b'The huge crowd of participants looked like a sea of purple and green.Eric Bird, with daughter Scotlyn.Irwin Smith provided entertainment at the park.Sunday June 5Thanks to the generous support of our community, along with corporate sponsors, over $101,500 was raised! Happily hiking along on Hwy. 7A, Michael Stewart and Kerry Turner.Of course we couldnt have doneit without the 300 walkers and volunteers!Dax was Dr. Stephen Russellthe youngest addresses the crowd onwalker (or the 1st anniversary withshould we a heartfelt message. say stroller?).PHOTOS BY MARYANN FLEMINGMedical Associates CEO Stephen Gray and Dr. Steven RussellResident of Oak Ridges Hospice, Tom Laurimaa, known as stopped along the hike in front of the hospice, a dream come true. Big T, with hospice staff Robert McCluskie and Mary Chartren.FOCUS - JULY 202245'