to be a more supportive community member.

THUMBS UP – a local business person/resident wanted to give a shout out to Homestead Furniture for helping out through a three-month appliance ordeal, that even an appliance person was unable to fix! Thanks Tyler!

THUMBS UP – to the Medical Associates of Port Perry. When we retired and moved to the tranquility of country living, people warned us that in small towns it might be difficult to get a doctor the medical care one might need. Not so in Port Perry. The team at Medical Associates of Port Perry covers all the bases from the family doctors, the lab, physiotherapy and much, much more.

THUMBS UP – to the Waite family! This family and their staff had been under the Service Ontario contract since 1974 in Port Perry and became family to many generations here. They certainly were a staple on Water Street and we wish the new owner best of luck!