Community gift giving program
Dear Editor
It’s that time of year again and Jillian Howsam, an Independent Sales Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics is participating in the “Community Gift Giving” program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this:
I have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join me in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20.00. Cheques can be made out to “Community Gift Giving Program”. I will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Thank you,
Community Gift Giving Program,
286 Rosa St., Port Perry, L9L 1M5
Jillian Howsam, 905-432-5575

5,500 + 4,500 =
10,000 butter tarts

Dear Editor
In April 2020 I started what I called my Pandemic Project, making tarts and to keep busy, and also bring a little sweetness to friends and family.
In February 2021, I received a phone call asking for the Tart Lady. Lynn Campbell did an interview and an article was published in the March Focus. At that time my tart-making goal was 5,500 tarts by Easter. Happy to report that was achieved.
A new goal was set as a challenge by a neighbour – 10,000 by Thanksgiving.
This morning October 5th the goal was reached!! For number 10,000 I inserted three ingredients: raisins, pecans and walnuts. A dear friend who is in a long-term care facility will receive the 10,000th!
Chauffeur Ralph is asking, ”So is that it?” My reply,
“BUT, BUT Christmas is coming!”
The Butter Tart Queen, Eleanor Bailey

2021 Christmas campaign
Dear Editor
Due to the ongoing pandemic, and to ensure everyone’s safety, Operation Scugog has decided to give out gift cards along with a food hamper to our clients. The gift cards will be distributed starting in early November for clients to purchase their own gifts.
If you would like to donate food, gift cards (including activation receipt), or make a monetary donation, you can drop off at Operation Scugog
(school portables beside the Victory Christian Centre) at 593 Alma Street on Tuesday November 2, 9, 16 and 23 from 1 p.m. -3 p.m. Monetary donations can be made either by cheque/cash drop off in person or online through the ‘Canada Helps’ website and selecting Operation Scugog. If you have any questions, please inquire at or call us at
(905) 985-3087 and leave a message.
We thank you for your understanding and continued support of Operation Scugog! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!
Karen Teed
On behalf of the Operation Scugog Christmas Committee
Operation Scugog Food Bank
Box 353, Port Perry ON, L9L 1A4

A committee thanks their leader
Dear Editor
The undersigned would like to formally acknowledge the kind of community dedication that Wilma Wooten continues to demonstrate in her various roles in Scugog.
Wilma was the leader for Port Perry’s 150th celebrations that our community enjoyed over these last few months.
She envisioned, shared and orchestrated what several months of celebrations might look like. She selected and chaired a planning committee and did an amazing job! Wilma also coordinated Township and Regional details, reached out to sponsors, vendors, talents and more, which led to the execution of wonderful events in Port Perry.
It was a pleasure to work with Wilma and we want to say congratulations on a job well done and thank you!
The Port Perry’s 150th Planning Committee members



A HUGE thank you!
Dear Editor
Even with COVID-19 still happening, it is truly amazing how generous and caring Port Perry has been to our Sunrise Beach on Scugog Island for all these years. We can never say THANK YOU enough to the endless list of all the special individuals and businesses whose generosity truly made our Annual Fun Day (Saturday August 28), such a success.
Again, thank you so much everyone, for helping make our Fun Day Fun. You are the best!
Yours Truly,
Linda Brown (Brownie), Leanne and Sylvia,
Our Sunrise Beach Association



Let's all celebrate
Dear Editor
The Port Perry 150 committee will be hosting a Port Perry 150th Birthday Celebration on Sunday, October 3.
Since March the committee, with the help of many, has been creating and planning events to celebrate Port Perry's sesquicentennial, all through a Covid lens.
We are excited that more and more restrictions are being lifted and that the things that make Port Perry so special
are opening. We hope that this celebration will help remind people what an amazing vibrant town we have.
To help make this an amazing event we hope that you will consider being a part of the Birthday Celebration for the October 3rd event. We have many activities planned. The event will take place in Palmer Park as well as Queen St. and Water St. will be closed on that day.
Here is a sneak preview of what will be happening:
- Sunrise Church Service (7:30 a.m.)
- Pancake breakfast (sponsored by the Rotary)
- Artisan Market
- Kid's Zone
- Birthday Cake & Coffee
(sponsored by Vos' Independent Grocer and McDonald's)
- Performance at the Town Hall
- Craft Brewery/Winery/Cidery Event
- SCA - Art in the Alley and on the street
- Music/Buskers
- Horse & Buggy
Come out to the streets and join us! If you would like to have a booth on Water St. or Queen St. please let us know by September 10th (opportunity will be closed after September 10th) so a spot will be reserved.
The Farmers' Market will take up most of Water St. so spots are limited. Time for the event is 7:30 a.m. (Sunrise Service starts) - 4 p.m. (booths should be set up on or before 9:00 a.m.)
Please feel free to connect with one of the following committee members:
Wilma Wotten: 905-809-1049
Julie Curran: 905-449-4427
Lana Crosbie: 905-985-9755 ext. 26
Wilma Wotten on behalf of
The PP150 Birthday Celebration committee!

Looking for old newspapers, can you help?
Dear Editor
Thank you very much for the great article in your July 2021 issue of Focus on Scugog, in reference to the Scugog Digital Newspaper Collection. The Lake Scugog Historical Society has received numerous positive comments from your readership.
Scugog's history is important to archive, and the LSHS is looking to find missing copies of Port Perry and Prince Albert papers published between 1857 and 1907. Issues we hope to locate include: the Ontario Observer, North Ontario Observer and Port Perry Standard.
In the past, old newspapers have been found in their parents or grandparents storage boxes, scrapbooks, and even under flooring or in walls of older homes.
Any newspaper found, no matter what its condition, will be added to the digitized issues already available online.
We are also looking for any copies of the Scugog Citizen, which was published between the years 1991 to 1995. Please search your basement, attic, or storage facilities and help us recover as many Scugog Citizen copies as possible.
Please contact Peter Hvidsten at -, or 905-449-6690 if you find copies you are willing to donate to the LSHS, or loan until they can be digitized.
Thank you.
Peter Hvidsten, Director LSHS

Roadside Respect
Dear Editor
I wonder why we condemn those who drink and drive yet people continue to throw beer cans out along the highway. I wonder why people say that micro plastics and plastics are bad for the environment and we must do better but they continue to throw water bottles, coffee cups and cigarette wrappings out their car windows. I wonder why we say that we're all in this together with respect to COVID and we must take care of each other to make sure that everybody is safe, yet people continue to throw their used masks out their car window. I wonder why people say that we have to set an example for our children, yet today I found somebody had thrown a kid's soiled diaper out onto the roadside and another had filled a bottle with urine and tossed it out on our roadway. Are those the lessons we want to teach our children?
Maybe it's time to be a little bit more honest with ourselves and truly live the life that we tell others they should.
Geoff Carpentier, Port Perry



Reader grateful for new historical site
Dear Editor
I recently went on "Scugog Digital Newspaper Collection" site, after reading the article published in your July 2021 issue, page 29.
My father was a Home Boy and had lived in Port Perry from 1923 to 1925 and I wondered if there was any information relating to him. What a surprise when I found his S.S. # 9 Reach School promotion list! I also found information on the family he lived with, filling in missing info on that family. Scugog should be thankful to Peter Hvidsten for his timeless hours of work in building this site!
Yours truly,
Ron Cosway
P.S. If anyone has a class photo from S.S. #9 Reach School 1923-1925, would you email a copy to me at:

Do you like Bridge?
Dear Editor
The Scugog Ladies Marathon Hospital Bridge Club would like to invite former and new bridge players to join our fun group.
Our main focus is to raise monies for the Port Perry Hospital. We have been donating to the hospital since 1985 and since then, have donated over $50,000.
We play approximately 12 games in members' homes from October to the end of April. As a group, we have been unable to play since March 2020, due to COVID-19, but we are looking forward to resuming play after Thanksgiving. Schedules are set by our members and are quite flexible.
If you are interested or have further questions, and are a pair or a single player, please contact me via email at
Donna Ankrett, President
Scugog Ladies Marathon Hospital Bridge Club

Thanks to all for swinging for BBBSND
Dear Editor
On behalf of all of us, at BBBSND and our Littles, thank you for participating in our golf tournament held on Friday July 9.
We are thrilled to announce that the event raised over $13,000 to support mentoring programs in North Durham!
We want to say thank you to our amazing event sponsors and prize donors who helped us host this event and offer you some awesome prizes. Big thanks as well to Dorie and the team at Sunnybrae for all of their support to make this event possible.
Thank you again for swinging BIG for our Littles. We can't wait to see you at next year's event!
Margaret Ayres
Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham

A reader's comments and opinion
Dear Editor
I am writing with reference to the "Dying with Dignity" article in the July issue of Focus.
The article was very well written and clearly reflected the wishes of the couple involved. Having said that I don't think Focus magazine is a suitable venue to promote the controversial topic of Euthanasia. To make it even more distasteful, to include a half page advertisement by the funeral home was also a bit off I would say. The article was promoting premature death and then the business of dealing with death was being advertised. An unfortunate juxtaposition in my opinion.
Whatever one's personal opinion about Euthanasia, many people are strongly opposed to what it represents - the premature taking of God given life. In my opinion Focus magazine is not about discussing the big social issues of the day and this kind of article should be avoided. Failing that, please allow for the opposing point of view to be published, so that both sides of the argument are given a fair opportunity.
Rob Cornish, Port Perry

Appreciation for a strong supporter of our lake
Dear Editor
The Scugog Lake Stewards have so many friends and supporters within the Scugog watershed, but one of the strongest has been Jack Doak of Old Flame Brewery. Thank you Jack for all you have done this year, and in years past to help us in our work to protect and enhance Lake Scugog.
Jack and his team, Brewmaster Richard Park and Communications and Brand Manager, Kyra Dietsche have enabled us this year to connect with whole new groups of people through their thousands of blog followers, through encouraged counter donations and much talk, through organizing a Port Perry Run Club 'Clean up the Lake' Day, through an in-courtyard tasting event with a raffle, a curated menu evening at the Foundry Restaurant and best of all through the development of their incredibly tasty 'Take Care of the Lake' lime flavoured carbonated beverage which saw $1.50 from each can sold donated to the Stewards.
We cannot say enough about Jack. Since his arrival in Port Perry, and our first contact shortly after that, he has always realized and pushed forward and financially supported the importance of the health of the lake and the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project to us all.
Rob Messervey,
President Scugog Lake Stewards


JULY 2021

Mystery solved!
Dear Editor
In a recent issue of Focus on Scugog, I wrote about a mystery surrounding the Catholic Church and how the church changed in both size and appearance.
Well, the mystery is solved.
As mentioned in the article, the church steeple was totally destroyed when struck by lightning in July 1915. There was also heavy damage to the church interior.
It appears that in August 1916, more than a year after the incident, the Catholic Church was reopened. An article written at the time, published in the Port Perry Star revealed, "The building has been shortened by some 25 feet." The church was also remodelled and redecorated according to the story.
In your April 2021 Focus, Harold Sturm speculated that the building had been shortened after the storm damage, so kudos to you Harold. Your guess was absolutely right.
Thanks to those who responded and made suggestions.
J. Peter Hvidsten

We too celebrate 150
Dear Editor
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was instituted in Port Perry on June 27, 1872. During the first 100 years there were 434 members admitted to Warriner Lodge either by invitation or transfer.
Our records show that meetings were held on the second floor above the A.M. Lawrence Rexall Drug Store at the corner of Queen and Perry St., from 1928 until June 1964, when the new lodge hall on Simcoe St. was built.
Sister Ruby Webb, Sister May Bunker and Sister Mabel Disney started Maybelle Rebekah Lodge #348 in Port Perry in 1948. Over the years, they have supported the Odd Fellows with muscular dystrophy, eye research, heart fund, cancer society and others.
The groups also provide the initial funding to organize and operate Camp Trillium, a camp for children with cancer; the local food bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Community Care Durham, Boy Scouts and Oak Ridges Hospice.
The humanitarian committee of the lodge supplies wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bath seats, commodes, transfer benches, bed rails, versa frames and other aids for persons with mobility and health-related issues.
We wish the town of Port Perry best wishes and we are proud to have been a part of the last 150 years in building a great community.
Ken Dowson, Noble Grand
Warriner Lodge #75, Maybelle Rebekah Lodge #348
Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Port Perry

Paws up! Thank you!
Dear Editor
The organizing committee of Anna, Ivo, Joerg, John, Lee Anne, Molly, Pam, Scott and Sue would like to thank the community for their generosity.
Thank you to this incredible community and our wonderful sponsors. This year we have raised $10,202 for the 2021 Virtual Port Perry Walk for Dog Guides, an incredible seventh out of 183 walks across Canada, top 4%. We are humbled and so grateful. In addition, we have raised a further $13,100 earmarked specifically for a dog guide for someone in Scugog. Way to go! Total so far $23,302. Incredible. There are now two local candidates being evaluated for a Scugog dog guide.
If you donated online and received a tax receipt you are on our list and there is a goodie bag waiting for you at Pet Valu in Port Perry.
As part of Port Perry's 150th celebrations, we held a dog-friendly downtown scavenger hunt June 9-30. Lots of goodie bags and prizes were distributed and a grand prize of an original oil painting of a golden retriever puppy, courtesy of local artist Tyler Briley, was awarded. Plans call for another Port Perry wide scavenger hunt September 1-24.
In September, as we are also community partners of the Old Flame Brewery, expect to see some dog guides and dog guide puppies every Saturday afternoon.
Hopefully we will see you all next year on May 29, 2022 when we truly walk the most beautiful and fun walk in Durham.
Ivo Finotti, Co-Chair,
2nd Virtual Port Perry Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides


MAY 2021

A Tribute to Port Perry's Island Taxi
Dear Editor
I have turned in my keys to my cab for the last time on one of the last shifts at Island Taxi. My name is Bob and I have been a part time driver for Island Taxi for the better part of the last four years. Island Taxi was owned and operated by Marleen and Ash Esufali. The business was established in 2001 and ran for 20 years serving the Port Perry area and surrounding communities.
When I started working for Marleen I had thought that I would be transporting clients to the grocery store and a variety of appointments. I found out quickly that the taxi business was much more than that. Island Taxi developed into a variety of essential demands including Handi-Trans (wheel chair Mobility), Community Living clients, Durham Region Transit, local and out of town emergencies and finally involvement in developing the current Durham Regional On Demand service.
Unfortunately the lack of ridership due to COVID, the extreme rise in insurance rates, as well as the Uber cars made it impossible to make a profit. I reflect back on the loyalty of both Marleen's part time and full time drivers and dispatchers that she had working for her. She was dedicated to the well being of her employees and we all felt like part of Marleen's team.
I think that it is important to recognize the contributions of Island Taxi and other small business to the local and surrounding communities.
I am certain that we have not heard the last of Marleen and Ash.
A heartfelt thanks!
Bob Pelletier

CBAA - COVID booking appointment angels
Dear Editor
Retired nurse Shirley Arsenault and retired real estate agent Cheryl Hill are "Angels" in the eyes of so many people. They both have worked endless hours ensuring seniors were able to get an appointment for their COVID vaccine.
In a short period of time, as of the date on this letter (April 12) they had helped over hundreds of seniors with this seemingly endless task.
Seniors we talked to, no matter how hard they tried to call or get through on their computers, could not get appointments - some waiting two hours on their phones.
We "All" thank Shirley and Cheryl for their kindness.
Lynn Doucette and Pat Lee

A reader's theory on the catholic church mystery
Dear Editor
I believe I might have the solution to the Catholic Church Mystery featured in the Focus on Scugog April 2021 issue on page 36.
We live on Casimir Street across from the location where the Catholic Church once stood.
The steeple might have been altered when it was converted from a Methodist Church to a Catholic Church circa 1885.
Then after a fire destroyed the steeple in 1915 it appears that the front of the church was shortened and made flat so that there were only three side windows remaining. There does appear to be a larger setback from John Street with a less steep stair to the front door.
The aerial view of Port Perry taken in 1960 that I found on line shows the church matching the appearance of the 1960 photo in the April article.
Harold Sturm

Big thumbs and thanks!
Dear Editor
On Saturday March 20, our legion held a food, bottle and can drive to support Operation Scugog Food Bank. We would like to thank the Scugog firefighters, branch members, all volunteers and each and every person that donated to make it so successful. We were thrilled to deliver a trailer of non-perishable food and $1300 in gift certificates, to Operation Scugog in time for Easter.
Barb Doupe,
President, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 419


APRIL 2021

Port Perry United Church Spring Auction
Dear Editor
Greetings from the Stewardship Committee of Port Perry United Church.
We dearly hope you and your families are keeping as well as possible during these very trying times. In a year when so much is being done differently, we've decided to change things up a bit too!
We weren't able to hold our usual Fall Auction last year, and so we are now gearing up for a Spring Auction - and it will be on-line! This is a first for us and we eagerly invite you to participate in our new venture. Funds raised through the auction will continue to support the life and work of our church, and perhaps it will raise some community-wide spirit too!
The auction will run from April 19 through to May 7, and will feature a broad selection of wonderful items: home decor, art, books, jewellery, clothing, a variety of services and of course our world-famous (at least in Port Perry!) home baking! The auction website is
There is no charge to participate and it's easy to create an account if you choose to bid. You can track (and raise!) your bids throughout the three weeks the auction runs. Payment instructions for successful bidders are on the website, and church Stewards will happily deliver winning items in the Port Perry area.
We're calling our auction the FUN, FINE and ON-LINE Spring Auction and we look forward to having you join us.
Sharon Hick,
on behalf of the Stewardship Committee
of Port Perry United Church

2,000 members and growing stronger every day
Dear Editor
I would like to give a thumbs up to Jacki-Wray Parent for starting and continuing to monitor the wonderful Facebook group "Remembering Port Perry and the Surrounding Small Communities."
What a wonderful memory exercise it has been. It has given many of us a good reason to dig through our old photos and memorabilia and share them with community friends to enjoy as well. It has been a trip down memory lane, filled with welcoming and familiar faces. A virtual street dance. All are welcome.
Thanks to everyone in the group for sharing their photos and thoughts.
Janice Sandy

Accolades for Eleanor, butter tarts and front cover
Dear Editor
MaryAnn, I was just so delighted to read the lovely profile of Eleanor Bailey in your March 2021 issue of the Focus magazine! She is an exceedingly fine and lovely person, and gosh, it was great to see Eleanor and her wonderful butter tart work written up like this! And, just a heads up ... you can bid on some of Eleanor's delicious butter tarts in our upcoming Port Perry United Church Spring auction!
Wonderful March issue, including that stunning cover!
Kind regards,
Sharon Hick

Heartfelt message
Dear Editor
I'm sorry to tell you my beautiful grandson Ryker Worr (Doggy Dog) passed away peacefully at home on Friday November 13, 2020. Ryker was only 7 years old.
I would like to thank all of the wonderful people of Port Perry and beyond, for all the help and emotional support over the years. We would not have made it without you!
Please love your children and spend as much time with them as you can!
Ryker's Papa


MARCH 2021

With warmth and generosity
Dear Editor
On behalf of the Outreach Committee of the Port Perry/Prince Albert United Churches, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who supported our KEEP WARM - WE CARE project this winter. Free handmade or purchased hats, mitts, scarves and socks were available to anyone who needed them.
We appreciate the generosity of the people of Scugog who continue to think of others in so many ways, making our community such a great place in which to live.
Janice White
on behalf of the Outreach Committee,
PP/PA United Churches



Thank you Scugog
Dear Editor
The holiday season has come and gone happily once again for the clients of Operation Scugog.
The challenges of this difficult time indeed necessitated new plans to cope with health and safety standards amidst the pandemic. Individuals in Scugog, businesses, and groups have stepped up and heroically met with the guidelines established by Operation Scugog for this Christmas Campaign!
So many have contributed food, money and gift cards which were then distributed to 165 of our clients - our youth, single adults, seniors, and families. These are our neighbours living among us.
The volunteers worked hand-in-hand with members of our truly amazing community to gather and share rewards of planning, hard work, and implementation of this endeavour. This holiday season DID IN FACT arrive in Scugog to support the businesses within the township. A shout out to the determination of all as we continue to stand up to this difficult time - masks and all!
Yours sincerely,
Karen Teed
and the Operation Scugog Christmas Committee
and volunteers



COVID Friendly giving
Dear Editor
Above and Beyond Women enjoyed our annual 'Elegant Victoria Tea' in November and pampering the women who attended. We wanted to connect with everyone and thought of a unique 'COVID Friendly' way we could!
We have been in touch with our local schools and there is a great need for gift cards from grocery stores, local businesses that offer clothing or food, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart... even gas cards. Any amount will be GREATLY appreciated and valued! ALL donations go toward the families!
On Saturday December 5th and Monday December 7th (between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) we will be at Emmanuel Community Church - 1680 Reach Street, Port Perry Ontario.

We will have a 'COVID Friendly' drive-thru set up at the church... you won't be able to miss us...for those that have attended our tea you know we like a little BLING! Plus we will have a little 'Victoria Tea' surprise for each of you!
To mark the occasion we will print your name on a Christmas Ball and it will be lovingly placed on our 'Victoria Tea' tree, which we will display throughout the Christmas season!
For those who cannot 'drive-thru' on these dates to visit us in person... you can send money through e-transfer... the email address is We will take the money and purchase the appropriate gift cards.
Looking forward to bringing many smiles to many kids this year. Each of us can make a difference... thank you for caring!
Linda Peplinskie
on behalf of Above and Beyond Women

A thumbs along the road to recovery
Dear Editor
Recently, I had hip replacement surgery and during my recovery I want to thank our many friends, family members and others who were supportive to myself and my wife, Ethel, assisting with our house and gardening tasks that I could not properly do, given this pandemic as well.
A special thumbs up to Tracey and Warren Strong of Framers Gallery, who not only helped us through our bathroom renovations, with the creation of two beautifully framed mirrors, but also for their kindness, safely delivering the completed mirrors to our home.
Bill Stimson

Many, many thanks
Dear Editor
Thank you to Scott and Pam Riley of Pet Valu for donating their two-minute spot on the virtual Santa Claus parade for the Walk for Dog Guides and suggesting the theme of a Golden Christmas.
Stewart of the Wee Tartan for donating Laci Otis's time to pipe our goldens through Port Perry. "Laci, you are the best and the goldens loved the sound of back home!"
Right at Home for opening early with treats for our goldens.
Port Perry Lions Club for videotaping our walk down Queen Street in the early morning.
All the golden retrievers and their chauffeurs for getting up early Saturday morning for the video shoot.
Jonathan van Bilsen for your time sorting thru video clips down to the 2-minute timeslot.
We at the Port Perry Walk for Dog Guides are humbled and blessed with all this community support. Thank you so much.
Ivo Finotti

p.s. Thumbs up to our Port Perry Santa Claus, Tim Griffen and Zoomer extraordinaire Catherine Pavlik who came to our rescue for the virtual Breakfast with Santa on Zoom, December 9, for the Trentino Club. Our children will benefit from your kindness and we preserve the continuity of our long tradition.

A special message from
Lake Scugog Historical Society

Dear Editor
This message is to advise that due to the continuous COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on gatherings, the Lake Scugog Historical Society along with our partner, the Township of Scugog have decided to cancel the 2021 Port Perry Antique Show that would have been held on February 6 and 7, 2021.
As everyone knows the show has become extremely busy over the last few years and with all the various protocols required, the organizers did not feel that we could safely or logistically handle the number of visitors. We are planning to try and continue in 2022 on February 5 & 6.
Thank you for your support over the past years and we hope you will be back in the future.
Marilyn Pearce, Show Convenor

Thanks for uncovering the Green Door
Dear Editor
Thank you to Focus on Scugog for the cover story and history (October 2020 issue) of our lodge written by J. Peter Hvidsten. This year Warriner Lodge celebrated their 159th anniversary in Port Perry and Maybelle Rebekah Lodge celebrated their 70th anniversary.
Thank you to Guy Latreille and Brett Puckrin for their generosity with reproducing the green door.
We are still in Port Perry meeting at the Presbyterian Church Hall.
Ken Dowson, NG Warriner Lodge
and Heidi Jones, NG Maybelle Rebekah Lodge

Keeping Scouting Alive
Dear Editor
Just wanted to thank the Focus and Lynn Campbell for the great article (November 2020 page 16) on Scouting in Port Perry. Keeping Scouting alive and well in Port Perry has been a real struggle during the pandemic. Your article helped lift the spirits of our Scout Leaders and bring awareness to the wonderful opportunities for scouting, even during the pandemic.
Bill Swan, Treasurer, 1st Port Perry Scouts

Operation Scugog Christmas Campaign
Dear Editor
In light of the current pandemic, Operation Scugog has developed a new plan to replace our traditional Christmas Campaign. In order to keep everyone safe, we will not be having toy/gift donation boxes around town, nor will we be collecting hoodies this year. We will also not be adopting out families. Along with food hampers, we will be giving each member of our families, as well as our singles and couples, gift cards to do their own Christmas shopping starting in early November.
If you would like to donate gift cards or make a monetary donation, you can drop off to the Focus on Scugog at 188 Mary St., or at Operation Scugog (school portables beside the Victory Christian Centre) at 593 Alma Street. Mail slots are available at both locations. Make cheques payable to Operation Scugog.
If you have any questions or would like to make a food donation, please inquire at or call us at 905-985-3087 and leave a message.
We thank you for your understanding and continued
support of Operation Scugog! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!
Karen Teed,
on behalf of the Operation Scugog Christmas Committee

To whom it may concern
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself, Jillian Howsam, who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics are participating in the "Community Gift Giving" program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this:
We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20.00. Cheques can be made out to "Community Gift Giving Program". We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Thank you,
Jillian Howsam,
286 Rosa St., Port Perry, Ont. L9L 1M5 - cell 905-432-5575
and Joan Elliott,
Community Gift Giving Program, Port Perry

Hoping for reduced speed limits
Dear Editor
Our Island residents were extremely glad to hear our township published "We Decided" comments and action plan about the speed limit reduction on our township roads!
The Highway Traffic Act basically says, the unposted speed limit on paved rural residential roads is 80 km/h! Now with a lot of our roads on the Island having been resurfaced thanks to Councillor Ross and Mayor Drew...we really need a posted speed limit with reduced speeds.
As a resident of Aldred Drive, just north of Pine Point ...80 km/h seems to be a little fast .... maybe 50 would be safer with all the curves, deep ditches and creek culverts!
To "complain" a little...maybe some yellow lines on the blind hills on Pine Point might make it even safer until pole lights get installed. Could we scrap the saline sand muck used in the winter now too please?
Frank Smith


To whom it may concern
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself, Jillian Howsam, who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics are participating in the "Community Gift Giving" program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this:
We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20.00. Cheques can be made out to "Community Gift Giving Program". We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Thank you,
Joan Elliott and Jillian Howsam,
Community Gift Giving Program, Port Perry

A huge thumbs up
Dear Editor
As an elderly couple living in this wonderful town and specifically Canterbury Common, we would like to give the Service Department of Canadian Tire a huge thumbs up for the service you have provided us recently and in the past. It is above and beyond starting at the front desk with Jen, and continuing with all the people right through the whole department. We so appreciate it!
Thank you so much,
Elaine and Dwayne Petzold

A sweeping thank you
Dear Editor
A Big THANK YOU to Payton M and Sophia G the two students that spent their Tuesday and Thursday evenings (this summer) sweeping the main streets of Port Perry. Very much appreciated, with nice comments from passersby.
All the best in your school year!
Thank you again,
Joanne Callery

Operation Scugog Christmas Campaign
Dear Editor
In light of the current pandemic, Operation Scugog has developed a new plan to replace our traditional Christmas Campaign. In order to keep everyone safe, we will not be having toy/gift donation boxes around town, nor will we be collecting hoodies this year. We will also not be adopting out families. Along with food hampers, we will be giving each member of our families, as well as our singles and couples, gift cards to do their own Christmas shopping starting in early November.
If you would like to donate gift cards or make a monetary donation, you can drop off to the Focus on Scugog at 188 Mary St., or at Operation Scugog (school portables beside the Victory Christian Centre) at 593 Alma Street.
If you have any questions or would like to make a food donation, please inquire at or call us at 905-985-3087 and leave a message.
We thank you for your understanding and continued
support of Operation Scugog! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!
Karen Teed,
on behalf of the Operation Scugog Christmas Committee

One happy golfer
Dear Editor
A HUGE shout-out and thanks to Golfer's Dream and to the folks who found the $50 I lost on the 2nd t-block on Thursday September 24th. What a surprise and relief when James Puckrin called to let me know that the money had been found. You people ROCK!
With much gratitude,
Karen Hunt

The proof is in our community
Dear Editor
In the September issue of Focus on Scugog, you included my note about Port Perry Hospital Foundation's need for donations, not only with support related to COVID-19 but also the day-to-day care of patients beyond COVID.
Our Port Perry Hospital is here for our community when we need it the most. And our community has proven once again that it is here for our hospital too.
I'd like to say a big thank you to Focus for sharing the message and to the community members who responded. It is because of this generosity that we have been able to commit to the purchase of a key piece of lab equipment and add to the funds needed for other vital equipment priorities at the hospital because of some kind and generous responses.
Thank you and stay safe.
Rachel Agnoluzzi

Greetings from the Blackstock/Nestleton United Church
Dear Editor
Like most small rural community churches, we have struggled with slow Internet service. This, in turn, has made it difficult to conduct Zoom church services over the Internet. It has been somewhat frustrating to experience frozen screens, missed words and disconnections. Thanks to two small local companies, Communicate Freely and Spring Grove, our little church is now zooming at astonishing high speed.
As electronic communications appear to be the way of the future, church services, weddings, celebrations and funerals can now be attended online.
We feel very fortunate and blessed to be one of
the first rural churches to have high speed Internet.
It gives a whole new meaning to the word, 'Godspeed'.
Kelly Gatchell,
Blackstock/Nestleton United Church Steward



To our Scugog community
Dear Editor
We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the people of Port Perry and surrounding area for all your contributions to the Pack-a-Backpack Program.
Above & Beyond Scugog is a program that was created to form a place where women could meet once a month, support each other, learn from each other and work together to meet the needs in our community.
It was a pleasure to support Operation Scugog Food Bank as they are an integral part of our community and meet so many needs. With the support of the people in Scugog we were able to fill 35 back packs with school supplies, water bottles, facemasks and lunch boxes! The food bank will be distributing the school bags.
Every child deserves to start school with all that they need. To each of you who put a smile on a student’s face, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Please feel free to check out our Facebook page.
We post daily inspirational pieces plus our personal and community events should you wish to participate in the future.
Lana Crosbie on behalf of the women of
Above & Beyond Scugog

A grateful acknowledgement
Dear Editor
A special thank you to the caring individual who slipped my bankcard safely under the CIBC branch (Queen St.) door recently. Whether you were a tourist or Port Perry resident, you demonstrated a concern for others that we so cherish in defining our township. I circled back to the branch upon discovery of the missing card, and you definitely put my mind at ease in seeing my card fully protected.
With tremendous gratitude,
Sheri Walter

An overwhelming thank you
Dear Editor
We at Operation Scugog certainly appreciate the community’s kindness and financial support received at our foodbank during the COVID-19 crisis. From food drives and financial donations, to fresh produce donations and new backpacks filled with school supplies, we are truly amazed! We can readily replenish our shelves with food and much needed necessities at these challenging times.
This community and our local business people continue to be very supportive. We are overwhelmed with the good deeds of our Scugog Township citizens!
Thank you!
Karen Teed, Chairperson,
Operation Scugog

Great service
Dear Editor
I went into Country Road Auto needing brakes and tires done on my car. Tom and Mario are so very nice and even put a mask and gloves on before bringing my vehicle into the shop. They explained to me in detail exactly what was wrong with my brakes and tires before selling me anything. They also let me know what needed to be done immediately and what could wait to save me some money in the long run. I even decided to get an undercoating done from them and they did not miss a spot.
Overall, very nice people. I will be going back again.
Cassie Fiore



Online was good, print is better!
Dear Editor
I’ve been happy to get your ‘newsletter’ publications, but it’s so much better to sit on my couch with a glass of (fill in the blank) and pick up the ‘hard copy’ and read it at leisure without having to sit at the computer. Congratulations Big Time on getting back into print.
Thank you for all your efforts!
A VERY happy reader,
Gretel Cameron

Welcome Back
Dear Editor
Just wanted to say “Welcome Back” to the Focus magazine. We received our copy in the mail yesterday and have read it cover to cover - another outstanding issue. We did follow the newsletters over the past few months but there is something about having the hard copy of a magazine in your hand!
Wishing you continued success. Take care and stay safe.
Donna & Eric Donnelly

Another wonderful Facebook message
Dear Editor
Wow MaryAnn Fleming!! What a fabulous job you did in your recent publication of The FOCUS! It’s so good to have this back!!
I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without a shout-out because this particular publication, (mind you they all are always good!) provided everything from laughter, history, knowledge, and a huge sense of pride of this incredible community we live in.
I’m a born and bred Port Perry girl and I just want to say after reading this issue of the Focus, you’ve reminded me yet again how grateful and proud I am of our town and everyone in it. It’s truly the people who make a community, and these people bring a whole new meaning to the term #portperryproud. #vosindependent #sunnybraegolf #ppesupplies
Thanks too for the chuckle Lynn Campbell!
Lee Warner

Here are more comments we received on Facebook.

Thanks MaryAnn. Such an incredible issue, and to have it in print is so awesome.

Another great issue... congrats to you and your staff on another informative issue full of genuine stories!!

Yay! So glad to see you in print again

Welcome back...looking good.

Hurray!! We’ve missed you all! Bravo!!

A fantastic issue MaryAnn!

So looking forward to my favourite magazine back in print. Great job.

Editors Note - Thank you for all the comments and feedback, and please know this is a whole Focus team effort and the support of this community.


Scugog Marathon Hospital Bridge Club
Dear Editor
Thank you on behalf of our club for allowing us this opportunity to announce our winners of the 2019-2020 season.
Winners for the season are Team 12, comprised of Judy Jensen and Leslie Wilkinson, 13 games played for a total of 46,650 points, and Team 8 of Coralie Pettypiece and Anne Scott with a total of 4 Slams.
Unfortunately, we were unable to complete our games, but when more information and guidelines regarding the resumption of play are available, we will contact our members.
A cheque for $1,000 has been forwarded to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation. Thank you to all our current and former members of the Scugog Marathon Hospital Bridge Club.
Donna Ankrett, President
Scugog Marathon Hospital Bridge Club

Ten thumbs up
Dear Editor
To all the staff at Focus for being
dedicated to producing an informative, positive, local newsletter during such difficult and changing times.
It’s been fun reading different articles and perspectives (even Max’s).
We look forward to our next in-print Focus on Scugog!
Sue & Steve Brain (and Carly)

A heartfelt thank-you
Dear Editor
We as volunteers at Operation Scugog are so thankful and humbled by the generosity of our community in support of our local foodbank. From individual and neighbourhood food drives to small and large monetary donations, we could not do it without you!
At the moment we are serving clients outside every Wednesday from 12 - 4 p.m. Volunteers wear face shields or masks. Safety panels have been installed inside our foodbank as we prepare to start serving our clients back inside (individually) in the near future.
If you are struggling during this pandemic, please contact Operation Scugog through our Facebook page, email (, or phone
(905-985-3087). All information is private and confidential.
Thank you,
Karen Teed, Chairperson, Operation Scugog

APRIL 2020

The arts so appreciative
Dear Editor
You are the most amazing arts and culture supporter we have in our township. The people of Scugog have much to be thankful for in your publication of Focus on Scugog.
Scugog Arts has brought many fabulous programs to our community over the years, but it’s your magazine that makes sure the locals know what’s going on. In 2019 you told everyone about our Literary Program, invited the public to Culture Days, made sure they knew about every exhibition, reported on our Symposium, shared our campaigns Hoot for Hospice, Bill Lishman Memorial and Port Perry Hospital Healing Ceilings and helped us make people aware of our major financial donors.
In every issue you’ve given us a What’s Up mention, to as many as four full pages of coverage. This type of support is essential for a charitable organization, and you’ve personally gone beyond the ordinary in your support of Scugog Arts.
We are grateful for your terrific coverage of all things arts and culture in our community.
Yours Truly,
Marion Meyers



Another act of kindness in our town
Dear Editor
On a Thursday morning in December, I lost my wallet and iPhone while out walking. I was about to pay for a purchase at Home Hardware. After tracing my steps, I walked home to see if in fact I had dropped them at home.
There were two messages, one from LeeAnne at RBC and one from the Scugog library, both saying that my items had been found at Home Hardware. Terry from Home Hardware had gone to the bank to find how to contact me, and the HH clerk had called the library also to contact me about the find!
What a wonderful Christmas present from all Port Perry persons involved. What an honest, caring, thoughtful town we live in.
Thank you
Rowena Fowler

A heartfelt thank you
Dear Editor
Once again this Christmas season, Operation Scugog was reminded of the depth of generosity and warmth of spirit our community and surrounding area extends each year over the holiday season. This past December saw 73 families and 131 singles and couples celebrate a merrier and more bountiful Christmas as a result.
A special thank you to all the “Hoodie Elves” on Facebook and beyond whose donations helped Sandy O’Hare collect a total of 152 hoodies, 4 winter coats, hand knit pieces, shirts, socks, blankets and sundry items.
“Hamper Day” at Victory Christian Centre went off without a hitch thanks to our many dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Thank you to McDonald’s and Hank’s Pastries for their donation of coffee, muffins and donuts to jump start our morning and to the Victory Christian Centre not only for opening their doors and providing us a base of operations, but for preparing a delicious lunch for our many helpers.
All of the volunteers that make up our Operation Scugog family wish to express our thanks to those who adopted families as well as the groups, individuals and businesses that contributed food, gifts, gift cards, money and time to support our “Hamper Day”.
“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.” Thank you all for helping make our 2019 Christmas Campaign a resounding success!
Karen Teed
Operation Scugog Christmas Campaign Coordinator

A BIG thanks to Coldwell Banker R.M.R. Real Estate
Dear Editor
What a wonderful start to the New Year for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham (BBBSND).
As a charitable organization with no core or government funding that provides Mentoring programs to over 250 children and youth in Scugog, Brock and Uxbridge, I can tell you I feel excited and grateful when we receive donations that support the continuation of our programs.
Coldwell Banker has been a supporter of BBBSND for many years and it is kindnesses like theirs that keeps us doing what we do for the children and youth in our wonderful community. Coldwell Banker’s generous donation of $5,000 will be put to good use in our newest In-School Mentoring program called Think Feel ACT!
This structured 10 week program supports children aged 9 to 12 who struggle with anxiety, face other adversities, and are in need of an additional consistent and supportive Developmental Relationship. Think, Feel, ACT! is proven to build social and emotional competence, self-regulation, anxiety and stress management abilities as Mentors express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power and expand possibilities.
Again, thank you to Coldwell Banker for your generosity.
Margaret Ayres, Executive Director

Be sure to have this discussion
Dear Editor
In 2019, more than 10 Canadians died every day from opioid overdose. Typically, these overdoses are the result of an unexpected lethal dose of fentanyl or carfentanyl (in other words, anesthetic agents) commonly found in many types of drugs sold on the street. Sometimes, overdose is the result of a cavalier attitude towards taking prescription medications for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, and too often, the end effect is a rapid loss of respiratory drive followed quickly by death. The decision to experiment with street or prescription medications has become a dangerous practice and often the last decision the victim makes. As a physician and a father, I would urge everyone reading this to discuss this issue at home with your children and your loved ones. Taking medication that was not prescribed for your use by your physician is too often a mistake for which there is no second chance.
Matthew J Schurter MD, CCFP (FPA), FCFP

I question, why?
Dear Editor
We received a letter from DocuPet to renew Max’s dog license with the township, with the option to bring in the form to the township offices at 181 Perry Street, or the animal shelter
on Reach, or renew online. I was surprised to find an additional “administrative fee” when finishing the renewal online. Why are we being charged an administrative fee when we are in fact decreasing the bureaucratic work of township staff? Why are we being charged an administrative fee and at the same time being inundated with upsell offers from the DocuPet for custom tags, etc.?
I have come to expect lower costs whenever I deal online. And especially when I am doing all the inputting and being bombarded with upsell offers!
Maybe next year we will simply sign the letter, bring it in to 181 Perry Street, inundate staff with work and save the extra cost (tax).
Ivo Finotti

Think twice
Dear Editor
To those of you who continue to utilize the abandoned gas station at Simcoe Street as a place to dump household garbage, furniture, aquariums, leaves, paint cans and even recently two truckloads of gravel.
This is our home that you continue to disrespect. This is our backyard, a place where our kids play. Our drinking water comes from the ground and you are potentially poisoning us with your inconsiderate actions. It costs a minimal amount of money to take your garbage to the dump on Reach Street. The garbage you leave behind can cause untold risks to both the residents and the wild life.
Please think twice before you back in and offload your refuse.
Mr. Rodney H Burley



A Bill Lishman Second Showing –
don’t miss out this time!

Dear Editor
Thank you for the announcement about the Second Showing of the Lishman rare footage. Testimony to the power of information and of Focus on Scugog, immediately after your December issue hit the street, there was an upsurge of requests for tickets. But unlike last time, we are using a larger venue. More people can be accommodated. Given the steady demand, people would still be smart to reserve their seats now.
Focus on Scugog is, without a doubt, a marvel.
A quick count in the December issue revealed that you have told us of nearly 50 events that we can look forward to in the holiday season. Small wonder people tend to keep their Focus on Scugog close at hand.
You guys are a Scugog treasure.
Thank you all.
Bill Eull
Co-Chair, Bill Lishman Memorial Project,
A Committee of Scugog Council for the Arts

24th annual was the biggest ever!
Dear Editor
Once again, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback for our Bakersville Animated Gingerbread Display at Scugog Memorial Public Library during the Holiday Season. Thank you to everyone who participated this year by making a creation – it was our largest ever with 103 entries! So many people, who saw the display last year, didn’t want to miss out and made sure they made the deadline for our 24th anniversary of this community project. If you missed it, make sure you come to the library next December!
This village wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful support of our library’s staff and administration, monetary support from MSIFN, The Colwell family and the grant committee of Scugog township. We are grateful to the various businesses that are willing to post our flyers and those who host our window displays. Our local press, including FOCUS was wonderful with all of the features about the village in print media. Aaron from Global/CHEX news showed everyone that a little community of Port Perry was important enough to broadcast a story about the gingerbread village across the GTA. It was amazing how many visitors came to Bakersville because of this kind of visibility. Our 2018 pictures were developed courtesy of Walmart photo centre. The Rotary Club let us tag along on their parade train, which gave us amazing visibility and Sue’s Signs did a fabulous job on our signage this year. The Hvidsten family is wonderful as they continually supply space for us within the Scugog Focus building to store all of our accessories associated with the village. A big thank you is also due to our patient families who never mentioned how many dinners were late because of our pre-occupation with everything gingerbread.
This is a community event made by and for the community – Thank you everyone!
Tracy Pastic
on behalf of all “The Village People”

Lest we forget
Dear Editor
Once again the Port Perry Legion Br. 419 wish to thank Focus on Scugog for their outstanding coverage of Remembrance Day (November 2019 issue) and our veterans’ stories.
We are grateful to the people of Scugog who supported the Poppy Campaign again this year. Thank You.
Debbie Tzountzouris,
Volunteer for the Legion Poppy Campaign

Window Coverings =
$$$$ for Oak Ridges Hospice

Dear Editor
We have always been so thankful for the wonderful community that we live in.
When we started our business, Budget Blinds of Port Perry, ten years ago, we didn’t realize how supportive our community would be of our new venture. We are so happy to have helped so many people with their window coverings over the years.
To celebrate our tenth anniversary in business, we decided to donate $10 to a local charity for every window we covered in the month of November.
We covered 195 windows! Thank you to everyone who purchased window coverings from us in November and for the past ten years.
We are proud to give back to our community with a donation of $1950 to “Building for Compassionate Care” Capital Campaign for the Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham Ltd.
Wishing everyone all the best in 2020.
Joe & Cathy Gibson
Budget Blinds of Port Perry

Finally did it!
Dear Editor
I am always happy to see my copy of Focus on Scugog in my mailbox and look forward to reading it, pretty much as soon as I get home. I have thought many
times about writing in for certain things but this month,
I absolutely had too!
I couldn’t agree more with the letter written by May Yu “I am not a hockey fan”. (November issue, page 52).
Well said Ms. Yu, I wish everyone shared the same outlook.
Thank you for saying it!
Kym Anderson



Celebrating Bill Lishman
Dear Editor
I would personally like to give a thumbs up to the committee that organized the Bill Lishman presentation at the Scugog Library on October 29. It was a very insightful look at the many facets of his life. It was also a good kick-off to raising the necessary funds for a sculpture honouring Bill by his son Geordie on the riverside of the Scugog Library.
Focus on Scugog readers should encourage this committee to hold another similar presentation so more people can be encouraged to see it by those of us who have already done so. The more of us in this local community bonded by the memory of his achievements, the better.
Rob Ferguson

Editors Note: After we received this letter, another date was announced. See page 11.

Kings Bay Halloween Food Drive
Dear Editor
This year saw the Kings Bay Residents in Seagrave once again pull together to generously donate to the Operation Scugog Food Bank. The Halloween Food Drive has become a proud tradition of this small community.
How did it start? The tradition started as a germ of an idea 9 years ago at one of the Kings Bay Wine Nights. A small group of folk were tasting wine when the question was raised about activities for Halloween night. With only a couple of children in the community, it seemed that organizing something around trick or treating would not work. The thought of a food drive was mentioned and the idea exploded!
Halloween! Silly participants? Check. Costumes? Check. Door to door? Check. Lots of fun? Check. And, a generous donation. The collection was weighed a couple of the years and came in at well over 1000 lbs! Again, this community spirit is a source of pride for Kings Bay.
Note that one year Operation Scugog was flush with donations and suggested we contact the food bank in Little Britain, which was low in supplies. The collection helped the food bank in Little Britain that year, and Kings Bay now alternates yearly between the two locations.
Regardless of where, the community is happy to give!!!!
Gerry Iantomasi, Kings Bay Resident

BBBSND thrilled to welcome
Ben Hudson and the James Barker Band

Dear Editor
As the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham (BBBSND), I would like to thank you, our community for your continued support of our Mentoring programs.
BBBSND is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping in the development of children/youth. For over 43 years, we have been matching volunteer adult role models to children/youth in order to enhance self-esteem, increase confidence and assist them in reaching their full potential.
Our organization relies on donations from the community, family, friends and fundraising activities for its function. As part of our fundraising initiatives, we will be hosting three concert series and one festival throughout the coming years to raise funds for all of our programs.
BBBSND is so happy to be partnering with Adamson Systems Engineering and Universal Music to bring an educational component to our Mentoring programs. Before each show, our Littles will have a glimpse into a potential future in the music industry, they will learn first hand about live production and interact with the artists and crew at each sound check performance.
Our first concert series takes place on Friday December 6 with Ben Hudson from Uxbridge opening for the James Barker Band. This is sure to be an exciting opportunity for our Littles.
We have children/youth waiting for a dedicated volunteer, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer with BBBSND, or know a child who would benefit from our programs, please contact us at 905-985-3733.
Margaret Ayres

Thumbs up to Scugog Island’ s
Ward 3 Councillor Angus Ross

Dear Editor
Angus quickly mellowed our concerns on repaving issues on Aldred Drive.
A major change in grade of the road surface made some of our driveways not usable!
Some driveways had a twelve-inch difference in height!
Mr. Angus was contacted and that day the paving crew stayed till after dark, attempting to correct their short sightedness!
The early snow has delayed completing the driveway repaving ...but a special thanks to Councillor Ross for helping us! He illustrates what an elected official should be!
Frank Smith, Scugog Island

I am not a hockey fan
Dear Editor
I am a Chinese immigrant. I am very surprised and upset that Don Cherry was fired. Why? Because he spoke the truth!
We immigrants should face the truth, just look around. How many immigrants wear the poppy? Just because we don’t know too much Canadian history, we shouldn’t be upset and use the charge of racism to cover the truth!
If we always use the racism card, it will cause a lot of hate in this nice, friendly country.
I think Don Cherry is an honest, brave person. In this world we need more of this kind of people. Shame on you to fire him!
Don Cherry, you don’t have to apologize for telling the truth; you are my hero!
May Yu



Community gift giving
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself, Jillian Howsam, who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics, are participating in the “Community Gift Giving” program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this: We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20.00. Cheques can be made out to “Community Gift Giving Program”. We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home. Thank you.
Joan Elliott, 905-728-4220
Jillian Howsam, 905-982-1902

It was a blast and raised $11,000
Dear Editor
McMurtry Law PC would like to extend a deep thank you to all of our volunteers and area businesses involved in making our inaugural Amazing Race Port Perry a huge success! We are truly overwhelmed by the amount of support and positive feedback we have received. We raised $11,000 for Oak Ridges Hospice. Your support will directly help in building a tranquil, home-like residence where a dedicated team of specially trained medical, nursing, support staff and volunteers will provide compassionate care and comfort to residents at the last stages of their lives.
We had a blast watching teams work through various challenges ranging from eating pickled eggs, to belting out the national anthem, to repeating a series of martial art moves, to pulling a tractor tire. Teams had to complete various challenges throughout downtown Port Perry and the level of skill and cooperation they demonstrated impressed us.
We look forward to next year’s event and to even more local businesses getting involved!
Keep updated on all things Amazing Race Port Perry related by following McMurtry Law PC on Facebook.
The McMurtry Law race team of
Paula McMurtry, Sydney Lloyd, Amy Toon,
Asia Toon and Lauren Morton

WOW!! What an amazing community we live in.
Dear Editor
The 1st Port Perry Scouts would like to shout out the biggest Scouting thank you to everyone for their support on Saturday October 19th, making this our BEST Apple day ever.
A special thanks to the business owners across Port Perry who allowed our youth to hand out the best apples in town. To the parents of our youth, leaders, volunteers and our community we couldn’t do it without you all.
We know that this amazing support will continue into our Christmas tree sales, which is held at the Port Perry Canadian Tire location, staring the first weekend in December.
Thank you so very much.
1st Port Perry Scouts



Cohoon family deserving of Thumbs Up
Dear Editor
I would like to give a big thumbs up to the Cohoon family. Yet again they ran a fantastic Family Rodeo this year at the fair. Balloon toss, egg toss, chicken catching, sack race, three legged race, wheelbarrow racing with your kid, dizzy bat obstacle course and the most favourite Mutton Busting where your kid gets to ride a sheep.
The whole family is so positive, encouraging and patient. Whitney is the farm mom to all, picking up kids who have fallen or are not quite keeping up.
Can’t wait for Family Rodeo 2020.
Amanda Pelyk

A big thanks from Sunrise Beach
Dear Editor
It is so amazing how wonderful and caring Port Perry has been to our Scugog Island’s Sunrise Beach for all these many years. How many times can we say THANK YOU – never enough to an endless list of all the special individuals and businesses whose generosity truly made our Annual Fun Day on Saturday August 24, such a success.
Once again, thank you so much everyone, for making our Fun Day FUN! You are the best!
Leanne Coulton, Linda Brown (Brownie),
Sylvia Wolf and Tammy Cicciarella.
Sunrise Beach Association

Port Perry still has it!
Dear Editor
One thing hasn’t changed in Port Perry – people are still kind and caring. Early in September, I unfortunately was in a car accident. Actually a bus hit me and my car landed on the front lawn of a Perry Street home.
I was unable to get the names of all the people who helped out in my time of need, as I was quite shaken, but wanted to thank all of them, as well as our ambulance, fire department and Durham police services.
Donna Van Camp

Thanks and see you next season
Dear Editor
We wish to sincerely thank Focus for including our Tuesday Night Cruise-Ins at Emmanuel Community Church each month under What’s Up Scugog. As always, your support is greatly appreciated!
We had six rainouts this year including our final event of the season, which was postponed until September 3rd. Although that day started out cloudy, the sun came out and our Appreciation Night was a great success! This year we had an attendance of more than 2,000 cars in total at our shows throughout the season – many “loyal cruisers” (whom we appreciate very much), some “frequent flyers” and an increasing number of “newbies”.
Port Perry’s local food bank was again the lucky recipient of over $1,000 cash and three truckloads of food and paper products collected during two special occasions this year. We are proud to support Operation Scugog.
We have 25 awesome businesses that back our cruise-ins and we ask everyone to support them by looking locally for your needs. From buying or selling your home, to purchasing insurance, parts, towing and repairs – our sponsors can provide it all! Trailer sales or rentals, buying a Ford or GMC vehicle, printing needs and even when you “gotta go” – check our blog ( to find out who are the best sponsors in Port Perry!
And finally, to each and everyone who has enjoyed even one of our events; we thank you for attending and look forward to meeting you again. Have a comment or suggestion? Be sure to email us at
Yours very truly,
Cruisin’ Classics Car Club
Bev Van Kessel, President; Tony Laundrie, Vice President;
Julie Williams, Secretary; Marie Robinson, Treasurer

Let’s all break free
Dear Editor
In an effort to put Port Perry on the map as the “small town that could” #BreakFreeFromPlastics, a handful of volunteers took to the streets recently to encourage our local restaurants to adopt a #NoSingleUsePlastics strategy for their businesses. There is a growing movement of people who are rejecting the old narrative that throwaway plastics are unavoidable and it’s up to businesses and individuals to make changes in their daily lives to solve the plastic epidemic.
Plastic waste has always been a challenge for restaurants, especially with take out options, but where there is a will, there is a way. I am more than happy to report that many of the establishments visited so far have come up with creative solutions or are looking at more eco-friendly alternatives to address this crisis. But there is still a long way to go!
In the coming weeks, we hope to visit each and every one of the more than 50 places that serve food in Port Perry with our challenge, and we are not stopping at that. Our next campaign will target local businesses and grocery stores to see how we can work together to keep our land, waterways and oceans free of plastic.
Bonnie Thomson



Thumbs up for lighting up our skies
Dear Editor
On behalf of the citizens of Caesarea, I would like to thank Mike and Debbie Davidson and helpers for the fireworks displays they had put on for May 24 and July 1
at Peace Park. The displays were great and are really appreciated.
Thanks again.
Lois Summers

From Wales to Scugog
Dear Editor
From August 5th to August 8th, the 1st Port Perry Scouts hosted 40 Venturers from Wales. The Venturers were treated to canoeing, rowing, swimming at Birds Eye Pool, a visit to Scugog Shores Museum, a tour of Port Perry and a trip to Toronto for an adventure. This was made possible with the help of our giving community and wonderful Leaders.
We would like to thank the following for their generous support – Herrington’s Butcher Shop, Trading Post, White Feather Farms, Rotary Club, Port Perry Lions, Odd Fellows/Rebekahs, Knights of Columbus, Rowing Club, Scugog Shores Museum, Scouts Canada, Township of Scugog, MPP Lindsey Park, MP Erin O’Toole, Brook Prusinski, Heather Goodman, Brenda and Gary Manns, Audrey Geer, Barb Jordan, Jeanmarie Hulaj, Sue Beatson, Jackie Sewards and Lindsay Espie.
Prior to coming to Port Perry, the Venturers had been at the World Scouting Jamboree in Virginia for two weeks. Some of the youth said their time in Port Perry with our Scouting group was one of the highlights of their trip. The highlight for us was making new friends, learning about scouting in Wales and watching our youth interact with our guests, while talking about possibly going to Wales in the future.
Thank you,
Ellen Greenough
on behalf of the 1st Port Perry Scouts



A basketful of thanks
Dear Editor
Thanks so much to Otter Greenhouses that is a family run business. In addition to selling beautiful planters and everything associated with gardening, they have a draw each year and the winner receives a huge hanging basket. I was the lucky person this year and I wish to thank them for that and also for their support of local schools, churches and other community organizations.
Lynn Hoey

What wonderful service!
Double Thumbs Up!
Dear Editor
When the arm of my glasses was broke in mid June,
I went to Port Perry Optical on 305 Queen Street.
I didn’t expect it to be fixed right away, but to my amazement, Brock Reville fixed it and for free of charge too.
I was awed and am so thankful that we have an exceptional business outlet in Port Perry that looks after their clients. Thanks again Mr. Reville.
Arfia Tanamas

Local business supporting our youth
Dear Editor
Thank you to David Brooker, owner of Envoy Business Services, for his wonderful support of the BYC-Building Youth Capacity organization. His generosity in supporting the young entrepreneurs of the BYC, who are selling their wares at our own Farmers Market, was both a surprise and a most welcome vote of support. Thank you Mr. Brooker.
Martha Casson, BYC Board Member

Do you love Bridge?
Dear Editor
The Scugog Ladies Marathon Hospital Bridge Club would like to invite new and experienced bridge players to join our fun group.
Our main focus is to raise monies for the Port Perry Hospital – our group has been donating to the Port Perry Hospital since 1985 and over the years we have donated over $49,500.
We play approximately 12 games in members’ homes from September to the end of April. Schedules are set by our members and quite flexible.
If you are interested or have further questions and are a pair or a single player, please contact me via email at
Donna Ankrett, President
Scugog Ladies Marathon Hospital Bridge Club

Many local businesses supporting our hospital
Dear Editor
Port Perry Hospital Foundation would like to acknowledge some pretty special local businesses. Brent and Jacqueline Herrington repeated Herrington’s For Goodness Steak this summer for the second time, raising $7,400 for the Foundation.
Pharmacist Doug Brown celebrated his 25th anniversary serving the Scugog community with a donation of $5,000 from Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry; challenging the community to match with their donation and match it they did, for a total result of $12,689.
Branching Out included a benefit to the Foundation as part of their Mothers’ Day promotion and Port Perry’s annual Antique Car Show, Roar by the Shores, supported both PPH Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters North Durham this year.
Kindness and commitment to health care for the community - that is what these donations are about. Thank you to these local businesses and the many members of our community who supported their efforts. Support like this continues to enhance the high standard of care at Port Perry Hospital.
Please show these caring local businesses that what they do matters by supporting them whenever you
are able.
Rachel Agnoluzzi,
CEO, Port Perry Hospital Foundation

Camille’s Closet update
Dear Editor
Camille’s Closet is about to enter the tenth year of business and we want to recognize and thank our most generous donors without whom we would not have been able to contribute almost a half a million dollars towards the betterment of our hospital.
As we go forward, we realize that a few things need to be adjusted and we are asking your help.
The space for storage and display is limited as well as the physical ability of our volunteers, so we are asking for donors to be more selective.
We still need good quality, clean, newer or classic style items of clothing. We want to be allergen-free, so please donate clothing and linens free of perfume/smoke odours or pet dander/hair.
For housewares, incomplete sets of dishes are acceptable but glasses and mugs should be in sets of at least two.
Small appliances should be clean and in working order.
Please call ahead 905-985-9522 if you have more than three bags/boxes so our volunteers are prepared.
Camille’s Closet (the Auxiliary) eagerly looks forward to serving you for many years to come.
Jeannie Muir on behalf of the Closet Admin Team


JULY 2019

Thumbs up and thumbs up again
Dear Editor
The G-Moms of Port Perry want to send out a huge THUMBS UP to all of the continued amazing support we get from our community. We certainly want you to know that we appreciate your DONATIONS. You save your articles and treasures, drop them off at the Scout Hall, and donate again with your purchases. It is awesome to realize that many people are very aware that our monies go to help the Grannies and their Orphans in Sub-Sahara Africa and gave quickly from their hearts and their wallets.
We profited over $6700 and as you know 90% of each dollar raised for SLF gets directly to the projects we support. We also got a new G-Mom as she loves what we do!!! Want to join us as well?
Another huge THUMBS UP to North Durham Eco Water for donating the cap and cradle system with excellent water so the hard working G-Moms could RE-FILL their personal water bottles and not add plastic to our world. (We do have to be careful where we put them though as one of ours was almost sold! Smile!!!
Tinie Evans, on behalf of all G-Moms

Great event = Great success
Dear Editor
The Rotary Club of Port Perry wishes to thank everyone for his or her valued support of this year’s Spring Gala, held on May 4 at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Through your generous contribution and the support of our outstanding community, the event was a great success.
The gala raised over $40,000, which will enable the
club to continue to support its many local and international causes.
The next big event for the club is the 4th Annual Rotary Rib Fest to be held in Palmer Park on July 26, 27 and 28. Hope to see you there.
Respectfully yours,
Terry Coyne, Rotary Club President
Joanne Fowler, Rotary Gala Chairperson

Two massive THUMBS DOWN
to obscenely loud motorcycles

Dear Editor
There are traffic laws against unnecessary noise, and the loud exhaust pipes on many motorcycles must exceed the decibel limits allowable by law.
And if riders believe that they need to be heard to be safe – twist your exhausts forwards so that the sound travels out in front of you instead of letting us know that you’ve been there after you’ve passed.
J.W. Nesbitt, Port Perry

Big win for the hospital
Dear Editor
Perhaps it was because of the beautiful sunshine which had finally arrived or the euphoria over the Raptors’ win the night before in Oakland, but probably it was the special connection the people of our community have for their hospital. But once again the people of Scugog and surrounding communities greeted our taggers happily and dug deep into their pockets. The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry are thrilled to report that Tag Days 2019 brought us $10,137 which will be used to keep our wonderful hospital staff well-equipped and ready to serve their patients and their families.
Thank you Mary Ann and Focus on Scugog for promoting our event and the businesses that welcomed our taggers to their doorsteps. And thank you to you, the donors, for your gifts and kind words of encouragement. The Auxiliary members love to serve our community and hear your stories and we deeply appreciate your support.
Linda Romano, Linda Elliot, Gail Kerry
and the Auxiliary members


JUNE 2019

Port Perry Women win a Bronze Medal at the US Open
Dear Editor
MaryAnn, a big thank you for the great and timely article (May 2019 issue) highlighting Port Perry’s key leadership role in Ontario’s Pickleball landscape and its much sought after and meteoric rise in Scugog.
Many communities are now converting old unused tennis courts into recreational Pickleball Courts. People investigating the recreational offerings before moving to new a community, are now also asking, “Are there outdoor Pickleball courts?”.
Along with the recreational side, both our young and mature players continue to garner recognition in National and International tournament competitions.
One of the top prestigious International tournaments is the US Open in Naples, Florida in May.
Recently, Port Perry’s Joy McDonald and Sylvia Laycoe competed against the best in their Women’s Doubles age event category and returned home with a US Open Bronze Medal!!
Rob Smith, Convenor Port Perry Pickleball Club
p.s. anyone looking for more information, contact

A warm thanks to so many local businesses
Dear Editor
The Special Education Department at Port Perry High School would like to sincerely thank the following local businesses for providing work education opportunities to students in the Practical Learning Program (PLP). Gus Brown, Port Perry Feeds, Vos’ Independent Grocer, Willowtree Farm, Good Shepherd YMCA Child Care Centre, West Shore Village, and Meta4 Gallery. Your commitment, kindness, and leadership is recognized and appreciated by teachers, EAs and parents alike. You provide our special needs students the opportunity to learn, develop, and nurture key employability skills. Thank you!
Hayley O’Connor
(on behalf of the special education department
at Port Perry High School)

Chicks and baby ducklings
Dear Editor
I wanted to write in and share about my very positive, small town, personalized customer service I received with Port Perry Feeds.
I recently ordered day-old baby chicks from Port Perry Feeds with a planned arrival on my daughter’s farm-themed 2nd birthday party. We were disappointed to find out on pick-up day, through a mix up, our baby chicks were not delivered and wouldn’t arrive in time for the party.
Arriving home, I received a call personally from the owner Jason, who was making every attempt to make sure I was a happy customer, and later called me to say that he would have 15 baby ducklings for us, on loan for the party that weekend! We were thrilled! Baby ducklings! The kids loved them and so did we!
Where else would you find a business that cares so much about a little girl’s birthday party, than right here in Port Perry?
Thank you to all the staff at Port Perry Feeds for going above and beyond with customer service and making my daughter’s birthday party an incredible success! She is still talking about the baby duckys.
The Seguin Family

Thumbs up to a caring senior
Dear Editor
I wanted to say thanks to Eileen, a selfless and very caring senior, who along with her daughter Anna, gives back to the community through making and donating lovely little beds for Pet Valu.
Eileen, our stores are so lucky to have someone like yourself, caring and giving your time to help those who are not able to help themselves. Our cats and kittens leave our stores with a loving new home and a familiar bed. Thanks to you this sometimes-traumatic transition time for them is made easier and certainly more comfortable. Nobody appreciates a good place to sleep like a cat!
Also, because you have made extra beds, we are able to offer them to our other customers. The adoption cats get to model them for us and when someone shows an interest, we tell them that they are provided to us, with love, and a hope to help other pets too. We ask for a donation in exchange for the beds and because of this, you have helped us help our local shelter, our new shelter, and currently we are assisting a Dog Guide charity who provides seeing eye dogs, dogs for autism, and others, absolutely free to those who need them.
Thanks very much Eileen! You are doing a fantastic thing!
Scott Riley, owner of Pet Valu, Port Perry

That’s a Rap and a thank-you
Dear Editor
The G-Moms want to send out a huge shout out of THANKS to all of our community for the amazing donations they received for the Gala held on May 11.
This continuous generosity never ceases to amaze all of us. We are aware that you support our cause of helping Grannies and orphans in Sub-Sahara Africa with a hand up and are very grateful for that, as it makes our task of fundraising so much easier. We want to remind everyone that 90% of each dollar raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation goes directly to the projects we support.
We will personally walk a thank-you card to everyone with huge smiles and more information.
I now share a Granny to Granny Rap which seems appropriate after hearing our guest speaker Emmanuel Jal, a Sudanese Hip Hop Artist.

We Grannies are pursuers
Of the same objective
Without resting we keep questing
For a life reflective

Of our will to be a part
In the fresh creation
Of a single loving heart
For the whole human nation

The fruition of our mission
Will not come tomorrow
We’ve no magic for the tragic
Pain of death and sorrow

But with head and shoulders high,
Doubling our persistence
We shall never cease to try
To better all existence

Tinie Evans, on behalf of all G-Moms


MAY 2019

Future looks bright!
Dear Editor
Date Night never looked so good!
Port Perry has superb restaurants and entertainment. In an effort to bring you more, bigger, better nights on the town, I wish to thank Jester's Court, The Old Flame Brewing Company, The Hope Christian Church, Scugog Island Hall, The Church of the Ascension, and the Scugog Public Library for welcoming me and my musical friends!
Port Perry loves MUSIC!! What a vibrant place to live.
Yours in music,
Lynn McDonald, Port Perry

Thanks So Much
Dear Editor
MaryAnn thanks so much for touching base with me, to remind me of upcoming deadlines for financial ads. This year was clear that the ads I placed in the March and April issues of Focus worked and brought me new clients. "I saw your ad in Focus" seemed to be the general consensus of many clients introduction.
Thank you,
Sandy Poupore, Port Perry

Great service in downtown Port Perry
Dear Editor
I look forward to receiving your magazine every month and the interesting stories I read about my hometown. I do notice that the majority of businesses in the area use your magazine to get their message out.
I recently had a problem with my cellphone and thought I would have to travel to Oshawa or Whitby to have someone look at it until I noticed an ad in the last issue of Focus magazine from a company called Wireless 4U. They are located right on Queen St. in downtown Port Perry . The staff was very helpful and fixed a problem I was having with the camera on my IPhone.
I was very impressed as they did the repair on the spot in less than 5 minutes. They have a wide variety of mobile accessories as well as an impressive inventory on used cellphones. I would definitely recommend them.
Thanks Focus magazine for making me aware of this great business.
Don MacLeod, Port Perry

More TOPLESS info
Dear Editor
Hello. Thank you for printing the great article on the Town Hall top in the April 2019 Focus! I just wanted to add a couple of further details that some Port Perry folks might enjoy.
The wooden structure shown in the photo on page 4 being lifted into place, was actually built by two Port Perry residents. James McNab and my late brother Don Foster operated a woodworking business in 1975 across from the south ball diamond at the lakefront in an old garage station. In the photo in the article, I'm sure they are 2 of the 3 people shown, as I remember the original photo, but I couldn't "pinch and expand" it to confirm (yes I'll admit I tried).
Thanks for the memory,
John Foster, Port Perry


APRIL 2019

Many thanks to everyone!
Dear Editor
This past February, Borelians Community Theatre presented Palmer Park, an original play that attracted large audiences to the historic Town Hall Theatre in Port Perry. It is with full hearts that the Borelians would like to thank everyone that came out to see the show, as well as the numerous volunteers and local businesses that helped make Palmer Park such a success.
Thank you to Vos' Independent Grocer, Foodland, Hank's Pastries, Tallboy Roasters, and Royal LePage's Carolyn Goff for providing such an impressive array of food and drink at our gala night celebration.
Thank you to Judy Anderson and her ukulele band who had everyone tapping their toes before the show.
Finally, an extra-special thank you goes to MaryAnn Fleming and everyone at Focus on Scugog for featuring our cast on the cover of your February edition.
The Borelians are so grateful to be part of such a giving and supportive community. Thank you, and, take a bow, Port Perry!
Kyle Brough, Producer


MARCH 2019

Free yoga by helping Operation Scugog
Dear Editor
I am a registered yoga teacher at Port Perry Flowyoga Studio. I am volunteering my time to invite our community to a free monthly yoga event to benefit a local charity - Operation Scugog.
I have been in contact with Chairwoman Karen Teed of Operation Scugog to inform her about my idea and to canvass her recommendation on what items the food banks need most and monthly. The items I will be asking participants to donate will be either; jar of jam, instant coffee, pancake syrup, large bottle of apple juice, tampons and adult diapers. These are the items Mrs. Teed needs to purchase, to serve our community.
I plan to offer a free yoga class for a donation of one or more of the listed items on the first Sunday of every month from 7-8 pm. This is also known as a "karma class". I wish to share what I have been taught in a yoga practice with others, and in turn, they are helping our local community.
Since I anticipate this karma class to be popular and space is limited in the studio to 16 participants, all must register with Maria at the studio personally, by telephone or email. Please cancel if you are unable to attend as a waiting list may be in effect. Hope to see more community members that have always been curious about yoga to try it out this Sunday March 3rd.
Best regards,
Elaine Morash RYT
Cell: 905-436-5790
Port Perry Flowyoga, 183 Casimir St., Unit 2, Port Perry
Maria: 905-441-7874

Looking for old photos of Scugog's hamlets
Dear Editor
For more than two decades I have been researching and writing about the history of Scugog Township, and as I continue this quest, I am reaching out to your readers to help.
My current project is aimed at former Reach Township's hamlets: Epsom, Utica, Manchester, Prince Albert, Seagrave, Greenbank and Saintfield.
One of the most difficult parts of recording the history of these small communities is finding good pictures of the buildings, which were important commercial and residential structures. These could be old business storefronts, churches, town offices, parks, etc.
I am looking for pictures that date from the late 1800s to the 1920s. Often images can be found on old post cards, while others could be tucked away in family picture albums.
If you have any photographs of this era, I would be thrilled to hear from you. I can be contacted at 905-449-6690 or emailed at:, or photos can be dropped off at the Focus on Scugog office
at 188 Mary Street. There is a mail slot beside the door if the office is closed. All photos will be returned if an address is provided.
Peter Hvidsten

Shopping local pays off
Dear Editor
Suddenly, my clothes washer packed up without any warnings. We decided to go to Homestead Furniture & Appliances looking for a quality replacement. We were not disappointed. We ended up replacing both outdated washer and dryer, at comparable prices to those of larger retail stores, and free delivery was included.
Shopping, purchasing and professional delivery - all done in one day. A huge thank you to all the staff at Homestead.
Pays to buy local. Satisfied customers.
Denis and Lydia Morel, Port Perry



Thanks! Your help went a long way!
Dear Editor
Our great community enthusiastically supported Operation Scugog and surrounding area this past Christmas, helping 91 families and 127 singles and couples have a merrier holiday season.
A special thank you once again to our "Hoodie Elf", Sandy O'Hare, and her Facebook friends for donating a total of 165 new hoodies as well as hand knit items, socks, shirts, sweaters and a winter coat. Drop off locations for food, toys and hoodies were supported by BMO, Canadian Tire, Emmerson Insurance, Focus on Scugog, Foodland, Gus Brown, McDonald's, PP Print, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, Shoppers Drug Mart, Vos' Independent Grocers and Walmart. Thank you also to Herrington's, Foodland, McDonald's and Vos' Independent Grocer for accepting cash donations on behalf of Operation Scugog.
Hamper Day at Victory Christian Centre ran like a well-oiled machine thanks to our many volunteers. Thanks to McDonald's and Hanks for donating coffee, muffins and donuts. A delicious lunch was provided by Port Perry United Church for our volunteers.
All the volunteers that make up Operation Scugog would like to say a huge thank you to those who adopted families, as well as to those groups, individuals and businesses that donated food, gifts, gift cards, money and time to support our Hamper Day. You were instrumental in making the 2018 Christmas Campaign a huge success.
Karen Teed,
Operation Scugog
Christmas Campaign Coorinator

A special Scouting Thank You
Dear Editor
I would like to thank all of the volunteers, helpers and buyers of Scout Christmas Trees from our lot at Canadian Tire.
We had the best year yet for sales and sold our 400 beautiful trees by Sunday December 16, which is the earliest ever. This is a major fundraiser for supporting the activities and events of 1st Port Perry Scouts.
I would like to extend a special thanks to Focus on Scugog for the wonderful coverage of our Scout Christmas Tree sales. I am sure this was a big help in contributing to this great year for Scout Christmas Trees.
All the best to you and your colleagues at Focus for a great 2019!
Bill Swan,
Treasurer, 1st Port Perry Scouts



A warm thanks
Dear Editor
On a cold, and very windy November 3, the beginning of Scugog's Armistice Celebrations, the Port Perry Legion Branch 419 held down an information booth on Queen Street. It was also the beginning of a two week long successful Silent Auction that continued through until November 16, at the Branch on Bay Street.
On behalf of the Port Perry Legion, we wish to express our sincerest appreciation to all the Scugog businesses and friends of the Legion, who were so kind and generous to offer an item for our Silent Auction, and to Horn Dawgs BBQ for so generously making a Legion Burger Special in which they donated a portion of every sale to the Legion Poppy Fund. Your support is remarkable. Thank you so much everyone and we are truly grateful.
Many thanks also to those who participated, and especially those who helped on that incredibly windy day, hold our shelter and everything in it from blowing into the lake.
AnneMarie Christie, Treasurer/Poppy Chair,
Darlene Hlozan, Member/Hall Rental
Port Perry Legion, Branch 419

Thanks to everyone for making Christmas brighter
Dear Editor
Joan and I would like to thank you once again for your generous and constant support of the 107 residents of Port Perry Place. Thanks to your support, each resident will wake up Christmas Morning with a Santa Sack filled with Christmas surprises and a Christmas card from you.
Some of the residents don't have families, so it is doubly important to remember them.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Joan Elliott and Jillian Howsam

Biggest and best village to date - Thanks to everyone!
Dear Editor
What a great response we had for our 23rd Bakersville Animated Gingerbread Display at Scugog Memorial Public Library during the Holiday Season.
Thank you to everyone who participated by making a creation - it was our largest ever! There were 80 amazing entries of varying styles and skills including a Cinderella Castle, Eddie's RV from Christmas Vacation (including the "privy" pipe), an Airport, the house from UP, Rapunzel's Tower and of course the Scugog Library that the dogs licked. If you missed it, make sure you come to the library next December!
This village wouldn't be possible without the wonderful support of our library's staff and administration. Staff from the Township of Scugog was helpful with regards to approving the signage that we purchased with previous funds received from Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation. Landon from Landon's Tree Service was our amazing elf, putting up the downtown banner from Sue's Signs. We are grateful to the various businesses who are willing to post our flyers and those who host our window displays; Emmerson's Insurance, Village Décor and Petite Images, as well as the BIA for displaying our sign at one of the town's entrances. Our local press, including Focus on Scugog was wonderful with all of the features about the village in print media. Aaron from Global/CHEX news showed everyone that a little community of Port Perry was important enough to broadcast a story about the gingerbread village across the GTA. It was amazing how many visitors came to Bakersville because of this kind of visibility.
Thanks to Vos' Independent for processing the pictures for the visual boards and Food Basics for supplying yummy gingerbread cookies on our opening day. The Hvidsten family is wonderful as they continually supply space for us within the Scugog Focus building to store all of our accessories associated with the village.
Master Engineer Alan Locke and conductor Neil Bradley are indispensable as they kept the village train on its track and Brianne Mercer continues to be our fabulous social media queen and publicist - again, great work! Thanks also to our patient families who never mentioned how many dinners were late because of our pre-occupation with everything gingerbread.
This is a community event made by and for the community - Thank you everyone!
"The Village People"
Tracy Pastic, Sue Bradley, Kathy Payne-Mercer,
Terry Glenn, Carolyn Humphrey, Marian Barltrop,
Alana Andrews, Lynda Brownson, Bonnie Solomon,
Linda McMillan, and Janis King.

The true spirit of Christmas shines
Dear Editor
On behalf of the Durham Children's Aid Foundation, I would like to reach out and thank a few generous members of our community who reached out this holiday season to help local families in need.
On November 29, Jack and Sherri Doak of Old Flame Brewing Co. in conjunction with Christine and Terry Vos from Vos' Independent Grocer, coordinated a fantastic beer and cheese night that filled both bellies and hearts. Attendants were given the opportunity to purchase a gift for three families in need and, boy, did they deliver! Not only were all the families' wish lists achieved but several attendees gave twice, including a young recently-married couple who donated several hundred dollars worth of gift cards at a moments notice.
It was amazing. We need look no further than our own front doors to see evidence of the true spirit of Christmas at work. Thanks to all for making these families' holidays a little brighter.
Laura Francis, Former DCAF Trustee



Many thanks to the Port Perry House Tour
Dear Editor
Thank you to the Port Perry - Prince Albert United Churches Community Outreach for their generous donation made to Community Care Durham-Scugog. We feel honored to be chosen as one of five charities to receive a portion of the proceeds from the Port Perry House Tour. As you may know, many seniors and adults with needs related to physical ability and or mental health issues require help to remain as independent as possible in their community. With your generous support, we will be able to help many of these individuals not only to meet their essential daily needs, but to provide practical assistance that supports and enhances their quality of life. Every gift is important to us and along with supporting our various services, your donation helps us to support and provide training opportunities for the volunteers who willingly give of their time to assist staff with meeting the needs of those in our community.
For more information on how your donation is helping to make a difference in the lives of so many in our community, we invite you to visit our web site at Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.
Lorrie Houston
Manager, Community Care Durham-Scugog

Very kind words
Dear Editor
To all our good friends at Focus On Scugog: would you publish this thank you from us to you?
What excellent coverage of Remembrance week within the November edition. We appreciate the support! The beautiful front page was first class - thank you Arlene Walker and everyone who worked on it.
A sincere thank you also to the people of Scugog Township.
The Port Perry Legion Br. 419 Poppy Committee
"We Will Remember Them"

Editors note: Thank you for the kind words and we thank our Legion for honouring our veterans each and every day throughout the year.



From Terry’s team to all
Dear Editor
On a beautiful September morning 461 people gathered to raise over $30,000 for cancer research plus the participating schools and we expect to reach $50,000. It was an incredible way to celebrate the 25 continuous years of the Terry Fox Run in Port Perry.
Behind the numbers is a bigger story about our community. Martha McClew, Ontario Director of the Terry Fox Foundation saw the extent of the media coverage in Scugog and wrote me to say what a “great portrait of life in a caring and tight-knit community.
It is so rare now to see articles of any significant length or even ones that tell a story.”
To Focus on Scugog, participants, volunteers and sponsors – THANK YOU for your support.
Elizabeth McArthur,
Organizer Terry Fox Run Port Perry

Kim’s Climb update
Dear Editor
Thank you once again for your generous coverage of Kim’s Climb for epilepsy in your June 2018 issue.
I am pleased to report that the project has been a great success, with more than $200,000 raised for epilepsy research in Canadian universities and hospitals.
Our full ten-person expedition team made it successfully to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and back down without a scratch! Special thanks to all of our individual and corporate sponsors! CTV News did a segment on us that can be seen at:
Leonard Allen,
Kim’s Climb expedition leader

Circle of Gratitude
Dear Editor
Since the hospital re-opened, patients and their families remark again and again how grateful they are to have their hospital back along with its caring team of health care professionals. Staff, doctors and volunteers express the same sentiment……tremendous gratitude for the return of the hospital to the community. It’s truly a special place.
Did you know that you can now make a donation to honour great care by a specific doctor, staff member, a special team, or volunteer at Port Perry Hospital? Port Perry Hospital Foundation has introduced the Circle of Gratitude program and it’s a great way to recognize someone for their care and compassion, while supporting your hospital.
If you’d like to acknowledge someone for their exceptional care, you can donate online by visiting and selecting Circle of Gratitude, you can call the Foundation office at 905-985-7321 ext. 5580, or use the reply form in the Circle of Gratitude brochure found throughout the hospital.
When you make a Circle of Gratitude donation, the staff member you would like to honour will receive a personal message from you along with a Circle of Gratitude pin to wear as a reminder of your appreciation. And the donation you have made….it will help to ensure our hospital has the tools to help our health care team continue to provide great care.
Yours in health,
Rachel Agnoluzzi,
Port Perry Hospital Foundation

The gift of giving
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself, Jillian Howsam, who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics, are participating in the “Community Gift Giving” program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this:
We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20. Cheques can be made out to “Community Gift Giving Program”. We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Thank you,
Joan Elliott, 905-728-4220
and Jillian Howsam, 905-982-1902

First Lake Week celebration a success
All the dollars, donations and good comments are in from the first Annual LAKE WEEK: A Celebration of Lake Scugog. There is so much excitement about what is being done to ensure the lake is healthy for our kids and grandkids.

Dear Editor
The Lake Stewards were so pleased to work with so many people on this initial venture. We would like to especially thank Jack Doak of Old Flame Brewing Co. for holding a big courtyard BBQ, Marwan Dib of Marwan’s Bistro, Yellowlees Family Farm and the Pantry Shelf for providing wonderful food. The donations, memberships and sales dollars will be a big help with our work. Jack did all the work to organize, promote, and provide the venue and band. It was a wonderful event on a beautiful August evening!
Thanks go to Dana’s Goldsmithing, professional photographer Hark Nijjar, the Wee Tartan Shop, Herrington’s Meats, artists Joanna Malcolm, June Haynes, Leslie Beauchamp, and thanks for other items donated anonymously, for the silent auction.
Old Flame also arranged that 50 cents for every Old Flame Beer sold during Lake Week at Marwan’s, Harp & Wylie’s, The Pub, Jester’s Court, Col. Mustard’s, the Foundry Kitchen and of course Old Flame Brewing Co., went back to the lake.
Chris Pudleiner of Kwik Signs made 50 wooden cutouts for a fish painting organized by Birgitta McLeod of META4 Craft Gallery. When they were auctioned it brought in well over $1,000 for the lake.
We cannot forget the help from the Township, which enabled the Stewards to hold a great open house called Secrets of Lake Scugog, to help people understand the lake’s challenges and opportunities.
For the first year we think it was a great success with all our supporters and new members. We look forward to next year. All in all, about $12,000 was contributed in donations, memberships and in-kind gifts.
Thank you all,
Barbara Karthein,
President, Scugog Lake Stewards